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Lubambo joins U20 squad to complete team

Skipper of the Zambia U20 national team Lubambo Musonda has joined his colleagues in Senegal were the team has set up camp ahead of the CAF U20 Junior Champioship.

Lubambo who is the only player who was being awaited is reported to have arrived this morning at 09:45 hours Zambian time to complete the squad.

The Zambian team which has players who are actively playing in the Super Division in all positions with 4 of them capped at senior level is expected to emulate the class of 2007 and qualify to the World Cup by making the semi-finals at the tournament.

Full Squad

Goalkeepers: Mangani Banda (Zanaco), Tresford Lawrence Mulenga ( Kabwe Warriors), Geoffrey Silavwe (Green Buffaloes);

Defenders: Peter Mulenga (Red Arrows), Boyd Mkandawire (Napsa Stars), Simon Tembo (Kabwe Warriors), Mweene Mumbi (ASD Cape Town/ RSA), Kayawe Kapota (Nkana), Benedict Chepeshi (Red Arrows), Alex Mwamba (Power Dynamos)

Midfielders: Langson Mbewe (Kabwe Warriors), Larry Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Lubambo Musonda ( Ulisses, Armenia), Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles), Kelvin Chinyama (Nkana), Benson Sakala, Charles Zulu (Zanaco)

Strikers: Patrick Ngoma (Red Arrows), Patson Daka (Nchanga Rangers), Charles Zulu (Zanaco), Dave Daka (Zanaco).

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  1. With good management we can put our hope on this squad. But the problem comes where transfers are concerned, everyone wants to be involved in the transfer of players

  2. @Tc soccerman, the first game 4 Zambia will be on 9th March against favourites Mali b4 we cruise over Ghana and RSA later in group stage.
    But, Zambia faces Senegal on Wednesday 4 March in preparatory friendly b4 the games kicks off on March 08. Still no fixtures yet & not aware of kickoff times.

  3. If what we fans are always complaining about Kalu in player selections then at U20 then this interfearance is justifiable, if only he can do the same at senior level then we would be contending for the cup.

  4. A bunch of amateurs and half baked talent!!

    Make your bags and flights ready, cuz,u coming home after the first two matches!

  5. Lubambo Musonda is one of the best attacking midfielders we have ever produced at under 20 level in 50 years. I like the preparedness of this team. They will take the under 20 AFCON tournament by storm!

  6. This will be no walk in the park gents lets not overhype ourselves like we did with the Patson Daka led team. If our boys give it there best we could walk out with something. The coach has proven himself but the magnitude of such tournaments can sometimes be overwhelming truth be told. Lets hope we can get something this time around. I think it is a mistake to overhype the lads because they may approach the tournament with that mentality and that is not good for them.

      • I’m not trying to extinguish the hope but lets be careful not to cause our hopes to be a burden on the young lads shoulders. We should encourage the lads to go there and do their best, work tirelessly, etc….. there is a thin line between encouraging and boasting. You can probably boast once the achievement has been realised but before a ball has even been kicked is another thing.

  7. Expecting too much from Zambian teams is like “hitting a rock and expecting water from it. If the water comes out well and good”.
    Lets just see how far they can go. Otherwise your blood pressures will just be rising for nothing.

  8. Ghana U20

    Ghana’s 20 finalized their preparations for the 2015 African Youth Championship with a 2-1 win over Danish lower division side Ringkobing IF on Tuesday.

    Wa All Stars midfield maestro Kofi Yeboah opened the scoring on four minutes in a match the Black Satellites proved too strong for their opponents.

    Sellas Tetteh’s charges squandered a lot of scoring chances to double their lead.

    Ringkobing equalized in the second half against the run of play.

    With eight minutes left on the clock, substitute Yaw Yeboah came off the bench to score the match winner.

    The Black Satellites will leave their camping base in Antalya on Thursday and head to Senegal for the tournament.

    Ghana open their campaign against South Africa on 9 March before facing Zambia and Mali.

  9. lol..that is a common trait among zambians,always ranting.today,they are singing halleluya but after the game,they will sing crucify them.

  10. The idea of scanning players to determine their true age is great, lets see some African teams winning the world cup at junior level. No more grandfathers at junior competitions.

  11. Black Satellites

    Ghana’s U20 beat Azerbaijan 2-1 in their first pre-2015 Africa Youth Championship friendly played in Antalya on Wednesday.

    Right To Dream star Yaw Yeboah scored first and striker Jonathan Osabutey of Tema Youth doubled the lead.

    The match has given head coach Sellas Tetteh a fair idea of which four players he must omit from his squad to meet Thursday’s CAF deadline.

  12. lol you guys are very funny indeed.naked goal in 2009 when ghana took both the under 20 african cup and the world cup mri scan was used .and did that stop us from wining the cup no.u should understand when u are good u are good that all.even this our under twenty current squard are even beating some seniour national teams.we even massacard egypt under 23 not long ago.so let me tell u this when u are good u sre good

  13. Thats good news that the games will be televised.

    On the PSL front neither Kennedy or Chris made the teams when their respective clubs clashed last night with Chris’ team coming out victorious.

    Im hoping Musonda makes at the very least the bench in the Soweto derby this weekend.

  14. Yes Steve. Though Kennedy Mweene was in goal when Sundowns hammered St Michel of Seychelles 3 nil last weekend to book a place against Tout Puissant (TP) Mazembe of DRC the CAF Champions league. What a game it will be between Sundowns and TP Mazembe. Can’t wait to see Chipolopolo captain Kalaba in action against Sundowns.

    • It will be an explosive game for sure, just hope Pitso uses Kennedy in the game then it will be Captain Kalaba against the true captain Kennedy…lol

      If Kalaba shines in this fixture I bet it will reignite the interest for him from the PSL clubs.

  15. and who said this zambian players are u20? southern africa zambian below u20 dont have these stature and no wonder f~15 was complaining but we dont mind.the average age of this team is 23 but we are not complaining.we dont hype ourselves but people hype us and that make us masters.dont find excuses before you finally get eliminated.C.O.W.A.R.D.S DIE MANY TIMES BEFORE THEIR DEATH..

  16. and we are sending men since our constitution term an 18 year old citizen as a man.you can send 25yrs old men who have deducted 10yrs from their age to become 15yrs old boy and we careless..even patson daka whom you claim is u17 is over 20 so give us a break..you are not the only opponent we are meeting

  17. Gentlemen that are more familiar with the ZPL, could you please enlighten those of us away from home, who are the likely stand out performers from this list. We know quite well the exploits of Patson and Lubambo but are there are names we should look out for?

    • @Steve, I am also told Spencer Sautu is a good midfield player. He was in the Chipolopolo squad in the just ended AFCON 2015 in EG. But to be honest just like you, I don’t know the rest of them apart from Lubambo, Ngoma, Daka and Sautu.

  18. You are very right @ghanaboy..Zambians are hypocrites, see them shouting and singing overage west africans…. I am sure most of them were blind during the U-17 tournament. How can you call those old zambians u-17, They all look overage and are in their early 20s. Non of them is less than 20.

    But here you have zambians crying foul on other countries when they are committing the same crime they are labeling others.

    Well the tournament will soon start, enough of everyone bragging about their country, let us settle it on the pitch..

    Senegal u-20 defeated zambia u-20 1-0.

  19. I don’t even have problem with our brothers bragging. It is normal, everyone brags about their team. I do it too and I enjoy it too.

    But shifting blames on others or acting like hypocrites is annoying. Shouting overage on your opponents while your players are not anyway younger.

  20. West african teams are the power house in african football. They have won many u-17 & u-20 world cups. But y have they failed to win wc at senior level with such good records at junior sides? Can’t they build on the success of younger ones and groom them to perform well at the big torneys or their players does not grow up & just remains u-20/17 even after 5-10 years?

  21. AYC 2015 fixtures; GROUP A 08.03.15
    SEN VS NIG 16:30, CONGO VS I. COAST 19:30.
    NIG VS I.COAST 17:00, SEN VS CONGO 17:00

    GROUP B 09.03.15
    GHANA VS RSA 16:30, MALI VS ZAMBIA 19:30
    RSA VS MALI 16:30, ZAMBIA VS GHANA 19:30
    RSA VS ZAMBIA 17:00, GHANA VS MALI 17:00.

  22. Nice questions u get there Mumbi.. It is really worrisome and annoying dominating age grade football but finding it hard at senior level.
    I will use my country Nigeria as an example to explain my points, you may find my 2 excuses bogus I don’t care. I have explained it on this site before.
    1: what happens to this young players after these tournaments. Most of these young stars filter out to different leagues, different countries immediately after tournaments. Some lower league football, some find themselves in weak football playing european countries. It is always hard to monitor the progress of them when over 30 young players the shore of the country in different directions.
    Do you notice that countries dominating football today keep most of their players in their leagues after these junior tournaments. Most of them starts moving out when they reach age 22 or 23.. It is very easy for these players to develop and learn fast. That is why we also need good and competitive leagues across Africa. We shouldn’t rely 100per cent on european leagues to help us develop our young stars while we sit at home expecting sudden miracles.

    2: Are these players graduating to the next level after their present one.
    This is one big problem, after competing in u-17 u will expect the players to be drafted to u-20 and compete for the next u-20 tournament after 2 years but no this hardly happens.
    The U-20 coach will have his own players that he works with and he will hardly pick enough from the young u-17 team. Maybe 3 to 5 players to join his already made team.
    Presently our u-20 coach his the man that coached the 2013 u-17 team. He is working with the same sets of players. You will expect the players to perform better like this.
    Main thing here is to nurture them well, let them pass through the phases together, it will booster teamwork and understanding and their development can be easily monitored.

  23. badosqi. I agree with your points but let me add a third one; ‘Age cheating at junior level’. A talented younger player who has won wc will be more dangerous after 4-10 years. Now if they where not real u-17/20 even if they struggled or failed to adapt to a new leaque. But you will find that after 10 years, some tend to retire from international football to pave way for upcoming players while some are already polygamists, weed smokers and drunkerds. Others are already 36 with tired legs.

  24. and why is it that zambia has won cosafa cosafa cosafa but has failed to qualify for wc? brasil won u20 wc in 1999 after beating ghana on penalties in the finals but why is it that this crop of players has failed to win main wc inbetween 1999 to 2015? ghana started performing on junior tournaments in the 90s and has won only 2 u17 wc and 1 u20 wc in 2009 and this u20 team went ahead to play 2010 wc quarter finals.remember that ghana has been to 3 main wc starting from 2006 so its too early to expect trophy.you can send your team for the trophy as well

  25. @mumbi,why dont you say that west africans has many afcon trophies and have the most teams in atleast afcon semi finals? if you think we cheat in junior level then why dont you dominate trophies in senior tournaments

  26. THE DEBATE IS VERY INTERESTING , I LIKE IT LOL AM ENJOYING THE DEBATE! Now this should be extended to our FA’s they should allow continuation to flow at its best. May be they are corrupt only interested in getting the cut in every Under 17 and 20’s generations. who knows ?

  27. Mangani should be next James Phiri but the boy of late has become a disappointment , lets wait for the tournament I dont mind the friendly . I hope Hector got something from Senegal match, he will play his cards well. By the way ba Zamfoot tell us the first 11 in the game against Senegal and the formation Hector used. Badosqi thanks for the update. Our admin is on holiday lol , I love you Zamfoot team

  28. Am still nursing the wounds for the senior and under 17 teams. My hope is in Hectors team. Though power and Zesco brought some joy.

  29. Ghana boy and mumbi not forgetting the other nija guy .thumb up for articulating issuez in a most amicable way for the love of football.KEEP IT UP for you have shown it that you are more than mature although at times you tend to turn the other way.may peace and LOVE be at the core centre of your hearts.

  30. Ghanaboy, Brazil won 2002 wc after wining that junior wc in 1999.
    For afcon trophies in this morden era, West africa has not dominated. Check your records properly.
    2000 & 2002- Cameroun, Central africa.
    2004 Tunisia- North africa.
    2006, 2008, 2010- Egypt, North africa.
    2012- Zambia Southern africa.
    2013 & 2015 Nigeria & Ivory Coast- West africa.
    So out of 9 tornaments, central africa got 22.2%, North africa 44.4%, Zambia 11.1%, west africa 22.2%.
    Now u can see who dominates afcon trophies

    • I am just loving how Mumbi is backing up his facts with statistical data-Mathematics! Keep it up Mumbi. You are presenting your points as an educated individual. I almost believed that West African countries indeed dominated the AFCON. Thanks for clarifying the matter.

  31. Nigeria is going to miss a couple of our best u-20 players in AYC. These are the main pillars of the team, thanks to their performance in the 2013 u-17 tournament.

    *Manchester City blocked Kelechi Iheanacho and Chidiebere Nwakali, Belgian club Genk also refused to release defender Wilfred Ndidi and Granada have held on to Isaac Success because the AYC is not on the FIFA calendar.
    Tottenham Hotspur youth star Musa Yahaya was also ruled out of the competition after he suffered a knee injury in a recent test game.*

    This is one of the problem you can’t run away from when you produce young talents but can’t produce your own good, marketable and competitive league. Foreign clubs can decide not to release your players this will surely produce a long gap between these players and their young mate that are already in the u-20 team.
    Picture a scenario where it is a country like germany that produced the 2013 U-17 team, which clubs do you think they will be playing for now.. Yes mostly german clubs(youth club, main clubs, division teams). This way it will be very easy to assemble them together for future competitions. This way no foreign clubs can hold them down form participating for their country. most will only leave for foreign clubs when they are probably 22 or 23(mature enough).
    This is one of the problem affecting African teams. Where you produce talents for U-17 tournaments, 2 years later many of them that suppose to be in U-20 won’t be there. You will have to assemble a new team join them with the remain players from U-17. The same problem surface again when you get to U-23, new team match together with the remaining U-20.
    The annoying thing is that this affect your best players at these levels. Big clubs will only buy and take away your best players and they won’t release them when you need them.
    You will have to patch, patch and patch. The normal pattern U-17 to U-20 to U-23 to senior team won’t flow properly. And you will surely feel the effect when you get to the senior level.

  32. Seems you do not get ghanaboy’s question. He is talking about number of teams in the semi-final. West africa gets more teams in the semi-final more than any other region. Check the world cup teams too, west african teams always have 2 or more teams representing us out of 5 slots.

  33. Mumbi Can you please check from records all the African Countries that have qualified to the world cup before and those that have qualified to the round 16 and quarter finals and tell me how many of the m are from the west and compared them to your South.

  34. Posted: Thursday, 5th March 2015 0 comments – you should start the discussion!
    Hosts Senegal beat Zambia 1-0 in a friendly game in Dakar on Wednesday with the latter who are Ghana’s group opponents seeking to sharpen their skills as the Africa Youth Championship begins this weekend.

    Ghana fans

    Hosts Senegal beat Zambia 1-0 in a friendly game in Dakar on Wednesday with the latter who are Ghana’s group opponents seeking to sharpen their skills as the Africa Youth Championship begins this weekend.

    Both teams are preparing for the upcoming CAF U-20 tournament which kicks off in Dakar on Sunday with the Senegalese taking on six-time champions Nigeria.

    Zambia boss Hector Chilombo fielded his strongest side, including players like striker Patrick Ngoma, skipper Lubambo Musonda and fellow midfielder Spencer Sautu who were all in the Chipolopolo team to the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

    Alassane Diouf handed the young Teranga Lions bagged their winner in the 70th minute.

    The Zambians are in Group B of the tournament and will open their campaign against Mali on Monday, before games against South Africa and Ghana.

    Ghana’s U-20 side concluded their preparations a 2-1 win over Danish lower division side Ringkobing IF on Tuesday. The Satellites will leave their camping base in Antalya, Turkey, on Thursday for their AYC base.

    They open their campaign against South Africa on Monday before games against Zambia and Mali.

  35. I saw someone saying West African are parading u-30,It is because we eat good nutritious food not cassava leaves..we don’t eat to be slim but to be bulky and strong and that should be awarded to our mother making good food…Zambians prefer to use their salary to drink chibuku and some other rubbuish than to use it to buy and eat good food….Look @ S.A goal keepers like Khune and late Meyiwa,they are too short with no muscle and many Others from southern africa

  36. hahaha..yeah,its not our fault that you dont grow well.
    @mumbi,every bit of our discussion count so you cant epitomize your own era.you love to start from 2000 because that will be good for you..ok,since 2000,ghana has not won any u~17 wc and we recently won 1 u~20 wc,and according to you,we have to win snr.wc since we always win junior wc but here is the case that in the junior side,we have only won one junior wc trophy in 2009 since 2000 so your criteria of age cheat holds no water.Ghana for instance has been to afcon finals more than any team,and semi finals on 5 consequetive time:no team can do this if not talented,but you are mistaken talent for cheating.

  37. UNAF(North africa):egypt 7,algeria 1,morocco 1,tunisia 1=10

    WAFU(West africa):ghana 4,naija 3,cote divoir 2=9

    UNIFFAC(Central africa):cameroon 4,congo dr 2,congo 1=7

    CECAFA(East africa):Ethiopia 1,sudan 1=2 titles

    COSAFA(Southern africa):south africa 1,zambia 1

    its obvious that countries that dominate in junior side also dominate in senior side and there is no way this would be possible if they cheated to win the junior sides.argentina has 6 u20 wc trophies but 2 snr.wc trophies.portugal has 2 u~20 wc but no snr wc trophy..ghana has 1 u20 wc but no snr. wc trophy.find the mean.(arg 6/2=3 ,por 2/0=undefine, gha 1/0=undefine) so your argument hold no water.

    Mr.chairman (lol),by inference from above,one may reach an irresistible conclusion that west africans who dominate in junior side also dominate in senior side much more than southern africans who struggle in junior side and struggle in senior side,hence they are mistaken TALENT for CHEATING

  38. thy hav forgorten very soon the ghana team that went to the finals of this year afcon were mostly made up of young players and not forgoten in 2010 afcon when ghana went to the finals against egypt majority of that players wer th under 20 that took th world cup .so ask ur self wy do this ghanian young players in black stars always excell man ur agument holds no water.so are the christian atsu ,wakasu,jordan,the dede,baba rahaman,the frank acheampong older than ur zambian players a big no i dont think u watched afcon this year .did u see the young ghanian players exibiting their talent .like u will not hav brought this baseless coment.ghana always parade young players at afcon and most likely the youngest players in africa.it is there for u to see and stop making unneccessery augument

  39. man if u are good u are good wether big or small players .cant u see the ghanian players not all that tall an big but are highly gifted with the skills an tallent.merssi for example not tall an big but technicaly gifted.and majority of spanish players does not hav the big physics but thy are good

  40. If you know that these West Africans have under age players why are they happy that thier is know scanning done at this stage?.Be prepared to face gran pa’s.

  41. Okay guys tell me Ghana was disqualified from u-17 ayc. Was it not because of age cheating? I have said it again that with an introduction of MRI scaning, we shall now compete fairly.
    Those guys saying west africans are huge because of good food they eat while in S A we eat cassava leaves with Chibuku are wrong. What about the asians? Recently a ghanaian boxer was knocked out by a Zimbabwan in Lusaka so who is strong?
    Let the games began and we shall see and talk.

  42. Oh really!!! @discipline why don’t you back up your claim with a link to where your so called *WEST AFRICANS* are jubilating to the news of no scanning. We don’t want excuse ooooo!!!

    Saturday is here already. Hope we won’t be experiencing what has become a norm with zambian football..

    Fans brag, brag, brag and brag before tournaments while their team gets knocked out in the group. 2 back to back Afcon and one U-17 tournments come to mind..

  43. Most West Africans move to Europe for greener pastures were they become citizens and have children and if one screens most of these players you will discover that non if not all were born in Africa.These players never even wanted to play for their ancestral countries but did this just after not picked by European countries of birth hence no option but to turn out for Ghana and the rest e.g Kalou,Prince etc.This stupid Fifa law I personally feel is not fair and most of these players are just their to market themselves e.g Prince Boateng always resurfaces when Ghana qualifies to the World Cup and retires when they are knocked out.So one need not brag too much about a player who does not even hold the country he is representing with dear heart and has not even made a single investment but is just their purely for marketing reasons,period.

  44. @badosqi check a comment posted by your brother @Ghana boy who came out like,ooh thank God these scans are not done at this level.If your players are genuine why even bother about having them scanned?.

  45. If Ghana win,The question will be,Is Aboagye really U-20 because he played at this level 2years ago ? If zambia win(Which may never happen) zambians like John will start saying stuffs like they are going to win senior worldcup in 2018…If Nigeria win(Which i except from our next golden generation),Zambian will start blaming kalusha and console themselves with the saying that they are overage…..Nigeria Team is not complete because clubs refused to release the stars and kelechi iheanacho got injured in uefa youth champions league last week…they all graduated from under 13 to Under 15 to U-17 and now U-20 and some are currently in under 23 that will play in All Africa Games qualifier with zambia in few week.The main goal is to qualify for worldcup and about 8 foreign players will be available and we shall rock Rio in 2016

  46. O.k eating well and not drinking Chibuku makes one’s bones become atleast six to ten years older, hope our players can take note of this point from my dear West African brother maybe,just maybe,we can much them in many aspects of life.hahahahahahakekekeke.

  47. Enough of Arguments
    List 5 players that you think will do well in this AYC

    For me(Nigeria)

    5.Taiwo Awoniyi(striker)

    4.Benard Bulbwa(Winger)

    3.chidera Eze(Baby face assasin)(striker)

    2.Obinna Nwobodo(Midfielder)-Too skilful and my personal best player

    1.Musa Muhammed.(Right back/captain)….He is our freekick taker and most of our attack will come from him

    zambians and Ghanians should also list their dangerous players

  48. Meant “match” and so about the bones is because MRI scans measures the bones in relations with and when one was born,the DREADED MACHINE to some concerned parties and welcome gesture to some.


  50. I am just loving how Mumbi is backing up his facts with statistical data-Mathematics! Keep it up Mumbi. You are presenting your points as an educated individual. I almost believed that West African countries indeed dominated the AFCON. Thanks for clarifying the matter

  51. Yes I have to fully agree that Mumbi has come out very strong, mature and informative in his arguments here. If only the group who continually come up with retarded arguments could take a leaf and learn a thing or two.

    Well done Mumbi you are the sort of person that should sit on a panel analysing soccer and not the jokers we see too often on TV or the small bunch that resides here on Zamfoot.

    The people arguing with you are now changing goal posts and they will continually change goal posts to try and make the argument suit them.

    • That is right Big Steve 4rm SA, if only every one will keep this momentum of bragging about their national teams with solid substance,I am sure many of us will learn a number of things. I see this site being loved by make African soccer lovers if we continues to present our cases and argue intelligently.

  52. Elson Mkandawire died in a road accident, but this has not been reported here. There is lot of news to report but wonder why Zamfoot is frozen.

    • Agreed, I am surprised at how these Zamfoot people would not put up that sad news about Elson when their reporting should covers all football players in Zambia. Probably busy drinking some sabuku?

  53. SPORTS minister Vincent Mwale says President Egdar Lungu on Monday met Cabinet ministers to find ways of paying former coach Dario Bonetti. And Mwale has revealed that former Chipolopolo trainer Patrice Beaumelle has threatened to take the matter of his salary arrears to FIFA. Appearing before the sports parliamentary committee yesterday, Mwale said the government was committed to ensuring that Bonetti’s dues are settled before FIFA could ban Chipolopolo from international football. “We had a meeting yesterday (Monday) with the Head of State and other ministers on the matter. We are fully aware we have a deadline to beat and government will not allow a situation where we to go to extremes where we are banned from participating in international football,” he said. Mwale said the government would not dwell on who was wrong or right in Bonnetti’s matter but would commit to resolve it. “There is full commitment to government regardless of who is wrong and who is right. We will take leadership as government over this matter and resolve it, it is a matter we are handling,” Mwale said. He said Bonetti’s lawyers had sent correspondence to the government, giving suggestions on how best the matter could be resolved. Bonetti, who was fired by FAZ in 2011 despite meeting his contractual obligations of qualifying Chipolopolo to the Africa Cup, filed for a compensation claim with FIFA, FAZ and the Italian FA, claiming US$1.6 million. In April 2013, FIFA ruled that FAZ pays Bonetti US$382,000. Last October, FIFA issued a 90-day ultimatum to FAZ, directing the association to pay Bonetti or face a ban from some international competitions. And Mwale said the government was also looking into Beaumelle’s dues because he too was threatening to go to FIFA. “We are also sorting out the matter of Patrice because he too, I understand that he wants to take the matter to FIFA but is constrained because of the good relations he enjoys with FAZ,” said Mwale. Beaumelle, who took over as interim coach when his compatriot Herve Renard left to coach French club Sochaux in October 2013, said he also ditched Chipolopolo on account of not being paid, to join Ivory Coast coach Renard. – See more at: http://www.postzambia.com/news.

  54. SPORTS minister Vincent Mwale says his ministry is constrained to help all sports associations because of inadequate funding it receives from the treasury. And Mwale says Zambia will keep hoping for good results from athletes at international level until proper investment in youth teams is implemented. Appearing before the sports parliamentary committee on Tuesday, Mwale said his ministry would like to fund all sports associations equally but there was no money to do so. He said he did not know the genesis of supporting the Chipolopolo but it was the government’s responsibility to do so. “We found ourselves supporting the senior national team. How it started, I don’t know but that is how it is. We give them bonuses and bonuses depend on which team they are playing. If they are playing Ghana and Ghana says their players will get so much, we also give the same amount to motivate them,” said Mwale. He said it was not possible to aid certain associations abruptly because they had not been budgeted for. “Sometimes we have to aid certain associations. We feel bad reading in the papers about certain associations like the netball association failing to pay accommodation to go to Australia and we feel we can come in, but once we go to treasury, they will ask us ‘Which budget line’? That is why you are able to read what you read in the papers,” he said. “You must also understand that we are constrained. We have ambitious programmes, we have strategies but our ministry is the lowest funded if not among the bottom three funded.” And Mwale said medals from athletes would not come by accident if no investment is made in junior teams. He said the government had plans to revamp youth teams in schools and communities so that the national teams can have reservoirs. Mwale also bemoaned lack of coaches and infrastructure in the country. “Lack of qualified coaches is another problem. At the Commonwealth Games, we had to ask coaches from other countries to be on the sidelines because they don’t allow unqualified coaches to be on the touch line and coach. There is a minimum requirement for someone to be called a coach,” said Mwale. He said the ministry had embarked on infrastructure development in communities and would replicate the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Chinsali and Mufumbwe. – See more at: http://www.postzambia.com/news

  55. Thanks Greens for the info.

    90 days!! FIFA are putting us in a corner for sure on this one and what hurts more is that this joker Bonnetti is getting paid for doing squat with our team. Never introduced new talent, never watched the local league, only came around just before games and left soon afterwards and now he puts us in this position.

    In as much as I agree that the focus point at this juncture should be paying the man and avoiding getting banned we should not allow those accountable to just go scot free on this one. Those responsible for not ensuring that this clown Bonnetti was properly dismissed should also be brought to book. We firstly should pay the man but right after we get FIFA off our backs all those in FAZ who did not follow proper protocol in dismissing Mr. DVD Bonetti should also have a case to answer afterwards.

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