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Former KK11 Stars back Janza’s blooding of youngstars

EX-Zambia players have said that the inclusion of fresh legs into the Chipolopolo will bring about the desired results as the team vies to qualify for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals.

Simon Kaodi, a former KK 11 striker, said that it was wise for Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza to shuffle his squad by bringing in young talent into the squad, looking at the pace of Mozambique.

Kaodi said the Chipolopolo were exposed in the first match against Mozambique as the Mambas had pace as compared to some ageing Zambian players.

“I think this is what everyone has been calling for. We cannot rely on old players whose performance has not been convincing. The first game that we played against Mozambique exposed us so much and I am glad that the coach has considered to mix young talent and experienced players,” he said.

He said football was changing and that there was no need for Zambia to continue banking on the past glory but need to move on by having players who are hungry for success.
Speaking in a separate interview, retired midfield genius, Jericho Shinde said Janza’s squad was strong enough to deliver positive results against Mozambique because of the blend of players.

Shinde said what was lacking in the team previously was the absence of fresh legs as Janza’s selection was tilted towards experience.

He counselled the players who were left out of the squad to improve on their performance at their respective clubs to warrant selection into the Chipolopolo.

“If you look at the team selected to face Mozambique, it is full of experience and talent, so I think now Janza is on the right path to putting up a balanced squad. There is need to choose players based on performance and not names, that’s what Janza has shown us in his recent selection,” he said.

Janza last week announced his squad to face Mozambique and Cape Verde in the 2015 AFCON qualifiers on November 15 and 19 in Maputo and Ndola respectively.

Among the big names that missed out were the likes of captain Christopher Katongo, and strikers Jacob Mulenga and Jonas Sakuwaha missing out.

Janza has brought in the likes of Aaron Katebe, Roderick Kabwe, Charles Zulu, Patrick Ngoma, Changwe Kalale and has maintained faith in local players that include Bruce Musakanya, Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba, Shadreck Malambo, Spencer Sautu, Chris Munthali, Donashano Malama and Danny Munyau.

Zambia Voluntary Soccer Fans Association (ZASOFA) chairperson Peter Makembo said there was need for Janza to have a new squad with new players eager to win matches and qualify for the continental showpiece.

Makembo said his association will always rally behind the team though they needed to be rewarded by a good performance.

“We welcome changes coach Honour Janza has made to the team and we are happy that he has said that doors are still open for other players to be called but depending on their performance at club level,” he said.

The full squad called has goalkeepers Kennedy Mweene, Danny Munyau and Toaster Nsabata while with the defenders are Stoppila Sunzu, Nyambe Mulenga, Davies Nkausu, Kabaso Chongo, Donashano Malama, Aaron Katebe, Chris Munthali, Emmanuel Mbola and Roderick Kabwe.

Midfielders are Changwe Kalale, Nathan Sinkala, Spenser Sautu, Shaderick Malambo, Rainford Kalaba, Chisamba Lungu and Charles Zulu while Bruce Musakanya, Patrick Ngoma, Emmanuel Mayuka, Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba and James Chamanga are the strikers.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. The only wrong experience was James.why not Alex and Kangwa so we can have both depth on bench and competition in the team.James is too old for this.Let me tell you coach better you get CUT from a player who will win you games and you will keep your job unlike james so wise up.

  2. The game in maputo will be difficult for our boys and Janza should tell the players that,they need to be good and no waste for created chances.we need to do business in the first half. Both teams will have pressure and the most important thing the game will be open with high tempo.

  3. we jst need evans to be in that team, then build zambia team with those players for afcon 2017. zambia will be a force to recon with. not even ghana will stand in our way.

  4. We need Kangwa in the team, Even Jacob should be recalled based on his perfomance. This is not a junior team where Janza manipulates those small boys of their allowances.
    Paradox, ghana has always been our daily bread when it comes with afcon tornaments. If we meet them at any stage, then we know that we shall cruise past them & finaly win what they have failed to win in 33 years.

  5. Am still not comfortable with the strike force without a Machine like Alex Ngonga,
    Iam a Nkana supporter but having watched how ngonga played in the two legs, iam fully conviced that Ngonga is a quality striker especially in high tempo games, he keeps on knocking on the Goal mouth and feel with such a player in the national team we can achieve a lot. This is a very objective opinion which every soccer loving person and a coach needs to appreciate

  6. Yes I concur with the views. only thing is Chamanga should have been left out and replaced with either Alex “Bazo” Ngonga or one Evans “Kalulu” Kangwa. For the Youngster Changwe Kalele, I feel he’s not yet ripe for the national team and should have been replaced with either Julius “Kokoliko Master’ Situmbeko or Lubinda Mudia. Overall squad is OK and by the way, Singulume is still in the team

  7. The best line up for me would be;

    1. Mweene
    2. Aaron Katebe
    3. Fuckson Kapumbu
    4. Nyambe Mulenga
    5. Stopila Sunzu
    6. Nathan Sinkala
    7. Chisamba Lungu
    8. Rainford Kalaba
    9. Emmanuel Mayuka
    10. Alex Ngonga
    11. Lubambo Musonda

    With this one even Brazil can fall

  8. This tells me that our CHAN team will be very strong this time!

    But for now, its Mozambique game. But the game in Maputo will be won or lost in the midfield. I don’t just want to talk of tactics here coz those guys are Portuguese/English. Otherwise there is a reason why the team changed.

    I think Chamanga was also needed with Mayuka coz they were there in 2011 when we clobbered Mozambique 2-0 in Maputo. They were the scorers apparently.

    Most of these locals were there at Chilata last year in Cosafa when we destroyed them 3-1. I know its a different game but Janza may not as dull as we think that he has not even been studying Mozambique to know their weaknesses!

    We hv to support those who have been seleted so far.

  9. But for those infants selected I think its too much on the part of the Coach to call them coz they won’t even be on that plane to Maputo.

    For now what’s cardinal is to train on artificial turf coz it brings our game down! We lost in CV not only coz of jet lag but artificial turf. Same happened in Maseru last year where we failed to to win.

  10. Why is Lubambo’s name missing there? Or it’s a mistake? On the hand you guys are jokers at times.. Lubinda Mundia?? Fackson Kapumbu?? Those are jokes, if we gave you a chance to manage the team you can call ‘jokes’ throughout.. Evans Kangwa in place of Patrick Ngoma, Jacob in place of Chamanga, Kondwani in place of Kalale…

  11. Why is Lubambo’s name missing there? Or it’s a mistake? On the hand you guys are jokers at times.. Lubinda Mundia?? Fackson Kapumbu?? Those are jokes, if we gave you a chance to manage the team you can call ‘jokes’ throughout.. Evans Kangwa in place of Patrick Ngoma, Jacob in place of Chamanga, Kondwani in place of Kalale….

  12. Just off the topic a bit. I just want to pose a question to the corrupt CAF officials and hayatou himself. Is it only now that you are realizing that ebola is an issue when it comes to hosting afcon? Are you only realizing now that morocco is not interested in your afcon? How could you deny Zambia the right to host afcon in preference of ebola torn Guinea? How can you take the afcon to a country that will be remembered as the epicenter of one the deadliest diseases in the world. Corrupt hayatou only thinks about his pocket he is not a man of sound mind. He is failing to postpone the afcon because of the huge monies he will lose. This man only thinks about himself. CAF is a corrupt organisation and giving afcon rights to Ivory coast and Guinea ahead of Zambia is totally unacceptable.

    • I agree with you John on this corrupt old man. It shows why he could not move the 2013 AFCON to 2015. He was actually looking at the money he would pocket. For him to wait for 3 years was a big loss and in the process Zambia was denied the chance to participate in the Confederations Cup. I rally don’t like this man. He is worse than the Ebola which is confusing him so much.

  13. Hayatou and his corrupt officials should be ‘hanged’for spreading the ebola virus if anything goes wrong in 2015. We have seen his corruption when he denied Zambia and gave rights to Guinea. Guinea a country that has little resources and brought to it’s knees by the ebola virus. Its sad we have such leaders who only think about the money they will pocket.

  14. the right thing for caf to do is postpone afcon as the morccans are rightfully said and strip Guinea and Ivory coast of the afcon rights and hand them over to other ‘safer’ countries. That is what Caf must do to save face.

  15. John, Zambia is a poor country. Zambia withdrew from hosting the all african games in 2011 due to lack of funding, or poverty.
    I don’t blam CAF for ignoring Zambia. If they couldn’t host an all africa games 3 years ago, how can they possibly host AFCON? It costs more and requires more stadiums to host AFCON. Zambia probably has 2 or 3 good stadiums with maybe 1 or 2 good hotels and training grounds.

  16. John, Zambia is a poor country. Zambia withdrew from hosting the all african games in 2011 due to lack of funding, or poverty.
    I don’t blame CAF for ignoring Zambia. If they couldn’t host an all africa games 3 years ago, how can they possibly host AFCON? It costs more and requires more stadiums to host AFCON. Zambia probably has 2 or 3 good stadiums with maybe 1 or 2 good hotels and training grounds.

    • Zambia is not a poor country have you gone abroad and seen how many international students from zambia study at expensive universities in the UK, Australia, US and Canada. Where do you think people get the money from to send their children to such expensive universities which can cost as much as 30,000 dollars per annum on tuition fees alone.

  17. @mumbi and Paradox…yeah yeah yeah Ghana this Ghana that, you can keep talking but you know what will happen when you face Ghana in a more serious position such as WC Qualifiers. then your afcon don’t mean shit while Ghana will Wallop you again and again when it matters to go WC to show off their players to the world and TOP EUROPEAN CLUBS..While ZAmbia sit at home and watch with your mediocre player in your mediocre teams…When Zambia can Qualify for a Big tournament such as the WC then you can compare yourself to Ghana… EVEN THIS AFCON THAT ZAMBIA TREASURE SO MUCH I HOPE YOU KNOW GHANA HAS ALREADY WON THIS SILLY CUP 4 TIMES..WE WANT TO WIN WORLD CUP NOW WHILE YOU ZAMBIANS FIGHT TO QUALIFY FOR AFCON WICH IS NOT REGARDED OUTSIDE AFRICA.. MUMBI AND PARADOZ YOU IDOTS MAKE ME LAUGH WHEEVER YOU MENTION GHANA

    • do you honestly believe zambia will never go to the world cup? That day is coming and will happen soon while you are alive. and which afcon are you talking about that ghana won? ghana has never won afcon. Afcon started in the 90s when more than 8 countries participated and all african states had gained independence.

  18. John, even if Ghana haven’t won any cup as you claim, no pundit will put Zambia in the same class as Ghana. In africa, teams that come close to Ghana are Cameroon, Egypt and Nigeria. Zambia is an inconsistent country in football.

  19. @John,when would u pepo stop hallucinating abt Ghana?even if GH won the cup pre medivial or during hitlers time ,there exist in the records of FIFA nd CAF that,a certain country called Ghana has won that crap cup 4times, if u pepo cant comprehend this creche understanding on why its so even with only 2 or 3 countries participating,comot from uor landlocked country, go beg Kenya say u want drink ALL their indian ocean with a straw!!!
    Some countries win cups and out of respect to consistency,they never look back in defending it,that brings the class in u,but wat happenned to uor own? ,u pepo kept looking back like LOT’S wife nd u knw the rest of the story.You can qualify for the WC someday but u just cant go without passing tru the dreaded WEST nd the grimmer NORTH, hope u r aware of the water-tight bond between the WEST and the WC. That response of beating Ghana nd IC to win uor treasured AFCON which u always look back to ,will forever be awashed with uor Herver renard’s comment attributing it to ”LUCK”.hear him “And Renard, who also has intentions of coming back, believes he was lucky to win the 2012 African title”.Condolences to Zambians for uor departed president.

  20. Sir Blessings, i beg to differ, Zambia is not a footballing nation. Footballing nations include Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon. A footballing nation is a nation that performs well at all levels. A footballing nation cannot be a country that has only one major cup (afcon 2012) in its cabinet. On what grounds will you say Zambia is a footballing nation?

    • sir blessing do u honestly expect us to be respectful of these arrogant ghana men. Look at the useless comment above from piso. do not blame us for attacking them

    • You’ve got small brains youngster. Zambia is among the top teams in Africa and it can be shown by its history in football. Tell me of the so called big teams in Africa which zambia hasn’t beaten on high level. Zambia has beaten all the so called big teams before. Which makes zambia one of the big boys so don’t dream get facts

  21. We need to have a good balance between the old and new players.This is not a junior tournament.We are going for a must win match away from home!The worst result in Mozambique should be a draw but if we decieve ourselves by thinking those under 17 players will do us justice,we are courting disaster.Alex Ngonga is a good player in the local league but freezes at the highest level due to his laziness and selfishness in his approach.just check his performance at the CECAFA!just because South Africa has done it does not mean we can photocopy and expect the same results.Lets be cautious!Leaving out Jacob Mulenga is not wise in my view!

  22. Ronny or whatever, so u couldn’t also win a four nation tournament. What a pity! As it stands now, Zambia has only one afcon and it took u people years. You must compare yourself with dr. Congo and south africa not Ghana, u are not at our level.

  23. When one compares how many times the big Teams of african football,how many times they have appeared at AFCON,you find that it is almost the same appearances as the so called lucky teams like zambia.why they say it is not one of African Giants I have no clue.Take for instance Everton I think the last time they won the league was when we watched on ZNBC and they called it BIG LEAGUE SOCCER, now this team ,EVerton,is still there in the EPL can it still be said it is a small team.People Zambia is a big footballing and peacefull nation period.

  24. Its gud tht Janza has finally summoned Evans Kangwa for national duties. My question is, where is the Neymar of Zambia, Shadrick Musonda from nkana. Am a Zesco united supporter, bt I enjoy watching the lad destroying defenders with ease

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