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Everyone saw how the game and officiating was – Power Dynamos CEO 

FIFA Referee Mathews Hamalila has come under great criticism following Saturday’s 1-1 between Power Dynamos and FC MUZA. 

Fans have come out to criticize how Hamalila faired in the match with specific incidences being pointed out as ‘quastionable’. 

However, Power Dynamos CEO Gibson Chaloba was diplomatic about his answer when asked about the officiating in the match. 

Chaloba told the ZamFoot Crew that everyone watched the match and the match commissioner will give his report. 

“The supporters, the officials, the players, everyone  saw  how the game went  on and how officiating was. I will not critically point out    to say the officiating was bad.The commissioner was here and will be able to give the report and as power Dynamos we will give our side of the story as regards to officiating,” Chaloba told the ZamFoot Crew. 

“I need to  quickly state that we need to improve officiating in Zambia if we are to develop Zambian football of late. We have  heard alot of poor officiating from zambian referees  and has created a concern  particularly amongst  the people running  football.”

” These people are running families  and the officiating  needs to be fair. Protect the lives of these guys ,these people are running families and the officiating  needs to be fair, when you lose or win you do it with dignity, ” he added. 

Chaloba also bemoaned the talk of backward practices of witchcraft and the like in Zambian football. 

“And we need to put our heads together so that we improve this area of football,” he said. 

“Going forward we shouldn’t  be able to talk about witchcraft in football those are old age kind of situations that are happening .. and the message to power Dynamos players  is very clear we are not here to play things of old age football where you come in first or come in last, we believe  in fair play, we are here play clean football and excellent  football  and we want to win fairly with everyone,” he added. 

Joshua ‘Budo’ Mutale put Power Dynamos in the lead before Kondwani Mhango could level matters for the visitors. 

Referees have come under heavy criticism of late following a number of questionable decisions in the Zambian top flight and lower divisions. 

By Precious Bwale and Aaron Mubanga Jnr 

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  2. I’m only waiting to hear the verdict of FAZ over the damage caused by Power Dynomos fans to the MUZA bus. Last time there was misbehaviour, FAZ opted to charge Nkana for fan trouble. I hope they stand by the precedent they set. Are they going to ban FC MUZA from playing at home, or is it Power at fault?

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