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FAZ write protest to CAF over Guinea Bissau game

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has officially written to CAF to protest over the match Zambia lost Guinea Bissau in the penultimate round of the 2017 Gabon Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe confirmed that his association had put in an official complaint regarding the match but failed to disclose the content of the official complaint.

“There was an “issue related to the game”, he told the BBC.

He added: “If the Confederation of African Football rules in our favour, it will have far-reaching implications. That is what we are waiting for.”

“After the game in Guinea-Bissau, the FA sat down, consulted among themselves and sent some correspondence to Caf about several queries and issues we had,” he said.

“It’s premature to make pronouncements until we get some feedback from Caf.”

Despite the game being marred by controversial decisions by the referee, it is believed that the protest centres around the use of an ineligible player goalkeeper Pape Massa Mbaye Fall, who was born in Senegal.

If Guinea Bissau are found guilty, the ultimate sanction would disqualification.

The West Africa nation against all odds peeped Zambia and Congo to qualification after opening a four point lead with a game play in the group stage.

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  1. you guys are pathetic, this only makes zambia look unprofessional to the international world and sore loosers in the eyes of the masses

    • What are rules for if you can’t follow them? There were a lot of irregularities in that game worth appealing for, not because we lost, no. We have lost a number of games and we don’t protest but why this one? Actually we look professional because we follow the rules to the later.

  2. Ponga knows what he is doing…time will tell… Another story Mbesuma unlikely to feature for Black Aces after takeover of club by Cape town business man J Comitis.

  3. We once did it against Sudan, got 3 points and 3 goals but we never made it to the world cup. let us just leave Guinea Bissau to go to Africa cup period. Otherwise, we will do nothing there.

  4. thank ba FAZ that is the right way, to say the truth is that there was too much poor officiating of the game, more especialy the second goal that was not a goal & there was too much extra time & talking about their goalkeeper PAPE MASSA MBAYE FALL for sure he is a SENEGALESE so CAF shud be serious about these issures.


    1. Why a country with no professional league should beat us?

    2. Why the referee allowed a country with a population of 1.7 million to embarrass another with 14 million people? CAF rule number i don’t know states that you just sleep and dream then you qualify!!

    3. Why the referee allowed Chicken to start with Boyd, Phiri and Katema?

    4. Why we should not score after extra added time on extra but Guinea scored?


  6. Forget it…. Caf will not rule in Zambia’s favour.

    Gb deserve the qualificatioo 100%. A minor qualify ahead of Congo and zambia. A minor that wasn’t given a chance by pundit.

  7. Tc soccerman……. Your favorite coach for zambia job just died this morning aged 54 due to cardiac arrest. A very sad day for Nigeria football and Keshi’s family. He lost his wife last year due to cancer. She was 33 years old.

    • I hate that news, I am crying right now, I just want to wake up from this nightmare, I don’t want to believe it, tell me it ain’t true. RIP coach.

  8. The only local coach with an afcon title for Nigeria but they sacked him and since then they’ve been struggling to find their foot in Africa football.

    Keshi was one of only two people to have won the Africa Cup of Nations as a player and a coach – Mahmoud El-Gohary of Egypt being the other.

    Under him Togo earned a world cup ticket.

  9. If GB used uneligible player they must be punished just like other teams are being punished
    However I don’t think Zambia deserve to play at afcon with this inkoko
    Over looking players that respected in Europe only to play boys who went kuchilayilayi
    We need to put our house in order
    Kamanga as well has been on honeymoon forgetting that we had afcon not WC
    Lastly rest in peace Big boss

    • Lets just take time out n start the re-building process starting with the appointment of an expatriate coach. World Cup qualifiers are around the corner.

  10. Lol. This is laughable mwe. Lets just move quietly to our corner and go about the business of cleaning and fixing the drawing board.

    If someone can find the drawing board yamu 2011 and 2012 it would really help matters. This is just embarrassing. This Keeper has been featured for Guinea Bissau in how many matches now. And we all know CAF is not receptive to such protests anyway. Equatorial Guinea fielded an ineligible player and CAF did zero while FIFA docked points from Eq Guinea for fielding the same player.

    Nachipwa guys. There’s more work to do. If FAZ want to complain, they should start by looking for a coach.

    • The PSL is a funny place. How do you axe your top goal scorer immediately following one of his best seasons. Pretty sure Mbesuma did not ask for more money, but anyway; life goes on. I hope he can find a new club maybe even in Zambia and he can continue to prove these doubters wrong.

  11. No disrespect to Lwandamina but he just does not have the coaching mantle to take us to the world cup. Credit to him though he did very well with the youngsters when he took them to Canada but has never since shown the same level of competence coaching the senior side.

    • I agree with you ba Steve. Lwandamina was given ample opportunity and backing to do well. He is just not the man for the job. You can’t expect a coach who couldn’t beat Guinea Bissau at home to take Zambia to the World Cup.

      Zambia is in serious need of rebirth. The only way that happens is a coach who can bring the best out of this team or an individual talent who can carry us forward. I do not see the latter happening so it is time to find a coach with true ability and technical acumen. Heck, I think even Janza did better than George.

      Zambia needs to solve its local coach problem.

  12. So we are trying a back door entry instead of just winning games. Well if GB played a wrong player they should be punished but then again we should also just win our games.

    With Mbesuma clubless right now Afcon was going to be a really good platform for him to showcase his skill so that he gets a new club.

    RIP Keshi, really sad news about his passing.

    • I could see this coming .What we now is Herve Renard back so that he can choose the right players to play for Zambia.Chicken is just a very incompetent coach.

  13. I like the Inkoko thing, but I think it is a difficult, which has everyone complaining including the big of football himself, saying we need an expatriate, without offering a solution. And nobody seem to have the guts to slaughter this inkoko, which I dont know whether its a village of niya loan, which I dont know if you can loan or is it borrow an inkoko.

    Maybe we need a cobra to catch this inkoko, or is it fire this inkoko, no I am not saying that the cobra should eat the inkoko.

  14. What has chicken seen in that boy called Mkanda-wire? That final error was so embarrassing at international level!! CAF should ban the ref and allow GB to play at AFCON!! Whats wrong if the keeper was born in Senegal kanshi?? Diego Costa is Brazilian but plays for Spain, Sterling is Jamaican but plays for England. Many French players are Africans. Even Drogba wasn’t born in Ivory Coast!!

  15. The goalie Mbaye Fall was born in Senegal, so what ?
    Ba FAZ what if GB prove one his grandpa or grandma is from GB ?
    Remember GB and Senegal are neighbours.
    WC 2018 just around the corner, so better sort out Zed Football house.

  16. There are rules in every game. Even in immorality, ama hule ask for a ka down payment before lifting their skirts. So if Guinea Bissau used ineligible player then CAF should do something about it.
    True the game was marred by very pathetic officiating.
    I for one thinks that Zambia for a change played their best game in these qualifiers, but we lost our game in the first few games we played at the beginning, especially the ones at home in Zambia.
    All coaches and football Administrators in Africa should know that winning away is always dicey, especially in certain regions. SO win all your home matches and get a draw or a win away. But, do not hope to qualify anywhere by winning away.
    The penalty was so soft one wonders whether it was really a genuine one to give, the second goal was not just an off-side but there was serious infringement on the goalie, who needed protection. The third goal was scored in the 7th minute of the 3 minutes of added time. It is acceptable if all these minutes the ball was played in one half, but the ball kept crossing the centre line from Zambia’s half to GNB’s half.
    Even if we are not given anything, it doesn’t matter since we need to rest and pick up our pieces, but some of these refs should be banned. They are messing up the lovely game of football.

  17. FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says Chipolopolo needs an expatriate coach to prepare the team for the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifiers.

    And Chipolopolo will not avoid any big guns in the World Cup qualifiers having been drawn in pot four of the final phase of qualification.

    In an interview, Kamanga said FAZ was currently scouting for sponsorship for an expatriate coach but George Lwandamina would remain in charge of the team until such a time when funds would be available.

    “The national team is the responsibility of government that includes the coach. Unfortunately government has told us they do not have money. We are scouting for support for an expatriate coach and we are talking to a few people. We are also hoping that the government can re-look at our request,” Kamanga said.

    He said FAZ took full responsibility of the team’s failure to qualify to next year’s Africa Cup and would now focus on preparing the team for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

    “We did the best we could in preparing the team. We gave them the friendly matches. What could we have done? We take full responsibility of the team’s performance and we now have to focus on the World Cup qualifiers,” Kamanga said.

    He encouraged the players to use their exit from the AfCON race as motivation to qualify to the World Cup.

    “We should not give up based on our failure to go to the Africa Cup. This should give hunger to achieve. We thank the government and the supporters for their continued support, and we want to repay them with good results,” said Kamanga.

    And Kamanga said Chipolopolo will this Sunday play Namibia in Lusaka in a friendly match as preparation for the COSAFA tournament.

    Meanwhile, Zambia will avoid Uganda, Burkina Faso, Gabon and Libya who they are grouped with in pot four in the final phase of the World Cup qualifiers.
    Chipolopolo is likely to draw any team from other three posts that has Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal and Egypt in pot one, with pot two consisting of Tunisia, Cape Verde, DR Congo, Guinea, and Cameroon while Pot three has Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Morocco, Mali and South Africa.

    The draws will be conducted in Cairo on June 24, while the matches will be played from October 3, 2016 through to November 2017.

    The 20 teams will be drawn into five round-robin, home-and-away groups of four teams each with winners of each group qualifying to the 2018 Russia World Cup.

  18. lets then protest it for congo brazavile or GB itself we dont have a team niether do we have a trainer no the technical bench we need time to mobilize players we have but team selection very poor eg mukandawire at the expense of stiven kabamba,mbola fackson kapumbu etc let others go

  19. I was looking at the table and thinking, Well we are out, but??? incase of a positive CAF verdict. Zambia loses one point for a draw against GNB and we drop to 5 points. Congo loses 3 points and drops to 3 points, and remain there since GNB will be disqualified. Kenya remains at 4 Points.
    So Zambia qualifies after beating Kenya by attaining an assailable 8 Points.
    Now I know why we lost. FAZ and the technical bench knew we would still qualify by protesting so they didn’t give it their all.
    Congratulations FAZ, there are a million ways of killing a cat.

  20. This shit is likely to continue why are you keeping that failure. This kamanga iz a joke.. Mupumalanga black aces its not old people’s home. Thats why they discard mbesuma.. Mfune , katongo, chama, mbesuma they should play for the rotten chipolopolo

  21. well from the look of things this protest to Caf will not culminate in anything positive for Zambia.I consider this elimination to be a foregone conclusion unless a miracle happens.It is a well known fact that you cannot go to west africa and collect maximum points,unless it is in the first leg.Teams from west africa will use anything at their disposal(inclusive of buying referees) to ensure that they win their crucial matches.Worse still,the top leadership at CAF has always favoured teams from north and west of africa.This is the more reason teams from west Africa and their corrupt match officials go unpunnished In their little minds they think good football can only be played in those two regions.However,as Zambia against all Caf odds we have played three finals if not four(the second final being the replay against then Zaire)and we have played quite a number of semi finals.This simply means that there is equally good football in southern part of africa.I feel there is need for change of leadership at CAF. Laslty,we need a resident coach at the national team and not a visiting one.World cup qualifiers are very crucial to us, hence, an expertriate coach with good qualities would suffice.Let us learn to win our home matches to avoid such predicaments in future.

  22. Sore losers! Just suck it up, you lost on the field and want to start stirring unnecessary confusion. The guy is married to a Guinean woman so he is eligible to apply for citizenship after meeting the minimal requirements. He has never been capped at international level for Senegal so where exactly is the confusion. You voted out the so-called form 5 now you the so called educated want to start us down a path of ignorance of the rules of the game. I believe this is a ploy to shift attention for our failure to qualify because of incompetence on the bench. Lets take it like men and move on. I hope Guinea does well at AFCON!

    • True. We lost on the pitch. We will probably find that he is eligible through marriage. What did Mkandawire’s blunder have anything to do with where one of their player’s was born?

      On the penalty, it looked soft but I have seen them given. Sunzu who plays in Europe should have known better than to put his arms around the striker.

      On the second goal, replays were inconclusive whether MWeene had the ball fully under control but one thing for sure is that a ‘keeper who plays regularly would have dealt with it better rather than fumble like that. I think it comes from sitting on the bench at his club.

      On the extended added time, was it just GB playing? What I recall is that Zambia were also pushing for a goal. Would you have protested if it was Zambia who scored?

      I think it’s time to take stock, get the right coach and players in, rather than using raw youngsters in crucial games. Time to admit that we haven’t been good enough (1 win in 5, with no win at home and 3 draws). The coach should also look at himself. If you can’t win your home games, do you deserve to go to the CAN?

      Even if we had gotten to the CAN, it would have been another first round exit. So we should regroup, save some money and put things in the right perspective.

      Surely Zambia should have a full time coach rather than ‘borrowing’ someone from his club?

      • @ Ace…well said bro. Time to regroup n focus on the w/cup.Better watch our w/cup opponents as they do battle in Gabon.

      • Some of the greatest accomplishments in life have come on the hills of failure. Somehow we have a hard time understanding that in Zambia. We would rather be passengers at AFCON than stay home and reorganize and come back as serious contenders. There’re way too many issues wrong with our football that Kamanga should be expending his energies on such as a kit sponsorship, new coach, re-organizing the league etc. They should not be giving us the nonsense especially after failing on the pitch like you have rightly pointed.

    • Nope he is not you are only eligible if u have been resident in that country for a period of 5 years read the fifa article it’s in black and white it’s there own incompetence that jas lead to this..lazy football administrators and u think africa will develop if zambia did the same would call for caf /fifa to act

  23. I wonder why we always have to leave it to CAF or FIFA to hear our cry over games…cant we just play our game and win like we used to??Serious re-organisation is needed here…we cant always settle second for best this time we are not even second!!

  24. Expatriate is being over used and abused on this site. I cant believe google redirected me to this site when I searched for the word for an assignment. You talk;
    1. As if Renard who failed to qualify your team to the WC bought a french passport though he is a born Zambian
    2. As if Keshi who qualified Togo was an Albino and Otophiesta who supervised the disastrous campaign was a togolaire
    3. As if Shaibu Amodou who quallified Nigeria to 2010 was a white whiles Lars Lagerback who supervised a Yakubu missing an empty net team is a Nigerian.
    4. As if Kwesi Appiah….. Let me stop there. They dislike this one.
    As if qualification is certain with a bleached skin. A presidented World Cup qualification needs planning. It need a whole indepth time plan to achieve results. A lot of countries that qualified for the first time qualified by the skin of their teeth. (Angola over Nigeria and Ivory Coast over Cameroon in 2006). Many are teams that missed by a whisker. When was the last time Zambia came very close. Expatriates are good but they dont have a magic wand. Teams that would or let me say has qualified to Russia have documented plans and are just waiting for the draw to kick start preps. You are here chasing poor Bissau whiles teams are drawing budgets and looking for talents and you want to beat them.
    Enough of expatriate all over the place

  25. The chipolopolo havn’t played any mature games since Herve Renard left them.. The current coach ”Chicken” nolonger includes many international players but just tuma locals who smile from breast milk..
    The last go wouldn’t have being possible if a mature defender or senior, was on the defence because he would have just committed a foul on that player who scored since the game was even over

  26. Let us accept the loss! We have a bad poor team that cant perform, a dull coach wo z so tribalism. We dont nid 5 players from zesco we want good players wo can drop it in the net! Lwandamina z a not a good coach for national standards! Kip wasting your time ponga trying to achieve wats not necessary, if we qualify re we going to win the cup? Of course no so jxt let it b. Gunea go and try your chance.

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