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Kalu: We will be prepared when we go to Senegal

Kalusha Bwalya on Zambia’s qualification to CAF U23 Championship –

The objective was to qualify, pass through this hurdle although it was very difficult. The ambition of the boys and motivation to play football made them put in extraordinary effort.

We won because of the belief that the boys have and I want to congratulate the technical bench and the public that have come to cheer the boys. I urge them to continue supporting and praising the boys in good and bad times. We are delighted; it was a fantastic job. We are a day away from opening the Rio door. The team showed great resilience, patience and determination.

We have to believe in ourselves that we have a dedicated bunch of boys that can rise to the occasion when an opportunity presents itself. We hope to God that Zambia again can raise the flag in an Olympic tournament; it has been a long time. It’s important that we prepare well between now and December that when we go to Senegal we can do the right thing so that we fly the Zambian eagle in Rio. We will definitely be prepared when we go to Senegal.

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  1. Why would you want all of us to hate him just because you seem to have so much distaste for him?As long as he continues to score successes like the weekend qualification of the under 23,some of us will continue to support him regardless of the insinuation about us being called cadres.

    Those that feel more qualified to do a better job should join the race than spend their entire life vilifying a person who has at least made an effort to do something about our soccer.At least he serving mother!

      • Yup, and people need to be held accountable and only then shall we will see the way forward for Zambian football. Until then, these clowns will continue to screw the Zambian football game at will because they feel they are untouchable and all these Kalu cadres validates that fact. Sad for Zambian football.

    • Thats your opinion.The good thing about it,it does not change the status quo. Tomorrow ,you will still wake up and find Kalu still the FAZ president!Neither does it change the fact that he has achieved more than any of your so called geniuses in football management,who have failed to even run their own tutemba clubs!The same people who call him dictator run their clubs as one man shows,they are the club chairmen,secretaries,coaches at the same time and do not even account for funds in their clubs. Fortunately,you are all in the minority otherwise our football would have gone to the dogs!

      • Thanks my brother for the insults.I hope Admin is taking stock of this behaviour unless he wants to remain with hooligans as bloggers!

  2. “Its important that we prepare adequately between now and december.” Which december is kalu talking about and yet the tournament ll be starting in november.

    • Iwe Mumbi, just because you hold difference views on your mesiah Kalu, does not mean others should be blinded sided with what I would call lack of being informed. Kalu is corrupt and its as simple as that, and the sad part is, who is to tell if somehow Zambia gets a different president next year, he would be better? I do have a belief though that we can do better than Kalu and the sooner he is held accountable for his corruption, dictatorial leadership(if you wanna call it that), then the better, as it will send a message for those that are aspiring to lead FAZ. But people like you are saying it’s ok to fail, its ok to be corrupt and leach all tax payers money that should go towards development of the game, but to financing his agenda and extravagant life style in SA. You are the people that are what is wrong with our country and should be embarrassed at yourself for that.

    • @Paradox.If you have been on this site for sometime,you will realise that ,I do not go along with the MOB for the sake of sounding very popular.You dont need to go school to make comparisons about what we have achieved under Kalu relative to his predecessors. Infact,even just the weekend’s qualification of the Under 23 is still another occasion to congratulate his administration!I do not agree with every decision he makes but l am sober enough to differentiate emotional judgement from reality.I am not even ashamed to support him.Sometimes one wonders whether some bloggers are any older than 10 year olds just from their rantings.No wonder some of us blog under our real identities because we are not cowards that will hide in an ALIAS and disrespect other people.You never know where we might meet.I very much respect those that oppose him but I am obliged to defend what l believe in !Insulting or disrespecting people you have never met can only be considered as hot fire by those who applaud mediocrity in character!This forum has over the years even networked various people in respective of difference in opinion in businesss,employment and other progressive areas of life and anyone who thinks otherwise will one day wake to a rude shock when you meet at more important foras in our walk in life.

  3. I don’t understand how patson daka played against guinea bissau. Kalu must not attempt that kind of nonsense. We don’t want him marketing players for his pocket there.

  4. There we go again. Kalusha this Kalusha that! It must really hurt to wake up every morning knowing that the guy is still Faz president despite all the hate towards him.

  5. What we should be discussing is the content and not personalities. If you’re not happy with the man do your talking via the ballot. Otherwise as I said , wise words

  6. Hate him or love him this is the only man who take Zambia forward and no one is ready to challenge him.. Come 2016 i foresee him returning his post.. Its very bad to call other people useless.

  7. Bro tc soccerman, Kalusha as boss of FAZ has the right to express his fellings over Zambias qualification to Senegal just as we the fans. Lets stop attacking him any how coz he is also Zambian $ not a ghanaian alien.

    • mumbi. in your absence. our Ghana brothers felt a fresh air of no toments from you both here and Ghanasoccernet. but looks like u r going back to your way of tomenting them.ikikikik

    • @Mumbi, I am not attacking Kalu, I am attacking his arrogance, corruption and dictatorial way of leadership. I hate that.

  8. As long as thngs dnt go wel a prsidnt is alwys crtised jst lyk in politcs, so kalu wil b talkd about untl we stp seeng zambia drwing against lowa rankd timz at hom it minz dat ther z no gud ledershp ku faz

  9. Why do some Zambian soccer lovers show so much hatred for Kalusha? I just can’t find the root cause of this sordid hatred. If Kalusha is that useless as you suggest why is it that Zambia won the Africa Cup of Nations during his tenure and with the players mostly identified and grouped by him for national duty grooming? Why also is it that Zambia triumphed at the cup of nations with a team we all know is not one of the best in terms of talent to have represented Zambia at the same competition (logic tells me that his predecessors failed. They had the best talent at their disposal but failed in all those attempts when Zambia had world class players). Compare Kalusha with his contemporaries from neighbouring countries or rather the COSAFA region. That little assignment can open your eyes. It is for this reason that we in Botswana find it befitting to respect your countryman in Mr.Kalusha Bwalya. He is simply the best the region has produced. He is simply encomparable in this region.

    • You are mistaking hatred for ones behavior with hating the person. I speak for myself. I do not hate Kalu. I love him as a legend, I loved him as a player, but make no mistake. I hate his corruption, I hate his arrogance and I hate his non transparent leadership at FAZ and more importantly I hate the direction he is taking Zambia to. Unlike you, I do not believe that just because he was great as a player gives him rights to be a dictator and a corrupt moron that he is. I will not try to to convince you other as you have your mindset already made. Kalu is corrupt and that’s a fact. Great player during his time? no doubt, but does not mean he should act like he owns Zambia. There was an article from Zambia reports today and I would encourage you to read it then you will see that Okocha, Pele, Weah, Milla are not doing what Kalu is doing to Zambian football. Kalu is a leach to tax payers money when his comparables in others countries are investing in their respective countries, our Kalu is leaching before your eyes and you are ok with it?

  10. Seasoned wailers of ZAMFOOT, untiy is right the weight we need in zambia ,football is our saviour e.g 2012 triumph FACT! Our beloved country is divided you the seasoned wailers know that if there is need of a remainder 2015 elections, lets unite find ideas share them on this blog on how best we can help our U23 outing to senegal. Lesa apale .

    He is the embodiment of ‘Chipolopolo’, a word that simply translated means ‘bullet’ and is contextually used as a passionate reference by Zambians to their National soccer team ‘the copper bullet!’ Kalusha Bwalya today embodies not only the passion of a regional fan base, but the spirit of a Nation that has rallied around the team, walked with the team and has even been carried by the team on what is an amazing journey through the uniting sport of soccer. The journey has taken Chipolopolo to the darkest hour of almost total demolition, reinvention, aborted dreams, challenge, and evolution and to the cusp of victory. And Great Kalu, has he fondly referred to by his fans and peers, has been the main denominator in a story of resilience, hope and passion.
    The journey of the Chipolopolo, with Kalusha, as the one and only denominator, draws us back to the ashes of lost dreams of a soccer nation 22 years ago, through to rebuilding of a hope and healing of a nation, and finally to Zambia’s first ever AFCON victory after years of retarded failure. For over 30 years now since he came on the football scene, Great Kalu has been the common denominator in defining the role and power of soccer in the spirit and fabric of the nation.

    This was taken from one of the respected brains our land Mwamba Pen ii FACEBOOK .ZAMBIA REPORTS have their own reasons for writing negatives about KALU but they are others like us who see the other side of the coin!

    • we know both side of kalu. his success and his corrupt practices which r more than the benefits he has brot to zambian football as an administrator


  12. Amos Mumba/Chipolopolo, we are not interested in this type of talk and behavior. We will block you and any other that continues to misbehave by posting insults and derogatory remarks. We have better things to do than watching and moderating your comments or deleting this kind of exchanges. We are all adults and should moderate ourselves. Why should you even label us as bad for trying to save the interests of many who are not interested in your insults????

  13. Amos Mumba and Chipolopolo you did not need to disgrace yourselves this far. We will help you take leave from making comments on this site.

    • @Mumbi, the sooner you wake up and realize the scheme going on, the better for you. Kalu is very manipulating and he is making a lot of you guys drink his kool aid yet again. Where is a foreign coach that was supposed to announces months ago? Yeah exactly! How about him threatening the Kamanga camp with bans if they campagned yet he is buying cheap China balls and “donating” them to these clubs and other districts all in the name of developing the game. What do you call that? Well he didn’t that last year or the year before, did he? Now that the elections are around the corner our South African based FAZ president all of the sudden cares about donating the ball and other equipment to these districts? WTF?

  14. @ Tc Soccerman, I still maintain my view for the fact that those who know the truth regarding corrupt practices they are levelling against Kalusha do not come out clear for everyone to understand them. If he is not investing as you wish him to do does it mean that he is corrupt? Those Nigerians and whoever whom was used as a good example chose to invest the way they did and in Nigeria or wherever. It is a fact but the other fact which you choose to ignore is that Kalusha has a choice to do what he wants with his monies.How many of you out there are being dictated to on where and how you should invest what you have accumulated over those years of sweating and toiling? If Kalusha has a case to answer there are ways and procedures that are lawful. Zambia has those too. I am glad you uphold good characteristics of a citizen as depicted by your concerns regarding corruption but what worries me is you people who have come up with this Kalusha matter have not made progress on it for too long.Do the right thing or live with it.If you continue addressing it in this manner that bears no fruit it only serves the purpose of a song or book which will definitely lose popularity with time.

    • @Sly, I copy that, but Zambia as a country has weak laws as our leaders are as corrupt as hell. I don’t need to get into that right, but you are Zambian just as I am and you know what’s going on the ground there. I hold no respect for people that are supposed to role models, but instead are screwing the system for their personal gain and that’s exactly what Kalu is doing. Zambian government would not prosecute Kalu and other corrupt punks out there, so either ways we are screwed as the small boys out there, but I am determined to make a difference in advocating for Kalu to be relieved of his duties as FAZ president. For those that thinks Kalu will be president next year.. I have news for you it ain’t happening. Let him trying his tricks, but it won’t help as this nigga’s days are numbered. If were him I would be updating my resume, but he’s got his people in SA, so no worries. We are just sick of his corruption and his dictatorship “Leadership”(if you wanna call it that) and by the way nobody is ignoring his accomplishment as a player, we are all proud of it, but FAZ presidency? B.S!

    • @chamz, What more facts do you need? He screwed up with Bonatti and caused the government to intervene with resources that could have been put to better use had it not for his lack of administrative leadership of knowing it all entails when dubiously terminating a contract of a coach for no reason. The Fifa “yali ni nkongole fye” fiasco, it all documented. The Ghana fiasco? We are left if the what ifs on the Ghana trip all because this arrogant Kalu thinks he can do what he pleases in order to diverge some money to his personal account to furnish his lavish life with a high mileage muzungu ku sasa africa. Wonder why tickets are sold out on game weeks, yet you can buy then at an inflated rate from Kalu Mushanga sellers and friends that are businessmen? Sold out tickets yet other parts of the stadium have empty seats? explain that please.

    • I dont want to be calling anyone cadres. I respect Kalu and in the end i am grateful for his investment in Zambian football. For me, i said it many times and will keep up, for Zambias own sake control must move on. It’s not healthy to solely reliant on one commander!

      Competition brings progress. In 2012 Faz was challenged and ready to prove itself where it counted. Think about it…

    • @Paddy, no you are not wrong and here is why. I do not think Kalu is about to change his behavior anytime soon and our football standards are falling at an epic speed, while he is living in South Africa spending time with useless stuff that has no bearing to Zambian football..he is our FAZ president for crying out loud. We need him home to be what he is paid to do, not an absentee leader. Unless he can turn around things such as being transparency with the hiring of a qualified Zambian head coach.. not his trainee puppets, relocate to Zambia so that he can oversee the goings of the Zambian league, and just being there to perform his duties that he is being paid for, then I will back him, but none of that is going to happen and so I want him out.

      • So the problem here then is not Kalusha per say. It sounds to me like the laws under which Faz operates are the ones needing amending. E.g. We need written rules addressing the residency of a sitting president as well as a strong involvement of NSCZ in the recruitment of the national coach if that will help bring about the transparency we all long for. Without that there’s no guarantee that whoever succeeds Kalu won’t do exactly the same thing.

        As for corruption allegations, I’d say if he really is corrupt as you’ve claimed on so many occasions then either there’s something seriously wrong with the anti- corruption bureau and the entire govt for condoning it or responsible citizens like yourself are not playing their expected role of presenting evidence to the authorities.

  15. @ Tc soccerman, hahahaha you really made my day by declaring me Zambian.Only my football heart is Zambian. I am a motswana my man.I come from northern Botswana, Pandamatenga to be specific. Otherwise I am thankful for the information you have shared.

    • No sweat we all Africans and one people, don’t dwell on those lines the colonial masters drew to separate us. We all one people.

  16. Hot issues at hand just watching at a distance , infact ku corner of zambia in CHIENGE.COM.true as is, it’s difficult in this porous & lawlessness country to fight corruption & to bring KALU to book as I would want it be done, because there are so many issues to be answered by him & so many suspicions about late president mr sata in his rich bemba would say” he who mingoes with a cobra nokumubeya he/she is the one” every soon it go happen as it did to FIFA president.

  17. @zam foot for i red your above mentioned comment inresponse pertaining to what amos mumba wrong.for what you did thats frivolous of triviality. it shows lack of maturity in adminstering this blog.why are you not blocking people who are insulting king kalu.if people continue to insult elders like kalu it automatically everyone has freedom of speech.unless if this is an anti kalu blog.we thank you for unveiling this opportunity for us living diaspora by opening this blog.

  18. @zam foot i red your above mentioned comment inresponse pertaining to what amos mumba said.for what you did thats frivolous of triviality. it shows lack of maturity in adminstering this blog.why are you not blocking people who are insulting king kalu.if people continue to insult elders like kalu it automatically implies everyone has freedom of speech,unless if this is an anti kalu blog.we thank you for unveiling this opportunity for us living diaspora by opening this blog.infuture you should write the name of the players you put on every article you write.may please interview coaches especially national team coaches we want to know what kind of system and selection criteria they are using.people they have been debating about kalu’s involvement in team selection we want this to clarified..

    • I too found it very strange that @ Amos Mumba was being warned. I thought he handled whatever was thrown at him very well apart from the last comment which I believe came out of frustration.

      • @Paddy and Tonymash, will email you the insults Chipolopolo and Amos traded here which we pulled down and you will understand where we are coming from. We allow open flow of debate here but we want to see mature discussions not insults. We have left whatever Amos and Chipolopolo wrote which did not border on insults because we value their sane contributions and not the insults.

        • If that’s the case then job well done Zamfoot. That makes a whole lot of sense now that you say you withheld some of their exchanges. Good job

  19. @zamfoot can you please help me find out from Kalu the faz president why charlie Musonda’s sons can’t be called for national duties,I am currently in Europe and am a due fun if my zambian football but I need answers to my questions please zamfoot help!!!!

  20. @zamfoot please am still wanting for the answer why the faz president can’t comment on the reasons why charlie Musonda’s sobs can’t be called for national duties please answer us we are very far away from home our zambia but we are trying by all means to find out why coz we are die hard funs!!

  21. Mr kalu z talkin abt u23 bt others r bringin d issue of d game(guinea bisau) wch ws played a lng tym ago mentionin patson sure u pple wat has ths boy done?wat ifhe ws d one hu missed dat penalt for zambia to win against guinea mmmmm sum zambians awe sure concentrate on d issue at hand dnt u knw hw to forget abt d past?all d chipolopol players r gud let’s gv them tym to prove themselves.gud job mr kalu.even T-sean sang(sinigakondwelese chalo chonse)I’l support u ba chipolopolo

  22. So the question I asked zamfoot to help us with answers from faz president Kalu on why charlie Musonda’s sons can’t be called for national duties has been shut off with no feedback.

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