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Group A: Namibia, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Mauritius
Group B: Lesotho, Tanzania, Madagascar, Swaziland

GROUP STAGE May 17 MATCH 1: Namibia vs Seychelles 15h00 Moruleng MATCH 2: Zimbabwe vs Mauritius 17h30 Moruleng

May 18 MATCH 3: Lesotho vs Madagascar 17h00 Royal Bafokeng MATCH 4: Tanzania vs Swaziland 19h30 Royal Bafokeng

May 19 MATCH 5: Seychelles vs Zimbabwe 17h00 Moruleng MATCH 6: Namibia vs Mauritius 19h30 Moruleng

May 20 MATCH 7: Madagascar vs Tanzania 17h00 Royal Bafokeng MATCH 8: Lesotho vs Swaziland 19h30 Royal Bafokeng

May 21 MATCH 9: Namibia vs Zimbabwe 17h00 Moruleng MATCH 10: Seychelles vs Mauritius 17h00 Royal Bafokeng

May 22 MATCH 11: Lesotho vs Tanzania 17h00 Moruleng MATCH 12: Madagascar vs Swaziland 17h00 Royal Bafokeng QUARTERFINALS

May 24 MATCH 13 (QF1): Zambia vs Win. Group A 15h00 Moruleng MATCH 14 (QF2): South Africa vs Botswana 17h30 Moruleng

May 25 MATCH 15 (QF3): Ghana vs Win. Group B 17h00 Royal Bafokeng MATCH 16 (QF4): Mozambique vs Malawi 19h30 Royal Bafokeng PLATE SEMIFINALS

May 27 MATCH 17 (SF1): Loser M13 vs Loser M15 17h00 Royal Bafokeng MATCH 18 (SF2): Loser M14 vs Loser M16 19h30 Royal Bafokeng CUP SEMIFINALS

May 28 MATCH 19 (SF1): Win. M13 vs Win. M15 17h00 Moruleng MATCH 20 (SF2): Win. M14 vs Win. M16 19h30 Moruleng PLATE FINAL

May 29 MATCH 21 (Final): Win. M17 vs Win. M18 17h00 Royal Bafokeng THIRD-PLACE PLAY-OFF May 30 MATCH 22: Loser M19 vs Loser M20 15h00 Moruleng

CUP FINAL May 30 MATCH 23 (Final): Win. M19 vs Win. M20 17h30 Moruleng

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  1. If Ghana wins cosafa it wil be a major achievement expect some wild celebrations back home. Digital trophless nation. If u fail engage a carpenter to do one for you .

    • @tony mash ,if not for this site for which ive not been monitoring for sometime but today,i wudnt have known mighty GH had been invited to participate in this mundane sort of tournament.Well just to add some spice to this i presume,all for the good of southern African football which is still in the dark if not for SA which gives her occasional shine.For the guy above to continue to wallow in making a mockery of GH as long as trophies r concerned ,we hope for Gods time, in the sense that if it took uor country 48yrs to win a first fluke cup, then there is hope for even the blind to see some day.
      We’ve been thinking about how to develop the next ESSIENS,GYANS,APPIAHS,ASAMOAHS by way of the oncoming U20 tournament due to start later this month not for this BUUL called COSAFA or PLANTAIN.

  2. Am happy with Cosafa tournament.Now,I feel there is biasness in the way it is organised.Weaker teams r featured together in group stages which means it will be difficult to reach the final.Would it be fair if Germany,Argentina,Neth nd Brazil start the 2018 World Cup at the quarter finals?

  3. COSAFA specialists. I love to see the day some of these fluke champions will qualify for at least ONE World Cup. COINTRIES without trophies have been representing AFRICA for some time now while the “supposed” African champions have NEVER been at the Mundial. What an irony. You don’t need Quantum Physics or Rocket Science to know that the one time championship in 2012 was a fluke. Could not even go pass the group stages after that. CHAMPIONS INDEED.

  4. ZAMFOOT you can do better. Most of these games have already been played that is when you are giving us the fixture……what for? Instead of showing results in the games played you make it as if the games are coming up next week. Lol ba Admin eh!

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