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Zulu returns from Switzerland after trials

Zanaco winger Charles Zulu has returned Switzerland were he was attending.

The 20 year old spent a week at Luzern. This is the third time the speedy winger was trying out his lucky in Europe.

The right footed winger also spent two weeks in Spain last year attending trials.

Zulu trained with his teammates at Sunset on Saturday after jetting back from Europe on Friday.

From the Class of 2015 which played at the CAF Under-20, only Patson Daka and Lubambo Musonda are in Europe.

Zanaco striker Fashion Sakala is also attending trials at Russian side Spartak Moscow


12 Comments to Zulu returns from Switzerland after trials

  1. Tell us how did he perform are they going to sign him or not zamfoot this information is not complete

  2. chris busy says:

    Exactly Guru they need to clarify

  3. Chisuta says:

    zulu is not lucky, coz this is the third tym he is attending trials

  4. general says:

    Let him try south African clubs

  5. Mark seliz says:

    He shud mature first y rushing as if lik z being chased

  6. Bsimms says:

    iya ba Zamfoot manje this article! What was the objective? Just to let the bloggers know that every time Zulu goes for trials in Europe he comes back home to train with his club?

    We need details. why is he back this time around?

  7. SLIM says:

    Zulu is not unlucky……he is a wee bit short for Europe! thats the plain truth ok. Any body sponsoring ‘midgety’ players to Europe is a fool and bound to lose gud money!

  8. ba Phirie says:

    Ba slim naimwe stop being negative and offer advise on which areas of the game young Charles Zulu needs to improve noti ifyo mulelanda. Chelsea’s N’golo Kante and Eden Hazard are small players but are still regarded as one of the best footballers in the world. Personally I think Charles has all the attributes of becoming a big star. He is skilful, quick and has a powerful shot. He just has to work on his decision making in dangerous areas. Sometimes he likes to shoot when a pass to a teammate was a better option. Its just a matter of time and he will be playing a a bigger club

  9. Ba Zambia says:

    What about the former Leicester player now with the books of Chelsea is he not midget?

  10. sly says:

    I have talked a lot before about the height(and physique) of most Zambian players. Not favourable in world too ball. However, I have hope that Zambian talent scouts can change this situation.

  11. SLIM says:

    SLY….. How can this be done, offer solutions. My personal opinion is that coaches/scouts pick lanky under 17s boys for local trials. Short players will always b skillful at a young age but to nurture taller kids requires time and patience!

  12. Kuku says:

    That boy loses his cool after he does all the dribbling. He is one of the most frustrating players you can watch. Most of the time he will sky the ball.

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