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Everton points dock could prove pivotal for

The problems at Everton don’t seem to ease. After two straight seasons struggling to stay up, the club can’t catch a breath. Now, after a rather difficult start to the season, the Toffees have been made to take in another bitter pill after being docked 10 points. The Merseyside club was docked 10 points for flouting the Premier League’s profits and sustainability rules. After what seemed like a revival following a poor start to the season, the Toffees are back to square one, dropping to the relegation zone with loud cries of unfairness in the judgement that reached the decision to dock them points. In a league as tough as the English one, this turn of events could prove costly for Everton. When the league resumes after the international break the real extent of this will be seen in the SportyTrader previews for the weekend matches, with the betting predictions for today and tonight’s popular football leagues not likely to favor an immediate turnaround for Sean Dyche’s side.

Financial problems

One key topic on all football stakeholders’ minds has been how Everton reacts to this setback, right in the midst of their financial and management problems. There is a general sense that the club which survived relegation the last two seasons will invoke the proverbial ninth life and rise again from this as well. The fact that this has happened early in the season, gives them room to put up corrective measures and fight for their good on the field of play even as matters off it go against them. The biggest motivation Everton will take from this latest turnaround is that the club’s fans are generally going to rally around the team and try to push it through. There seems to be a correlation between what’s happening to Everton now and what was anticipated when they took the backlash for the support for the European Super League proposal. However, unlike then, this time the fans will stand by the club and the management can draw positives from that.

Presumed unfairness

With this decision, which leaves Everton with four points, second from bottom and just above Burnley on goal difference, the fans will feel part of the presumed unfairness. The players will feel the same and the club’s hierarchy will also take it as a hard hit. This can only serve to galvanize the club, and take the most from the support base. The players will feel the energy and will want to reciprocate appropriately. The fans, at least the most objective ones, will feel what Everton did to bring the team to this end, was in no way an act to give the team an unfair sporting advantage. The general feel is that the club has taken a heavy blow for trying to build a new stadium that would meet its futuristic needs. The new stadium project is on record receiving support from the fanbase and that is why there is a sense of community in this harsh decision. The fans have historically come to Everton’s support at the hour of need and they will surely come around this time too, and to good effect.

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