Friday, June 21, 2024

Problem for Zambia as Comoros beats Lesotho

Comoros beat Lesotho in a Group H Ivory Coast 2023 African Cup of Nations qualifier.

Second half goals Yousouf and Benjaloud earned the Islanders a 2-0 win over Lesotho.

Comoros lead the group on three points. Later on Zambia face Ivory Coast in another Group H match.

With Ivory Coast having qualified as hosts, Comoros and Zambia are expected to battle it for the remaining slot.

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  1. Zambia will lose to Comoros if they adopt the slow build up strategy. North African teams dominate African football because they adopt swift build up with pace leaving defenders in 6s and 7s. Slow build up is too technical that our boys cannot adopt. They simply do not have the IQ for that. Our defenders do not know the diamond formation under attack hence they always concede from the wings!

  2. I ARNOLD l salute the chipolopolo boys thy did well in the first half than Ivorian we’re goin to be second in this group and qualify to the afcon 2023 with good results the team is good l like the team coach great job let’s not blem our boys thy did good

  3. Zambians let us be serious there’s something happing at football house I lest my are calling professionals nothing happens. This is tax payers money .in Arab countries they use locals prayers

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