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Patrick Ngoma gets the nod for U23 Championship

Zambia U23 national team coach Fighton Simukonda has called Egypt based striker Patrick Ngoma to the U23 squad that will play at the CAF U23 championship in Senegal.

The inclusion of the Ittihad Alexandria striker brings the number of foreign based players in the team to three after the technical bench confirmed the inclusion of Lubambo Musonda and Ronald Kampamba.

“We have called one more foreign-based player, Patrick Ngoma, to beef up the squad. He will be in soon,” Simukonda told the Daily Mail.

Ngoma was part of the senior Chipolopolo squad that played at the 2015 CAN tournament.

The U23 national team has since broken camp to allow players to feature for their clubs in the final games of the league and the Barclays Cup.

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  1. gud let us hear from those who said kalu was against. Zamfoot u should be going out 2 interview coaches, not the hear say we read here.

    • The coach can’t omit Evans Kangwa when we saw his abilities in e. Guinea. He has skill and speed. Let the coach tell us he is not eligible then we will understand. The same applies to mukuka mulenga.

  2. john says:
    November 16, 2015 at 5:33 pm
    Kalusha should explain why Patrick ngoma is not in the team because that boy is better than patson daka given what I saw at the caf under 20. Kalusha is just too corrupt he is fighting so hard to sell certain players at the expense of performing players

  3. Ghana vs Comoros Live SS5 & SS9 17:15 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)
    Nigeria vs Swaziland Live SS3 16:45 PM (CAT)
    South Africa vs Angola Live SS4 18:45 PM (CAT)
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  4. This is not strange and it does not warrant any praise because the lad is good it just fits it is like leaving out the current Kalaba from the Chipolopolo.

  5. Patrick Ngoma was omitted for a reason. I cannot agree to the notion that Fighton made the final decision. If that is the case then the coach is totally ignorant of the talent in Zambia. Unless the selection process is improved upon a lot of potential boys will b left out to th countries disadvantage. A. Case in point is Conlyde. At the time he was banging in goals and featured on th top scorers chart, someone in their wisdom left him behind for the Afcon Under20.This seams to b the case. With the young man in Denmark spotted by late Keegan Mumba. Th boy is ready to done national colours. But until the omnipotent, allknowing, untouchable and unanswerable Kalu says so the poor fella has no chance to realise his dream. We need the FBI to come calling to save our game!

  6. If we can manage to get Evans Kangwa and Mbola to play during this period, subject to their club releasing them, lets do it. We need to get our best players in this tournament. I like the inclusion of one Martin Phiri from Power Dynamos. He has been very good for power and he poses very good attributes of a striker. The creative midfield area is what seems to be a little weak. We only have Spencer Sautu who strikes me as a natural attacking midfielder

  7. @tc soccerman your dreaming if you think Great Ghana will not qualify. Deep down inside you only wish bad for Great Ghana because your scared zambia will be put in there group on the next round of qualification. Your a fool that will surrender to the power of GREAT GHANA. HATE IT OR LOVE IT WERE THE TEAM EVERYONE LOVES TO WATCH. WERE THE TEAM THAT CARRIES AFRICA ON OUR BACK SO STOP BEING NEGATIVE TO A TEAM THAT REPRESENTS YOU BECAUSE YOUR HATE WILL BACK FIRE MARK MY WORD!

    • Wrong, I don’t wish bad luck for Ghana as a whole and the players, I wish bad luck just for the loud mouth fans that come on here to talk feces on us, that is all. I just want more pain to the Ghana fans that talk nonsense, thats all I want and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Was it not your pathetic friends that came here before the first leg and talked crap about how there won’t be any boardroom points for Zambia to go through? Well I have news for you, We didn’t need your so called “Boardroom Points”.

    • That idi amini, I believe even went to an extent of telling us how Sudan as “The forefathers” of African soccer would beat Zambia easily. Lol, what a joke of human beings you Ghana people are, or course with a exception of Kwame Nkurumah who understands the game and not just yapping as most of you Ghana fans do.

  8. Guys I am telling you we should thank God for our Chipolopolo Boys. The Boys have done well so far, especially to beat Kenya away, and a double win against Sudan it’s not easy. We just need to strengthen our squad especially once Mayuka and Fwayo are fit, we can make it to Russia 2018. Maybe Jacob can also be recalled as well.
    Nigeria is still struggling against Swaziland with scores being 0-0. It’s half-time now.
    Ghana however is leading Comoros 1-0 as at 45min of play.

  9. I have never found myself among a group of extreme finger pointing people before until now. Speculations are presented as facts. Kalusha this Kalusha that……My dear fans this is not right.If you are adamant about your accusations prove it.We just cant accept your stories to be true when they lack substance.

  10. Great News. But we surprised like @Slim says it’s like they were not aware the boy is around. Why a sudden turn around ba Fighton?

    Watching Nigeria against Swaziland Nigeria on top but they can’t seem to find a goal. Though Swaziland had one clear cut chance from 5 yards the Swazi player shot over the bar. Halftime.
    Nigeria side looking very ordinary I should say. Nothing like the Super Eagles of the past we know.

  11. Actualy wud like zambia to b in th same group wit ghana.I dont believ in ghana-i respect thm,bt,wen it comes to playn wit th Chipolopolo,they resort to consult their juju!! I knw thy ll win,nd,hopes we ar drawn in th same group-to prove who is who!! Statistical rankings do lie,if u say they dont,then why did they draw wit comoros in th 1st leg.I wish to watch dat derby!

    • please be careful what u wish for Zambians because u cant face the likes of Uganda and Guinea. Egypt Morocco Algeria Tunisia and Lybia,Senegal, Mali and Cameroon are better countries to think of not Zambia.

    • please be careful what u wish for Zambians because u cant face the likes of Uganda and Guinea. Egypt Morocco Algeria Tunisia and Lybia,Senegal,DRC, Mali and Cameroon are better countries to think of not Zambia. Comoros taught us how to qualify by playing quality tact

  12. Ghanaians, Nigerians, quit tying your @$$es, I see what you are doing. You are tying your @$$es so your opponents don’t score. lol

  13. Ghana not convincing as well still 1-0 against Comoros. We were told of 8-0 ,5-0…
    I’m surprised to see Comoros giving Ghana problems. They are no small teams.

  14. There must be something wrong, how come the Coach now seems to be changing his mind. There are some more omissions you need to look at especially Kangwa and Mbola as We need to qualify to Brazil. Imwe mule chita ifintu bwino pantu nshatala monako ifintu fyamusango uyu. Please let us be confident in our players especially outstanding ones.

    • This tournament is not on a FIFA approved period and clubs especially foreign clubs are at liberty not to release their key players.FAZ had to convince the Egyptian club to release him even though the club needs him.Its not easy for Mbola and kangwa for their Israel club to release them for a tournament that comes in the midst of a busy season.Lets comment with facts bane!Ignorance can be cured by reading and researching!

  15. My protests are now bearing fruit! I protested at the ommission of kabaso chongo alas he was recalled. I also protested about the omission on ngoma and he has be recalled. I will continue protesting on this site till team selection is fair! We will not allow corruption in football. If it were not for my protests ngoma would have been ignored.

  16. Keep talking loudmouths. deep down in your hearts you know you are minnows , you and Comoros ,Swaziland and Djibouti are classmate .

    • @The Minnows, we are going to destroy you this time around. As a matter of fact I want you guys to be in our group again with the first game being in Kumasi. I want you guys to play your monkey tricks again, then when you get to Indola, we will have you taste your own medicines, and not even the cops will stop the havoc that will be sprayed on you. We still remember the treatment on our players in Kumasi, so I pray we are paired with you punks.

  17. Nigeria even if they won, the looked so ordinary. This is not like the Nigeria we know.
    Ghana as well we expected 10-0 or 8-0 win over Comoros, but struggled as well against minnows. Hahahaha big up to Chipolopolo Boys. I have looked at how the so called Giants of African football have been struggling away at minnows and posting narrow wins against minnows at home. With the other big players being included in our squad during the group stages, we will wire any team in our group. We have got players; its up to Lwandamina to make right squad selections. Zambia all the way to Russia 2018.

    • How so Minnows? double standard maybe? you guys come on here with an exception of Kwame, you come here to wish Zambia bad, so why should kiss your butts? I am not going to sit here and pretend that I want Ghana to succeed, because I will hear a lot of nonsense from you guys. I just have an issue with pretending and I will tell you as it is.. Wishing for more Ghana and Nigeria failures and it will come soon, as for Nigeria, they are pathetic and I love it. Nigeria football is going down, just watch. As a matter of fact, please give us Nigeria in the group now.

  18. wy dont u guys wise up a little bit . look at some ones saying i have looked at the soo called african gaint and strugling against minnows .With the other big players being included in our squad during the group stages, we will wire any team in our group. very funny of u guys

  19. Do they honestly think an unknown player like kalengo has any right to be in the same football pitch with neymar,aguero, muller at the FIFA world cup match….dreamers.

  20. no matter wat u guys do u still minnows okay, playin against ghana or the big boys is a different ball game all together .minnows including zambia will always want to prove somthing wen playing against th big boys but it still the same old story.

    • Togo had only Adebayo, Nigeria don’t have play maker so they are headed that way, Asamoah Gyan is eating too much kung pao chicken, so can’t play no more, they are headed that way too.

  21. Cry me a river Zambia
    We all are here
    West Africa I’d gonna dominate again
    All five reps to Russia gonna come from west Africa
    We rule the continent
    Your time go come
    Wishes are never horses…

  22. Is there an African team that can go beyond the quarter finals of the 2018 world cup?By the standards i have seen so far the answer is a big NO.As Africans we should be aiming at lifting the world cup trophy at senior level rather than just being content with qualification.

  23. please be careful what u wish for Zambians because u cant face the likes of Uganda and Guinea. Egypt Morocco Algeria Tunisia and Lybia,Senegal,DRC, Mali and Cameroon are better countries to think of not Zambia. Comoros taught us how to qualify by playing quality tact

  24. @ all Ghana supporters on this blog, what Happened to the 10-0,8-0,7-0 predictions? You boys are fool of yourselves for nothing. To much JUJU does make u giants at all, that’s why in any afcon tournament u will always be last lossers because your useless juju can’t make u lift any CUP. Quit cosulting your whitch doctors.
    prepare your coffins our guns will be blazing, Kalengo and Co. Will shoot u done and this time no escaping.
    From 10-0 prediction to win 2-0, what a disappointment!!!!! Just pray that our paths should never cross,otherwise u will start singing Chipolopolo in TWI (your language)
    Anyway congrats on yo narrow win. What a joke of African giants u are!!

  25. You win with dubious calls, for you Ghana, was that a legit free kick on the edge of the box? You player was not touched at all and the corrupt ref that you paid had to give you a cheap shot, as if that was not too much and then he goes to give a comoros player a red? And then you double the lead? Puhlease! What a joke, but we will teach you this time around and I hope you don’t escape our group because you suck. Bring that Asamoah Gyan here, Sunzu will sandwich that one easily. As for your defense, I feel sorry for you on what Kalengo and in-form clasical pass distributor Mbesuma will do to you.

    • Yea Zambia doesn’t
      In all aspects of your pathetic miserable life
      Zambia doesn’t do anything they are supposed to do
      They don’t qualify for WC
      They don’t qualify for Junior WC
      They don’t qualify foe Women WC
      Indeed Zambia doesn’t ……at all
      Oh you mean headmaster Mbesuma?
      Sunzu would start warming the bench at Lille with the departure of Renard
      Old man Mayuka is always injured and misfiring Kale
      Mweene leaks goals
      Kaaba has been weakened by the prostitutes of Congo..can’t score goals
      Wherein lies your potency Chipolopolo?
      So much for a giant of Africa

  26. @ TC Soccerman, tell them, those black bantus, useless African giants,NONSENSE!!!! They will beg us to spare them the next time our bullets be firing from all angels and every black star will fall . Should they be grouped with us again, they will miss the ticket to Russia.

    • Iwe John, you contradict yourself a lot, but let me guess. Only Fwayo will make us survive the group? You don’t have to answer to that as I know the answer is yes. Did you watch how Ghana and Nigeria played? Pathetic, and Zambia would have humiliated these 2 teams even with our half strength team. Even Dede Ayew is acknowledging to ghanasoccernet that they were in deep $h!t and had to digit deeper and some “help” from the ref, so don’t listen to these loud mouth Ghana supporters on here, Ghana survived and thanks to the dubious refs that awarded them a free kick in a dangerous spot that resulted in the first goal and then sent comoros player out when comoros was piling pressure on Gayna. Comoros was going to equalize.

  27. wailing as usual zambians just mark it on the wall u will be on this same very site insulting kalusha his feloow members and baa wen u see it coming it not it shouldnt be a surpris,as usual u guys are goin to be at the buttom of the group.

  28. Lol I came late…….. Hahahahahahahaha zambians are at it again. Suddenly they are the best team in Africa, they will defeat Nigeria, ghana, Ivory coast, Cameroon and even Egypt(remember the 3-0) bcos they defeated Sudan. Hahahahaha Clowns

    Fifa should even pair us in the same group. It will be a sure 6 points for Nigeria. Zambia will do what they do best to team Naija. LOSE.
    Zambia would be a bonus team in the group for easy 3 points.

    I can’t wait to read some bloggers lamentation on how they couldn’t qualify to the world cup. The bashing of Kalusha and whoever their coach is. Plus the conspiracy theory disciples(blame fifa and caf for the failure).

    West Africans will dominate the world cup slots as usual. AND YOU CAN BELIEVEEEEEE THAT!!!

  29. @badosqi my west african brother you could not have said it any better. These zambians think there on par with us ghanians and nigeria they make me laugh..thier comments about the west africans is a direct indication on thier football wich is a complete JOKE. i also cant wait to read the excuses when thier eliminated..WEST AFRICA TO REPRESENT AFRICA COME 2018 BECAUSE WE ARE PHYSICALLY AND PYSCOLOGICALLY STRONGER THAN NOT ONLY ZAMBIA BUT THE ENTIRE SOUTHERN guys really need to stop bragging when YOU HAVE NEVER EVER EVER QUALIFIED FOR A WORLD CUP AT ANY LEVEL NOT EVEN U17 BUT YOU HAVE SUCH A BIG MOUTH IT REALLY IS BAFFLING..ZAMBIA THE KINGS OF MEDIOCRACY HAHAHAHAHA ON PAR WITH GHANA N NIGERIA MY ASS HAHAHA

    • Nigeria is useless. Algeria in not a threat. I would be more worried if we are in a group with Egypt than any other North African team. The only teams that Zambia struggles with are Egypt and Cameroon. The rest we can hammer them.

  30. I hear some zambians say with the the inclusion of mayuka,Jacob, fwayo and co Zambia will beat Ghana, very funny indeed. U forget that Ghana is missing a lot of key players too. GHANA had the likes of Kojo Asamoah(juventus),Essien,Atsu,Akaminko, kwesi Appiah,vorsah, Muntari, Kevin prince Boateng, majeed waris, Afriyie Aquah, yaw yeboah(Lille), David Accam, Adam Kwarace and many more didn’t play against comoros so stop decieving itself. West African teams have dephth and can swithch teams at any time to match the opposition. The team that played this stage of qualifiers will differ from when we play say Germany. We just have talent in abundance and don’t rely on a few old players like Zambia.

  31. Where is zambia located? is it a football country? i never heard of zambia until 2012…how kalengo run like a kangaroo,i think zambia will do well in long jump,so i suggest they stop wasting their time on football and try long jump.when you randomly ask any child to mention 100 football nations in africa,he wont even mention zambia,because zambia is unknown in the world of football..after ghana playing comoros,i began to agree with zambians on fifa ranking that its fake.i think zambia should replace comoros in the 177 so that comoros will come forward.If zambia qualify for world cup,i will delete my facebook account forever..specialist in group stage elimination

      • Am not going to have a long argument with u bro but check the squad of comoros and see for yourself!

        They have a number of their players playing in france second, third and fourth divisions just like mayuka who plays in france lower division but happens to be zambia topmost striker!

        An not disrespecting zambia as i know zambia is far better than comoros due to their one fluke afcon cup but comoros is not a small team and they have more PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS PLAYING IN EUROPE than zambia as none of their players that play against ghana lives in comoros or was born in that country!

        Most of their players were born in france and i can tell u that, they have a serious TACTICAL SHAPE ABT THEM when they dont have the ball unlike how most minnows play!

        Check them out and u ll see that, they have more comoroans in france than zambia has over there!

        Comoros ll be a force to ve reckon with in the immediate future!

  32. so bodosqi shows up after naija struggles to beat a 10 man non entity team. jst like I predicted u draw and u disappear then u win and show up, thats a mark of a cowardly


    All their players are born and bred in france and they play in france lower divisions like mayuka!

    With a exception of their two goalkeepers who are home based, all their players from midfielders, defenders and strikers are france based!

    They are only minnows in name but nkt in players!

    How many of zambia players plays even in the second or third divisions in france? None except mayuka!!

    They are not an easy team!

  34. Journeyman Le Roy quits Congo
    18 November 2015, 01:43
    French coach Claude Le Roy has quit his job as coach of Republic of Congo after leading them into the third phase of the Africa zone 2018 World Cup qualifiers, he told AFP on Tuesday.
    “After two great years here I’ve decided to move on to other adventures,” the much travelled 67-year-old explained after a 6-4 aggregate win over Ethiopia saw them through round two of regional World Cup qualifiers.
    He leaves Congo in the twenty team third phase of the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and on top of their qualifying group for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.
    Le Roy has coached nations at eight Africa Cup of Nations finals and most recently led Congo to the semifinals of the 2015 edition.
    © AFP

  35. The fact dat u ghanaians nd nigerians ar on ths blog is clear dat zambia is nt ordinary.we dont nid all our playerz to play in europe,we will use our own league playerz to wire u.u ar busy follown us up coz we ar a problem to u.Hw i wish us to share th same group,jst beg fifa nt to,or else th new era is here.3 yrz ago,our home league playerz won us th Afric Cup.Ghana,wen did yo Best european based profesionalz win u dat cup-36 yrz or so!!!!Dont insult yo Own Father-Zambia

    • Who is following u? Ghana outplayed your half baked local players in the 2012 afcon semi final match with only ten players and ghana was the only team zambia cldnt contained with incessant pressure that had every zambia heart in their mouth for the match to end!

      If u have soon forgotten, go to YOUTUBE AND REFRESH YOUR DUMB MEMORY! Sia boy!

      Again in ndola we outplayed u as usual with all your players behind the ball defending for your dear life!!

      U want to meet us and of course thats what we WANT CUS GHANA HAS ELIMINATED ZAMBIA FROM ALL FIFA AND CAF COMPETITIONS in all football qualifers except the seoul Olympic qualifers and the same ll happen to your one fluke si called afcon champions lol

  36. We are not on the same level as Algeria, Ghana, Tunisia, CIV, Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt and the like.

    We need a high profile coach for starters if we are to think O getting to the World Cup, otherwise this is just another pipe dream that will end in the Group stages

  37. Hehehehehehehe.., zambians want Ghana in their group. Is this some kind of joke?

    It is obvious you guys don’t love your team and you are not ready to see your team in Russia 2018. You want your team to fail again.

    • They are just noise makers and are not even serious or sure of qualifying to russia because we all know that, zambia doesn’t have the capacity to win two away games consistently or even two games continously in their own backyard as evidenced by the 2014 wc whereby they had a unique opportunity of playing two HOME GAMES SPONTANEOUS AGAINST LESOTHO AND SUDAN!

      They beat lesotho alright but sudan pulled a draw at ndola with even a better, commanding coach and a decent squad who has just won the afcon cup with alot of motivations and good will in addition to the fifa boardroom points but they didnt still have the capacity to nick it and i know this wld t be different from the rest as they need to win two AWAY GAMES BF THEY CAN QUALIFY AND THEY DONT HAVE THE CAPACITY!

      Looking at the countries that has qualified for to the group stage in this wc, alot of them are on form and i see zambia not qualifying as they always struggled in maghreb region!

      Egypt, Tunisia, algeria and Morocco has qualified this time and can zambia picked an away win in round robin matches? Nope cus they have a WEAK BENCH AND A WEAK TECHNICAL TEAM!

      I have seen that, they say they want ghana and nigeria in their group but GHANA HAS DENIED ZAMBIA FROM PARTICIPATING IN ANY FIFA TOURNEY in both the senio, junior and even in the olympics and the same will happen if they find themselves in our group!!!

      Ghana has eliminated them in all caf and fifa QUALIFERS EXCEPT 1988 BUT EVEN IN THAT ONE, it was an away goal rule that help them!

      South africa is on form,uganda is on form and west africa is the most hostile grounds for a qualifying matches and if zambia thinks beating a weak Sudanese team makes them dangerous, u ll be surprised!

  38. Its only this generation of chipolopolo that fails to beat Ghana,Morocco,Senegal and Nigeria were teams Zambia used to beat for fun!Ok thats in the past but why fear Ghana when we can wallop them?

  39. Who do we fear? No one. We have reached our peak once again. Watchout Africa Zambias’ guns are loaded and firing live chipolopolos . U will cry ‘ah but kalengoal’.

  40. I remember stating my point last year on this site when Ghana qualified for World Cup…..that African teams are mere participants at World Cup not competitors… in summary we are minnows no african team has reached quarterfinal of wc

  41. We are all minnows at world cup stage…..reaching World quarterfinals only three times since inception of World cup…african team can entertain but not win Wc….mere participants same as writing exams without passing

  42. I meant no African has won the World cup or reached semifinals except quarterfinals which is far from winning which means we are minnows.Cameroon 1990 senegal 2002 Ghana 2010 only three times reaching quarterfinals which is far from winning meaning we are minnows in World football.

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