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Post match reaction: Sven Vandenbroeck full transcript

Chipolopolo Boys picked up their first victory on Wednesday after a 2-1 win over Guinea Bissau at Heroes Stadium.

Below is a full transcript of Chipolopolo Boys coach Sven Vandenbroeck post match reaction as compiled by ZamFoot Crew’s James Sibeleki

Journalist: Looking at where you are in the group and the task ahead, does this result come as a relief to you?

Sven: No, because in the end you still don’t have advantage. The relief is when you have qualified. Until then we are in the race of six games. Half is played, and next Sunday the game is even more important than today. So the relief, no. We knew what we had to do today and we brought the task to a good act.

Journalist: Coach Sven, your left and right back struggled with the physicality of the Guineans. Do you think that your defence is working properly and then what is gona be done better in the return leg?

Sven: I don’t think the 2 full backs had problems today. I think everyone did well. Maybe you saw another game, I don’t know. But everyone was good, our defence was strong. All in the end because of a little bid of pressure from their our opponents we conceded a stupid goal. It gave us a little bit of a bad feeling in the back. But everyone in our team was better than our opponents.

Journalist : This is your first home game, how do you describe the atmosphere? The reaction from fans?

Sven: In the past few days you could fell the tension was getting higher. People were passing us by with car, cheering, encouraging. And the warming up, from my dressing room on the window we can see the outside but the outside can’t see inside. So i enjoyed the warming up because the crowd was bit by bit coming. And there were making noise from half an hour even an hour before the game. And as for a team, it gives you 20% and maybe more courage and confidence. I have to say OK we won, until we change the atmosphere in the end. But I think we can be very happy with the atmosphere and the spectators today in this game.

Journalist : [inaudible]

Sven: It is as crucial as the next game. Because if we didn’t win today the advantage was on your opponents because you don’t have everything in your own hands. Now we do win and you get on equal points and you have everything in your own hands. Even if we drew away and won at home. But this game, and that’s the question, it doesn’t give a relief because it’s a six games competition, you are still not qualified. So every next game is crucial until you have enough points to go AFCON.

Journalist : Coach based on what you have seen today and we only have four days to go. What do you think should be changed to hold Guinea away from home?

Sven: Do we have to change something?

Journalist: I am asking you?

Sven: And I am asking you.

Journalist: I am asking and you must answer the question.

Sven: And I answered your question, do we need to change the something? Maybe [blurry] don’t make that mistake again, that’s it!

Journalist: [Inaudible]

Sven: There was only one good player today. It was the team.

FAZ Media Officer: Can I have the last question please.

Sven : A good question please.

Journalist: [Inaudible]

Sven: I think they will never be a fixed 11. Depending a little bit on opponents, travelings, illnesses and injuries. But I think we saw the way we went to play. Maybe a little bit too naive in the end. Because [Inaudible]. But if you see the second goal and how many times we did not find our midfielders. [Inaudible].

NOTE: Where there is Inaudible, the Audio was not audible enough for the author to write accurately.

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  1. The boys played very well. Well done boys and should keep the momentum. Don’t change the team against the return match. May the following games not this Sunday one.

  2. To be a little bit analytical, i feel going by what Guinea Bissau displayed yesterday in front of a very hostile crowd,we can expect a very tough match on sunday in Bissau given their pedigree.We played tremendously well and the performance was exceptional but not to take away anything from the Guineans, they really put up a good fight considering that they were playing away from home.My only advice to the coach is that that the defence showed a bit of some lapses specifically on the left and right where solomon sakala and Lawrence chungu were stretched so much by the pacey and tall Guinea wingers.In Guinea we should expect arial balls especially from set pieces and corners because they have relatively taller players than the zambians.Therefore i urge the coach to consider Shamujompa who is phyically and taller than solomon sakala so that we can at least have three tall defenders in Sunzu,shamujompa and kabaso to challenge the tall Guinea strikers.

  3. I like Sven. Why change team. And ask for same referee, best referee ever without cards. Write to FIFA those Somalians we’re exeptional.
    Sven should just start with same team:

    1. Mweene (why change to worse)
    2. Samunkopa
    3. Kapumbu
    4. Kabaso
    5. Stophila
    6. Nathan (had great game)
    7. Lubambo
    8. Chota Chama
    9. Patson
    10.Kalaba (of course!!)
    11. Fashion

  4. Shonga is the best striker we have at the moment. We cant do without him. Seven should convert sululani phiri into a defender. If my memory saves me very well sululani played center back partnering sunzu zambia vs saudi arabia.. He can drop him at right back or left back.

  5. we need a strong attacking midfield of Kalaba, Mwepu and Nathan. then striking power of Shonga, Patson and Mulenga can do wonders and pick maximum points.

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