Friday, June 21, 2024

Rwanda 0-2 Zambia as it happened

England based Mwiya  Malumo  starts on the bench.

Francisco Mwepu and Martin Njobvu will lead the line with Lameck Banda playing wide.

In midfield the towering Chongwe bred Thomas Zulu will anchor.

Green Buffaloes’ Prince Bwalya gets the nod in goal.

Lifumpa Mwandwe, another boy from England hasn’t made the match day squad together with Paul Mwachisemu.

(1) Prince Bwalya (6) Justin Mwanza (12). Benson Kolala (5). Kingsley Hakwiya (13). Christopher Katongo (15). Thomas Zulu (10). Lameck Banda
(3). Prince Mumba (Cpt) (19). Francisco Mwepu (17). Muma Mumba (9). Martin Njobvu


(16). Flobby Mashakalati (4). Jonathan Kapelembe (8). Chanda Mukuka
(7). Albert Kangwanda (11). Obino Chisala (14). James Chilimina (18). Mwiya Malumo

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  1. The coaching bench was suppose to field the Wigan Athletic player to give him strength than sidelining him on the bench. Goals are what we need.

    What’s the latest score line?

  2. This is what we feared of the two boys; eccentric Wada at it again. Mr “know it all” wants to show that he knows better than EPL trainers.

  3. Half time now. Zambia leading 1 – 0.

    Let’s hope our boys add 1 more to be comfortable for the 2nd return leg.

  4. 67 mins played in Kigali. Zambia still leading 1-0.

    Elsewhere in Kampala, Uganda beat Cameroon 1-0. Full time score for the under-20s.

  5. Full time played 93 mins.

    Zambia beat Rwanda 2 goals to 0.

    Thanks to the guys. I cried for adding 1 more at half time. It paid the results.

    Now await for the return leg. Can’t the guys add more 3 goals on 18 May in Ndola?

  6. That mwepu boy should play cosafa to boast his confidence. Give him the same opportunity you gave to p.daka.. Thanks to charles bwalya for drilling the team

  7. A Francisco Mwepu helped the Zambia Under-20 to a 2-0 win over Rwanda in the first leg of the CAF Under-20 AFCON qualifiers on Saturday In Kigali

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