Tuesday, May 21, 2024

U20 skipper Lubambo ruled out of Ghana match

Zambia U20 national team captain Lubambo Musonda has been ruled out of this evening’s crucial tie against Ghana after failing to recover from the injury he sustained in the opening match against Mali.

Team Physician Dr Lupasha Mwila said that the midfielder was experiencing pain on his right ankle.

“Lubambo is out of tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) game due to continued pain and a bit of swelling on his right ankle,” Lupasha said.

Lupasha added that Lubambo was making slow progress to recovery but hoped that he would be fit for the match against South Africa’s Amajita on Sunday.

“It is early to comment on his full recovery before the last game against South Africa. I hope he will be fine then,” he said

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  1. Thats so unfortunate. We will miss the service of Messi(Musonda). He would have scored a hattrick against Ghana today.Not withstanding, there is still Patrick Kluivert(Patson) available to do the damages. Zambia 3 my country Ghana 0. Tweaaaa. I wonder if the so called Messi cum Ronaldo cum Kluivert will get even a leg to the ball not to even mention a shot on goal.

  2. Why don’t u guys just change the heading to…”Zambia kicked out of U20 tournament “…that way some illiterates like yaanom up above me will not come and insult us…

  3. Ooooh I forgot about the great and deadly Patson who was soo good in de U17 that he has been taken through this u20 before entering de senior national team…that guy is simply too good for our shallow minded defenders oo…Zambia 5-0 Ghana…that’s all…

  4. Paradox, I wish I couldn’t be too expectant…but when mummy calls u and says food us ready…she actually means food IS REALLY READY…that means u must be very expectant of a full stomach…hence our exuberance we know we are gonna enjoy some good ol rubber bullets( hope dats the name of ur junior teams) since they can’t be copper just yet

  5. I am hear to read funny comments from our zambian and ghanian brothers….

    Please keep them rolling in, can’t wait to laff my A.ss out.

  6. It is refreshing to have such a wonderful site as this where Africans from far and wide can come and debate and share ideas. I must thank the admin for the quality of relatively balanced articles they keep churning out and the Zambian bloggers for being so gracious as letting us foreigners share this platform with them (tongue in cheek). Now if we would tone down on insults and just debate and share ideas that would be great.

    As for our Zambian brothers, take heart, your team is going in the right direction, you still have 2 games to go. Even if you don’t make it out of the group at least the boys know the quality of opposition to expect at this level. Keep them together and engage them in regular friendlies against teams from other regions to keep growing. There is no guarantee that the team who wins this tournament will be the most developed by 2018 world cup, so chin up guys.

    Please let us debate and avoid unnecessary insults.

  7. JUSCO CHIKUBABE CHOCHAMITANDA so now the 3nil and destroying of the Ghana has down reduced to hesitant 1:0? I can see the reality is now dawning on my brothers from the South.

  8. Its better to call a spade a spade the team isn’t good enough to beat ghana we are there to donate points. All our national teams are not good enough. They have put us through more shame than happiness…

  9. Looking at the team (Zambian), it is not that bad. However, like with the under 17, the preparation of this team has been far from being adequate. Even expecting a draw against the Black Starlets looks like a tall order. As far as I can remember, this team only played one friendly game with the under 17. We expect too much even when we have not matched our preparations with our expectations. I have lowered my expectations, especially in the light of the recent mediocre performance by our senior national team as well as well as the under 17. We really need to put our act together if we are to match the performance of the likes of Ghana, Nigeria, etc. Exchanging insults instead of ideas with those whose teams are better than ours, will only exacerbate our soccer malaise.

  10. Zambia has now drop ten places to rank 61 in d latest fifa ranking. ..a manifestation of Zambias abysmal performance on all front of soccer.

  11. The impossible task just got harder! Chances of taking points off Ghana is minimal our best chance was 2 beat Mali and SA then get what we can against The satelites

  12. Aww Chindika u are blessed…for knowing the truth and denying it not…..u need to be Zambias nxt coach so that u let them know their situation and work their way up wards cos de more they deny…the lower they fall…help your disgruntled fans, players and coaches to accept this fact in order to move on…seen

  13. I don’t even know whether I should stay up to watch this match because it’s a foregone conclusion that Ghana are beating us. Our junior team is even worse than our senior team.

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