Friday, June 14, 2024

Forest end Zanaco’s 25 match unbeaten run

Zanaco’s 25 match unbeaten run in the league yesterday came to a halt when they were stunned by revived Forest Rangers who beat them by a goal to nil.

Zanaco have not tasted defeat in the league since July last year but were finally beaten by the Ndola side who are now coached by former Chipolopolo coach Patrick Phiri.

Kobe Chipeta made the difference on the day when he tapped home a Felix Nyaende cross in added time in a game Zanaco will rue the missed chances.

Forest have now played six games under Phiri winning four and drawing one with one loss.

In the other fixture, Tenant Chilumba’s Napsa Stars recorded another draw this time away against league leaders Nkana FC.

Nkana have now failed to win in the last two games against relegation threatened teams after they were held by Lumwana Radiants.


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  1. Look at the top scorers sheet? I don’t see Luchanga’s name on there yet he is he considered better that Singuluma or Mayuka? Useless.

    • It doesn’t make sense at all Tc Soccerman.I am now convinced that even some one from Kalingalinga without any football brain can do a better job than the local coaches who are given chances to coach National team. Why on earth would you want to experiement with players with nothing to prove that they will deliver?Janza did the same-busy coming up with new players and leaving out abena Mbesuma.Look at Mbesuma’s contrubutions to the National team.He has done well better than most new comes in the Chipolopolo jersey.Please if there is anyone close to Chicken tell him that he did very well tormenting me this weekend.I got sick because of his low football brains.
      By the way you made me laugh in your previous thred when you said “terrorist referees were not helping matters”
      Any ways may be it is good that Zambia did not qualify this time.Hope it will help Kamanga to work harder to bring some good changes like the coach and the technical panel.

      • I feel your pain Steven. I was having nightmares before the game, I had tears flowing my eyes on Friday and morning before the game. I try to ignore superstitions stuff like that, but I told my wife that Zambia will lose the game..I think she just rolled her eyes as she thinks I put too much into worrying about sports a lot. Back to the ref, I am a sole believer into not giving a ref any chance to alter a game in any way and this is done by finishing off our chances and not making silly mistakes as our team has made, not just in this game, but from the missed pk by Mweene in the first game to using local players in the starting of the qualifiers. Mbesuma, CK were ignored in those early games and us leaving points on the pitch in those games really cost us dearly. Back to algerian refs, much as it wrong to whiny about refs officiating, these Algerian terrorist refs, yes I said it again, terrorist refs are out to get us. Remember the game in Kumasi? guess who the ref was, yup you betcha, a Terrorist from Algeria. I can’t stand these fools anymore. Are we the greatest team out there? no, but we asking for a fairly called game that gives every team no matter who,a fair chance to play, that’s all. So it is no surprising that these Algerian refs are dubious against us, as a matter of fact, these Algerians have been out to get us since the match that involving a Zambian ref Sikazwe between Burkina Faso and Algeria. That match was called fairly in my books, but these Terrorists in Algeria didn’t like that, hence all this kind of ill treatment from these Algerian refs. If only Isa Hayatou would die soon so that we can have a competent CAF president then our ill treatment on the pitch might be seen,also we English speaking countries might host the AFCON, until then, count on Isa to look out for his francophone countries that’s all.

        • My friend, I agree with you about having nightmares. Whenever our Chipolopolo is engaged in a significant match,I do not sleep well at all. I think it is not good for the health but I will never quit following Zambian soccer. May because I have been away for several years now and I miss the passion of the true soccer love like you.Just as you said about your wife,my wife cannot comprehend at all that I tend to get sick because of our ordinary National team. Now, I am convinced that in Zambia we have no coaches who can take our team to higher levels. If they are there,they are not trying at all!!!The FAZ leadership were not helping the matters. Can imagine how the junior Chipolopolo at all levels did extremely terrible under local coaches, but the former FAZ leadership went ahead and appointed a local coach who was/is already had a big task to guide his club to perform well at African champion league.What do you expect to happen with our average local coaches in charge of National team and a club?It is so painful.We look like we are all dull and just content with mediocrity. On the terrorist referees, I do not know why they hold grudges against us.There is always some sort of biassed decisions they make against us when they officiate the match.I don’t know why,it would have made sense if they were our customers,but it is not even a case.They collect all three points whenever we play them.I guess they are full of hatred again our Nation teach for reasons we do not know.No wonder they breed so many terrorists.
          By the way TC Soccer,I want to thank you for your contributions and other soccer lovers on this site.Friends, you make me have something to smile for even when Lwandamina and his company are busy torturing us.

          • Right on Steven, and like wise, thanks for your contribution too and many others. It is our hope now that with this failure to qualify, our FA can now engage a good foreign coach that will motivate these players to perform. A coach that will select players on performance basis. As a matter of fact, If the FA cannot get Nkeshi(Whom I regard very highly due to his records wherever he has been), then I would insist we get a Belgian coach so that he could help lure Charlie Musonda to Chipolopolo. Anybody that thinks we don’t need Charlie would be totally insane. If we can have a play maker like that in the midfield, then that would awesome and Zambia would be lethal. Remember, Zambia does not need all studs in the team to perform well as our friends in West Africa that needs everyone to be playing for big teams in Europe in order for them to be relevant, Zambia just needs one star as was the case with Great Kalu’s time. We just need that the nucleus to build on and Charlie might come in handy, but if not then we can continue to develop and work with what we have right now. Kamanga should also pour in money into youth development programs now(we ain’t got time so do it not, get off the couch and get to work, its what he signed up for), go to the villages or whatever and look for talent, you never know what we might find there. Wasn’t Isaac Chansa discovered ku kasama? So Kamanga should embark on that mission to go to all provinces and get all those untapped talents or atleast encourage them and support them through Jersey and ball distributions/donations and also offer football clinics/camps where talent is discovered and lured into main cities where it can be developed further. we have to cast a wide net as never before.

  2. Andrew Kamanga is becoming a useless punk, what is he waiting for to pull the trigger on on Lwandamina? We need an admin that is aggressive and point us to a direction. This Kamanga just wanted to be FAZ President for just show and not bring any changes at all. I want Lwandamina’s head chopped now as he has brought shame to Zambia. He needs caned. Do award mediocrity. Lwandamina should not be Zambian coach and If Kamanga decide to be pompus and not listening to us fans with a sane knowledge about soccer, then he will be shown the door faster than he came in.

  3. prominent on kamanga’s campaign messages were -1 transpirancy of which he has done 50% of it by telling us how faz has made from gate takings without telling us how much, when and where the money has been used.-2 quality friendlies 0% so far as playing Gambia and Togo did not help us achieve our ultimate goal of beating Guinée bissau. -3 quality coach 0% as having a coach who’s benching chisamba lungu in to paul katema thereby missing us afcon qualification is not having a quality coach.

    • I Agree with you on issue 1 and 3. On Issue 2, you are way off line because -1.just because Zambia wants to play quality friendlies at a certain time, does not mean the opponents wants to play us at that time as maybe, their next game demanded that they prepare based on the next opponent way of playing, which might not fit playing Zambia. I do think the friendly we got before the GB game are better than what Kalu would have organized, incase you forgot, during Kalu’s reign we would be playing some division 3 South African clubs,so I just thought I would remind you on that since you seen to have a short memory. During Kalu what high quality friendlies we did play that Kalu actually organized due to his influence.. if you wanna call it that? The Brazil games was by chance/default because Ghana refused to play them for fear of being injured before Egypt games. As for Japan, it was not to our benefit but Japan’s, so they pick up the phone and said Hey you beat Ivory coast and you actually played well against Ghana..and they have both qualified to the world cup so we might use you to get ready for the world cup against Ivory Coast in the group stages and that is how we ended up playing them. Kalu as respected as he might have been, failed to take any players to Europe through his connections. If Kalu had a relative that currently played football, they would have been forced their way into PSV or Circle Brugge or club America, but no he would not do that for any other Zambian players. Ask West Africans that know What Opong(George Weah) did for a lot of West Africans including Mohammed Kallon. George was recommending and sending those players to Europe when and after he played at AC Milan. Even now, Weah still helps young ones get into European leagues at no cost, so lets not even go there because Kalu was bad corrupt administrator and that’s a fact. Let us not crucify Kamanga just yet as he has been on the job for less than 3 months, but still make it known that we are watching him and demand better.

  4. FORMER Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive committee member Macha Chilemena has urged the national team technical bench led by George Lwandamina to resign following the 2017 Gabon Africa Cup of Nations exit.
    Zambia lost 3-2 to Guinea Bissau on Saturday to bow out of the race for the Gabon finals.
    Chilemena said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that it was painful to miss out on the biannual tournament.
    He said Zambians are not happy with the Chipolopolo’s failure to make it to Gabon and called on Lwandamina and his assistants Aggrey Chiyangi and Elijah Chikwanda to quit.

  5. GOALKEEPER trainer Davies Phiri has been dropped from the national team technical bench.
    According to Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) insider, Phiri has been dropped in preference for Green Buffaloes goalkeeper coach Mike Poto.
    The source said Phiri was planning to join the team but was advised not to travel to Guinea Bissau for the 2017 Gabon Africa Cup of Nations qualifier that Zambia lost 3-2 on Saturday.
    Poto was instead asked to join the team although the Buffaloes assistant trainer did not sit on the bench in Bissau
    The absence of Davies Phiri could have contributed to poor performance .

  6. We want change we shall continue protesting until we see change lwandamina must go and we dont want a local coach again, benching chisamba lungu all the way from russia in a do or die match and i thnk the changes which were made affected our game in that match, missing an afcon as zambian fans its a shame when u luk at teams lyk zimbabwe, bissau etc qualified it hurts me !!!

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