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Blog: Zambia 34 coaches since 1978

In the past 44 years the Zambia national team has been managed by 35 coaches, out of which 18 are Zambians.


Three from France and England.

The 2012 AFCON Champions have also been coached by one coach from the following countries; Romania, SFR of Yugoslavia, Denmark, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Serbia and Croatia.

The Legendary Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndlovu remains the longest serving Chipolopolo coach for a term between [1978 and 2022] and that was for five years [1987 to 1992].

The following is a list of Chipolopolo coaches;

[Zambia] Ted Virba (1978)
[England] Brian Tiler (1978–80)
[Romania] Ted Dumitru (1980–81)
[Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] Ante Bušelić (1981–82)
[England] Bill McGarry (1982–83)
[Poland] Wieslaw Grabowski (1983–84)
[England] Jeff Butler (1984)
[Zambia] Roy Mulenga (1984)
[Zambia] Brightwell Banda (1984–86)
[Zambia] Samuel Ndhlovu (1987–92)
[Zambia] Moses Simwala (1993)
[Zambia] Godfrey Chitalu (1993)
[Denmark] Roald Poulsen (1993–94)
[Scotland] Ian Porterfield (1994)
[Denmark] Roald Poulsen (1994–96)
Zambia Freddie Mwila (1996–97)
[Zambia] George Mungwa (1997)
[Germany] Burkhard Ziese (1997–98)
[Zambia] George Mungwa (1998)
[Zambia] Obby Kapita (1998)
[Zambia] Fighton Simukonda (1998)
[Zambia] Ben Bamfuchile (1999–00)
[Zambia] George Mungwa (2000)
[Netherlands] Jan Brouwer (2001)
[Denmark] Roald Poulsen (2002)
[Zambia] Patrick Phiri (2002–03)
[Zambia] Kalusha Bwalya (2003–06)
[Zambia] Patrick Phiri (2006–08)
[France] Hervé Renard (2008–10)
[Italy] Dario Bonetti (2010–11)
[France] Hervé Renard (2011–2013)
[France] Patrice Beaumelle (2013–2014)
[Zambia] Honour Janza (2014–2015)
[Zambia] George Lwandamina (2015–2016)
[Zambia] Wedson Nyirenda (2016–2018)
[Zambia] Beston Chambeshi (2018)
[Belgium] Sven Vandenbroeck (2018–2019)
[Zambia] Aggrey Chiyangi (2019–2020)
[Serbia] Milutin Sredojević (2020–2021)
[Zambia] Beston Chambeshi (2021–2022)
[Croatia] Aljosa Asanovic (2022)

[Compiled by Gasper Ngulube]

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