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U20 Afcon: We have never been humiliated like this – Mali coach

Mali men’s U20 national team Coach Baye Ba has bemoaned his team’s embarrassing defeat to Zambia stating that it is the first time his country had been humiliated in that manner.

A ruthless Zambia U20 national team overrun Mali in a game that ended 6 – 1 after Mali had taken an early lead through Abdoul Dante.

Ba explained his teams loss stating that his lads got excited after taking an early lead.

“We were over excited when we scored the first goal and within a short period we conceded three goals,” Ba told fazfootball.

“For sure all the departments did not work and everything just collapsed. Nothing worked for us. It is the first time that Mali has been humiliated in this manner.

“I can say that there are some great coaches who have also gone through what we have gone through, and there are great teams in the world who have gone through what we have gone through but the most important for us is to focus on the next game,” he said.

“We will go and sit down and reflect about the game because definitely we accept everything was out of order. We could not get anything right that is something that we need to reflect on,” he said.

Mali came into the tournament as favorites to wi the tournament after they graduated the team that came second at the 2015 Chile U17 World Cup.

They now lie at the bottom of the group and will hope for a win against Guinea in the final game of the group stage go be played in Ndola.

Zambia scored their goals through Fashion Sakala and Edward Chilufya who scored a brace apiece while the oher goals were scored by Emmanuel Banda and Enock Mwepu.

Group leaders play Egypt in the final game of the group stage at the same time in Lusaka at 15 00hrs


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  1. I had also put Mali to be a team that will make us remain at 3 points after 2 games. They still gave a good game tough only that we just out classed them. Sorry BA.

  2. ha ha i remember 1994 Africa cup semi final game zambia 4 mali 0. Zedi saileti. Kalu. Johnston. Scored in that semi final game. Mali had the then african star. Mamadu dialo. Our boys just rewriting and improving our rich football history

  3. I felt sorry for the Malian kids, especially the goalie but these tings happen in football. Think Brazil-Germany at the world cup. I hope Chambeshi quickly brings these kids down to earth and they focus on the task at hand instead of getting carried away. This is just one step of may required to lift the trophy. Great game and hope we continue with the same spirit.

  4. those of you close to Matimba, he is a good commentator but the history he gave wasn’t accurate like were he said “the last time Zambia recorded such a thriller was back in the 90s” sure not long ago Zambia hundred Comoros 10 goals to zero at nkoloma stadium. again he said “Mali always come from behind to record a win against Zambia” but I wonder if he watched Tunisia 94.
    he really need advise on information accuracy. otherwise he is good

    • Well am of a different opinion. As an analyst he airs his views well whereas in the commentary box Sigh! He is just as poor as the following:

      å Innocent K; &

      å Franklin T.

    • Its True, too much unneccesary Data at a wrong time, sometimes it feels like you are in a lecture room and soon there will be an exercise. Matimba you can do this bro.

  5. Matimba also talks a lot. We have no time for unnecessary excess data. Let him listen to premier league commentary more. TV is different from Radio. People see and listen. He is good but he gives so much information on things not ralated to the actual game being played. I get tired.

  6. Matimba should improve.the history thing at times,yabaa…i also agree is often off hard feelings,there is room for improvement brother.

  7. Don’t dispair coach…we used an MR- 16 because of your reputation. Next time we meet you we’ll cut you some slack in use the AK 47.

  8. 90minutes this is what I was talking about in other story that the comentator matimba nkonje AKA ama ten ten was useless you don’t give such inaccuracy information to the public I have known him to be the good commentator but yesterday he was pathetic you don’t creat such an necessary panic to the players and the fans FAZ you should use the other commentator in the remaining games because we don’t want the an necessary panic in the semi final

  9. To add on wat ur sayin pipo, I heard him sayin da last time zambia under 20 qualified wz in 2017, dey had 2 play Hungary wch had carvan in their squad as da star man, nw my question is, does carvan play 4 hungary or uruguay?
    Mr matimba cn do better

  10. This was common in those days! We used to beat them! I remember Zambia 4-Cameroon 0 at Independence Stadium the days of “Big” Michael Chabala who terrorized the Lions!!

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