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Cosafa Games: Zambia batter Malawi to storm finals

The Zambia U17 team participating the AUSC Africa Zone 5 U20 games has sailed through to the finals of the tournament after blowing away a challenge from neighbours Malawi with a screaming 4 – 0 scoreline.

Red Arrows striker was the star of the match as he scored a hat-trick while Patson Daka contributed a goal.

The scoreline was a true reflection of the proceedings on the ground as the Zambian lads dominated the game in all departments and Ngoma could have scored more than three on the day.

Zambia went ahead as early as the 10th minute through Ngoma who doubled his tally in the 23rd minute.

Zambia continued to dominate in the second half and their incessant attacks paid off in the 49th minute when Daka headed home before Ngoma completed his hat-trick 4 minutes later.

Zambia who have scored 16 goals in 4 games and conceded one will tomorrow face the winner between hosts Zimbabwe and Namibia in the final of the tournament.

Ngoma has now scored 6 goals at the tournament while Daka has 4 goals.

Zambia XI: Mangani Banda (GK)(CPT), Jonathan Chikondi Daka, Boyd Mkandawire, Sidney Phiri, Solomon Sakala, Patrick Ngoma (John Musonda), Patson Daka (John Musonda), Charles Yande Shezongo, George Mandu, Chrispin Sakulanda (Kingsley Mukuka), Kasashi Lupiya

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  1. Yaba! I have been congratulating these kids Iam now tired… ya ya ya what has come of these kids? FAZ you see what happens when you insult your own kids?! They go RIOT! OK fine I change my mind CONGRATULATION young Chipolopolo! Show SADC we arent Champions for nothing!

  2. Congrats, That is the kind of performance You get when the technical bench selects a team not the one one SELECTED by Kalu led FAZ.

  3. How is FAZ feeling after disowning the lads? I think they must be ashamed now & realise that they have to let the technical panel have the freedom to choose players whom they think will deliver dont choose players for them.

  4. The FAZ issue really needs to be looked into seriously how do an Association come to understand players better than the technical bench that spends alot of hours with the players? You rarely hear their South African counterpart SAFA or Botswana’s BFA involving themselves in day to day selection of players or who goes on the pitch, If Kalusha misses being a coach I think its better he picks a club to run and let national coaches and the tech bench do their job. I havent seen an U20 team with such menacing prowess like the one competing now they have set their (high) standards to at least 4 goals per game… without conceding. FAZ should take this humiliation as a lesson and leave team management to be the job of the technical bench and they stick to Zambian Football Management as their mandate.

  5. Ba FAZ you must be ashamed of yourselves. Cant you see how the team you dont want is performing? Very dull people. You cant even congratulate the kids simply because you dont want them. Usless. Anyway, congrates young chipolopolo for doing that great job, we are confident that even tomorrow you will cary the day and nothing will stop you.

    • Go to their website they are even feeling ashamed to even report the games or even congratulating the U20 team, the website still has Renard as their coach on “Latest NEWS”! Its a sham.

  6. If the under 17 can dismantle neighbouring countries like this then why can’t the senior team do the same ? The truth is if the technical bench can be given a chance to pick players on merit,Zambia would be a fearsome team. Like I said last time,FAZ is the main reason why the senior team is having all the challenges. Zambia is full of talent. These young talented boys have exposed FAZ. Let FAZ appologise to the guys.

  7. which Zambians did Faz wanted to represent us? surely kalu has done more harm than good to Zambian soccer. next we will hear is this coach banned for life. who will deliver Zambian soccer from the hands of kalu?????

  8. We got an issue with kalu.true as it is.the guy z zanja has been handed the job as kocha for a nation it z like kalu z untouchable for he can do whatever comes in hiz we got no say on how FAZ is run .kindly some one to enlighten me on how FAZ is run for it seemz as though i may end up bringing un called for issues

  9. This z hw it 2011 it all started with Ronald sate sate kampmba and hiz patner in crime evans kangwa when they won cosafa under 20..senior team won brot de afcon 2 zed 2 months after the under ther never been love between kalu and sate sate..let’s bury the past and move on..many people Never realised hw we won the thru forgiveness..let me enlighten..after sata won de electionz he said let by gones be what…he took ba mudala ba kk no kubabika pa chip chip..kalu followed suit and all de sudden Isaac gatuso chansa..davies nkausu and davies phiri wer also part n pacel of de team..the rest z history..come on kalu i thot u have changed…chips bring back de cup that’s all we nid

  10. Congratulation to the young chipolopolo as you continue us proud. I urge FAZ to nurture this team in the interest of football development in Zambia. Congratutions ba coach and yo team.

  11. Without taking anything away from the Zambian sides at all age groups, I just can’t help but wonder at the quality of other teams in the Cossfa region. If I’m being brutally honest I’d say that Cossfa needs Zambia more than Zambia needs it. We can enjoy whitewashing our mediocre neighboring teams but our actual strength must be measured against teams from West and North Africa as well as those from outside the continent. Hope FAZ can line up some real high quality friendlies before our junior teams start their respective tournaments. Even at senior level the trend is the same with only RSA and us representing the region. Even though Cossfa helps unearth local talent, I believe we should be directing out efforts at playing credible friendlies against credible oppositions.

  12. That iz true big man.true as it is,we got to widen our realm to play with the likes of black fimofimo,ama arab,ama senesene,togolese and outside africa just to determine our potent across the board,bcoz umwaice if praised too much is likely to by pass pa n”ganda.

  13. I don’t remember the last time a junior team or senior team produced such a number of goals in a single competion, though we have weak opponents in the region, the team deserves respect. You can see why we have been failing to go to the world cup be it at junior or senior level,FAZ has given some players permanent places in the national team. They are not happy with the way the team is embarrasing other teams in Zim land. What more do FAZ want ?

    Three Chipolopolo players have been involved in a road accident.
    Nyambe Mulenga, Under Seventeen midfielder Changwe Kalale and Green Eagles Goalkeeper Satcmo Chakawa were traveling to Lusaka for this week’s camping when they were involved in this tragedy, near Green Restaurant in Kabwe.
    Unidentified Pajero, coming from Lusaka direction lost control and hit into the Zesco bus which was transporting the players to Lusaka.
    The three have been rushed to Kabwe General Hospital.
    Chipolopolo Assistant coach Chintu Kampamba who rushed to scene of the accident has told a while ago.

  15. If the news am hearing that ZESCO United bus has been involved in an accident near Kabwe then its a sad news and BID has been reported too

  16. @CJ the game started at 14 00 hrs .AT half time it was 0-0 with with Patrick Ngoma header hitting the crossbar in the third minute.

  17. Ah this shorthand writing people you do not feel head arcs writing it or reading it, honestly we can do better and leave this rubbish way of writing for teenagers.

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