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Winless Chipolopolo booted out of 2015 AFCON

Zambia has been booted out of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations after a lacklustre performance which saw them fail to beat Cape Verde who held the to a 0 – 0 draw.

Zambia needed to win their game and hoped for Tunisia to get a result against Congo DR.

While the result in the other game went their way as the two teams drew 1 – 1, the Zambians struggled to create chances against the Islanders.

With Emmanuel Mayuka missing the game due to injury, the Honour Janza coached side looked poor on the day and their cause on the day wasn’t helped by the poor weather as they had to play on a soggy pitch with the rain pouring for the better part of the game.

Cape Verde created the best chance of the first half when the Zambian defense, which looked leaky on the right back, was caught napping but the Cape Verde striker Carlitos headed off target with only Mweene to beat after he had beaten the Zambian defensive line.

Zambia had the best chances of the second half Evans Kangwa failing to finish off from close range after a good ball from Chisamba Lungu on the right found him unmarked near the 6 yard box.

There were still chances for Zambia as substitute Mukuka Mulenga who replaced given Singuluma put his effort just off the mark after some great work from captain Rainford Kalaba on the left with a couple of minutes to play.

There were also appearances for U20 international Patrick Ngoma who looked lively when he came on for Lubambo Musonda.

There was also a tactical switch which saw Donashamo Malama replace Chris Munthali who was booked earlier in the game.

Zambia finish in an embarrassing last position with 2 points from 3 games a -1 goal difference.

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  1. The boys gave it their all. The weather affected the match and no one could play according to plan.
    Nobody to blame. AN ACT OF NATURE.

    • Don’t just blame the weather, those two chances that Kangwa and Mukuka missed should have been utilised, i.e. Kangwa’s miss from a Chisamba sitter, and Mukuka’s miss from a rebound after Kalaba’s pass was saved by the keeper just before the end of the game.

  2. Sorry Zambia. Your players worked tirelessly but the weather also had a part to play in this draw. Go home and come back stronger. But also your coach and some of your players are too raw to be international players, they must improve on their skill by learning to play more with their “head”, their dome, not just their legs and heart.(I must admit).

    love from Ghana. 🙁

  3. Im sorry but we needed physicality upfront as the ball kept on coming back like a game of tennis. Bad squad selection and we deserve to be heading back to lusaka.The urgency leave a lot to be desired. ngoma looks good though. Best of luck to the u17 ans u20. Need a new coach one who can see that given was gone out of the game in like 65 minute.I wanna cry but i wont cause we deserved it. Please select squad based on what might be and not what control you want. Missed s kola or a mayuka especially when it started raining. Big chance missed with lifting another trophy

  4. When i said that this is one of the weakest teams that we have ever sent to an AFCON tournament, i was called names and insulted. I have been vindicated again like always. Some of us read and study football and our views should be respected. This team lacked experience and was very very weak!!!

      • I warned people like you but you insulted and called me names. I am not a bootlicker. I don’t live in a fantasy world like many of the bloggers on this website. I say things as they are! The team was ill prepared and lacked the experience needed at this level of football. They deserve to be OUT of the tournament!

        • Vindicated indeed bro, but i still disagree with you on looking behind and having a repeat of 2013 (CK, Jacob etc)but to move forward even at the expense of failure (with exposure). But rightly so, you did call it a spade and not a big spoon!

    • Are I deny that the weather played a key role in the final game? THE OUTCOME (good or bad) would’ve been different if not for the soggy pitch.

  5. Rag tag adminstration hires a rag tag coach who makes a rag tag team, then you get rag tag play and result.

    We have the players it didnt need to be this way, i warned all along. Very poor on behalf of Faz. Even Patrick Phiris team was better than this. Atleast we qualified which in truth was more than we deserved.

  6. Please lets not call people’s tribes here, The country is already divided according to the just ended elections. Lets be responsible as citizens because last thing I want to hear about beloved country is war. This has nothing to do with tribe. Bemba, Tumbuka or whatever..Zambia just don’t have good coaches period.



  8. If I were the FAZ President, I would bringing Keshi. The guy with all the support would bring glory to Zambian football, but the anointed one is jealous because he would never be a great coach as Keshi has always been. Kalu need to swallow his pride and engage Keshi while he(Kalu) is still clinging to Faz presidency. But it might be too little to late now as 2016 is around the corner.

    • That will never happen. Kalu delights in mediocrity. He will never bring a coach with a pedigree. As long as Kalu continues as FAZ president, you should not expect anything for now.

  9. People mad at Janza need to consider the fact that he was basically setup for failure.

    1. He was given no contract, just a promise that semi final finish would get him the job
    2. No preparations. Zambia had only one friendly.match leading into the tournament. Zambia was reduced to playing PSL clubs
    3. Zambia’s best performing striker Jacob Mulenga has failed to perform in the national jersey with no.other striker being anywhere good enough

      • Dude. I’m just saying how I see it. Do I think he is the best choice, no. Though I do know that Mourinho is unavailable. I think you all are too angry to see that this guy has not been absolutely terrible. I am looking at the big picture and honestly Janza has been the best thing to happen to this team since 2012. Because someone needed to move us on from the Chris Katongo erra.

        • There is nothing wrong with Chris. The Zambian perception that Chris Katongo is a problem is a wrong one!

          Zambian just needed to be manged properlly but wasnt and there’s the result. More Problems coming if Zambia continues to be mismanaged it doesnt matter the players!

  10. Our football has gone to the DOGS!!!! We need a complete overhaul. Disgraced and corrupt Kalusha Bwalya should resign together with the PATHETIC and inept Honour Janza!

      • SWEAAT,!!


    • I for one am not Kalu’s cadre , I supported Janza because is a Zambia. I have never supported for Kalu and I will never support Kalu because he has destroyed our game through Takataka arrangements and most especially the chance we lost to 2014 World Cup .The coach could not read the game, the made wrong subs most especially the last game. All in all Janza should remain our coach or dropped to technical director position.

  11. AGONY IS LOSING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS AND YOUR TEAM BOOTED OUT OF AFCON CUP IN THE SAME WEEK.most mature bloggers on ZAMFOOT SAW IT COMING and am sure no one will die of heart attack.Note maintain JANZA Zambia will not go anywhere mark my words.

  12. Corrupt Kalusha Bwalya and his bunch of criminals at FAZ should quickly advertise for the position of national team coach. We need an experienced coach with a proven track record who is experienced to take the national team to the next level!

  13. When i talked about bringing experience players to the national team. I was insulted and called names. Roger Kola, Christopher KAtongo and JACOB MULENGA should be brought back to the national team ASAP! The small boys did not help us at all. They were very pathetic and USELESS!

    • Awe naimwe bamudala, Chris should remain just like that or may be if can apologize for his remarks that he will spin the beans, we waited to no avail of his beans. on Kola spot on but this team should be maintained for the sake of competition in the team

  14. Changing coaches n player won’t tek us anywhere,in my opinion we hv a good team let’s build frm there no goin back to so called “experienced guys” they r tired let th boys learn frm th loss..they r now exposed n Janza he had aa game plan n I saw it only nature thwartd th plans

  15. It’s so shocking that a team that won the AFCON a couple f years ago should be booted out in the first round for the second consecutive AFCON tournament. I’s unacceptable. Someone has to lose their job here. They should be no sacred cows here!

  16. I know that right now emotions are running high but truth be told, our team lacks quality on the technical bench right through to the team. Take out Kalaba and Mweene and you have a social football players. A bit harsh but true.

  17. Kalusha Bawlya’s and FAZ cadres have gone into hiding. Some of us who read and study football saw this coming,. It’s a pity that we have so many bootlickers on this site. Some of us are objective and we say it like it is. We call a spade a spade and not a BIG spoon!

  18. you tried boys, next time guys atleast we have a future team. Hope under 17 n 20 will do well in there tourns so they can contribute more players to our senior team

  19. I am brutally honest and will say it like it is. I will always call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. DISGRACED AND CORRUPT KALUSHA BWALYA SHOULD RESIGN! He has now taken our football to the DOGS. We need a complete overhaul. Our football needs a complete transformation!

  20. There are a lot of factors leading to Chipolopolo’s early exit but the top one is LACK OF TEAM SPIRIT= LACK OF UNITY= LACK OF TOGETHERNESS . I am not going to go through them all or start name calling. Am sure you understand me. Well as human beings we handle hard times differently. I have accepted what has happened and am moving. I wont let it steal my day to day joy.
    Let those who want to laugh at us laugh, it’s alright.

  21. We carried mostly young boys to this African a football major competion. For sure U/17 in such games? There is no ways you can leave out tournament players like: Katongo, Mulenga, Kola, Tembo , Chansa andChamanga and carry an Airtel Rising Star players like Sautu and Ngoma.
    Those boys are being rushed.

    • But bakalamba Ba Mwanza, those players you are mentioning failed at the Afcon 2013 and were not going to qualify us to Afcon 2013. So how should we have taken them to Afcon 2015 where they’d have failed to qualify? Or you wanted them to be recalled after abaiche had done what they failed to do? Even those guys in my own opinion wouldn’t have changed matters. We need to move forward with the same small boys (after all in 2006 bena Chris were also this)

  22. We need an overhaul of the team. Janza has failed us. The weather did not help matters. Mayuka is zambia’s best striker it was evident today that without him we can’t score. Evans kangwa has speed but his finishing is poor. With the u-17 and u-20 to feature next let’s build a new team.

  23. Panelists at Supersport voiced their shock about Janza leaving out Katongo from the team and they really emphasized the mistake janza made! like some of us pointed out that we needed Katongo for guidance and stability and exactly that’s what they said, all of them!

    • Ba Anita those panelist are useless, don’t mind them, yes the coach made a mistake in someways but it was for would be offender that wen you are in camp you don’t misbehave. Katongo failed to replicate his 2012 form during the qualifiers

  24. The question is how do we move forward? How do we uproot Kalusha Bwalya and his failed administration? He just bribed the new government with $20,000 donation. People need to be smart and remove this self centered corrupt moron from FAZ.

  25. We do not even need time to do a postmortem. The facts surrounding our failure clear
    1. Poor selection of the team in which important and experienced players were left out
    2. An inexperienced and tactically inept coach who misplaced players, employed wrong formations and could not make substitutions that would have an impact because he could not accurately read the games. Janza has no pedigree even in the local league where he has won nothing.
    3. Poor preparations for the team in the wrong place (South Africa). One friendly match was not enough for a tournament of this magnitude.
    If Zambia does not dismiss Janza immediately, we may not even qualify for the tournament in 2017.

  26. If you don’t have quality players, atleast go for a quality coach but we lacked both, if Faz want to continue with this team then they must bring in an experienced coach with a lot of pedigree or else bring back the experienced players . Katongo, Mbesuma, Joseph Musonda, Isaac Chansa and Jacob would have made a very big difference in this team .

  27. My dear Zambia fans please take heart, that is football for you. But at the same time , I am advising you people to learn how to talk. some of you talk too much as if you own football , now you are out again ,that is to tell you that football is not all about bragging and raining insult to other countries who are even better than you people in term of football

  28. Qualification was lost in the first match, where I believe our shambolic travel arrangements are to blame. How else can you explain the poor performance? It was always going to be a massive task to win in such weather conditions.

  29. Janza is foolish period. How do accept a job when know very well you are not equal to the task. Pa Zed ama pozi bakaya ku ponona kala fye ukokwine uli pama na Ka boss kobe

    • Janza you so useless as a coach, ago technical Director of Zambian football, which Zambia iwe we moon on we. Waba ilyobe, taking us backwards you are a stupid idoit. Any Zambian who accept a job they can’t perform in is a stupid idiot, stupid idiot. President Lungu can chase Kalusha Mpono and his Ka boyi Janza out of Zambia has please. Give the two idiots visas to Saudi Arabia, twanaka na mafi ha ha fi kala aba

    • You were right . Lack of analytical thinking guys like Paradox & Mumbi were on your heels. THEY ARE NOW MISSING ON ZAMFOOT and disgracing the nation of ZAMBIA on the ghanasoccernet. Picking up quarrels with our Ghanaian brothers

  30. Maybe I was overly pessimistic but I expected us to get eliminated at the first stage before a ball was even kicked. I was actually pleasantly surprised that we were able to compete well in most games except for the DRC game. If you understand football you know that the squad selection was too inexperienced to get to the knock out phases of Afcon. That being said, now that we have suffered the consequences we should maintain this team through thick and thin. I would rather be booted out in the first round with Lubambo, Patrick Ngoma, spencer Sautu and Kangwa than with Mbesuma, Chris Katongo, Jacob Mulenga and Isaac Chansa. So let’s keep this team through thick and thin and build for the next Afcon. Janza did better than I thought his team selection in the second and third games was forced and he handled it well in my view. The midfield was not bad. The defense and attack are major weaknesses – Munthali is still bad but he was no worse than Sunzu who had a bad tournament and looked unfit. The striking options are still lacking. We need someone to hold up play – Mayuka at his best is average. Kangwa is promising and has pace to burn which causes defenders problems. Sate is still raw at this level. The boy does not seem to understand modern football and plays in a languid, lazy manner most of the times. I feel Janza should be moved away from coaching the team not because he is useless but because I believe he lacks belief and that rubs onto players. He was never convinced we would make the second round therefore we did’nt. He should go back to being technical director. Kalu and his FAZ cronies should move on this year. We can’t go on with poor travel arrangements, pool payment of player allowances, poor kit management, poor payment of coaches, poorly marketed local ZPL league. In general total poor administration. Even Nkana have better administration management than FAZ.

    • Zambia is not the only team with young players, ypur team had as much as 10 players who played in 2012, so its no excuse, Ghana, camaroun, south Africa, senegal, all left star players out of their squads so stop giving such excuses.

      Also I think on the whole ur team is a good one, they were just unlucky. The coach should be kept too , cos a new coach will give the same results or even less. Look at camaroun and Guinea, the reason for their form at the tournament is cos they have kept the coach for long so there is understanding btn the coach and players. Zambias mistake was to sack HH when things went bad, in life u cant remain tops forever. What is impirtant is to learn from mistakes. If HH was ur coach ur team selection would be better cos he understood the players more.

      Foo for thought

      • 1. If you understood Zambian football better you would have noticed that the coach changed team formation in all three games. We have still not found our preferred formation.
        2. The team was inexperienced. Yes we had 6 players from Afcon 2012 but we also had no less than five players in the starting eleven – Munthali, Mtonga, Kangwa, Musonda and Singuluma that have limited international experience in the positions they were played in. in short it was a learning curve for all of them at this level. None were at Afcon 2013 and only Kangwa was at Afcon 2012 but did not play a single game.

  31. We told Janza to include the experienced big boys in the team but arrogantly refused to listen! See now how those skinny midgets u trusted performed! Very useless manager!

  32. I stated t dat e so cld chipolopolo ll never mk t to quarter final. By e way pipo of zambia, y s t dat kalusha s failing e performance 4 ds young boys by employing coaches like janza wh luks all Tims like he s slpng. D’s janza s a slow thinker, n I doubt f h has bn to skul as he cims to v no passion at all. U cnt accomplish anytng in D’s world f u v no passion. The bottom line s let kalusha b fired, so DAT some1 else can cm in wh s knowledgeable, n not Kalu.kalu has never bn to skull DAT s y he s messing up like dat. He CNT mk informed decisions wen his small brains s nt cuked. Cn janza n his master kalu b fired immediately, D’s pipo r rubish both. We r sick of seeing same idiots messng up n playing wit our minds n abusing public office.irate….mxm.

  33. are you waiting for ghana to be booted out before u update this site? A lot of quality news is circulating in this afcon where for the first time or not in so many years a lot will be cast to determine the 2nd placed team in grp D. Yet there is no update here. Bad losers. You are only waiting for ur so called rivals to crash out of the tournament before u make use of derogatory adjectives in ur headlines isn’t it? Lazy writers

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