Thursday, June 1, 2023

Asanovic’s $25,000 salary is not enough, says Sports Minister

Sports Ministers Elvis Nkandu has said government’s monthly contribution to Chipolopolo coach Aljosa Asanovic’s salary is not enough.


Nkandu said the USD$10, 000 that government contributed towards the Chipolopolo coach’s salary was meagre.

“Surely, we have been giving you (FAZ) US$10, 000 from time immemorial, surely can we continue giving you US$10, 000 that was given 25 years ago. That does not make sense, because even the shirt that you bought 25 years ago was at K1 but today could be at K200,” Nkandu said.

In addition to the $10,000 contribution from government, FAZ contributes around $15,000 towards the Croatian’s salary.

The $25,000 which Asanovic gets has to be split with four other coaches.

“If you want to attract better, quality, and experienced coaches, there are no two ways about it you have to increase their salary. If you are giving US$25, 000 to a coach, then an experienced coach comes through asking for USD$100, 000 and you do not have, what happens? He goes to where they can offer USD$100, 000. So, director even when are pushing FAZ to give us better results, there is something that we should do as government as well,” he said.

“So, when you hear I am challenging for better results from president Kamanga I am also aware what the government should do.”

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  1. This is embarrassing honestly. The $25000 is shared among 4 Coaches? These guys are just doing this job for Mahala. Awe!!

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