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Janza demands clear terms

Honour Janza has reacted to the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) statement that he is still the Acting coach for the national team stating that it would be quite difficulty for him to take charge of the Chipolopolo during the forthcoming Cosafa Cup tournament.

FAZ on Monday issued a statement that the statement about Mr Janza’s qualification at the AGM was not a vote of no confidence on the coach, but rather, an expression by the Association of its desire to raise the profile of all the coaches in the country.

However Janza told the Post: “It’s quite difficult,” Janza said when asked if he would take charge of the team at the COSAFA tournament if asked to by FAZ.

“But if they (FAZ) come in a more transparent manner, more honest, I don’t fight them. I don’t want to fight anyone, but let them be honest. I have said ‘give me terms’; just say that ‘you are going to be in charge for one month and these are the perimeters’, simple.”

Janza a holder of a UEFA B and CAF A coaching licence and is also an elite CAF instructor was last weekend told that he did not meet the profile FAZ sought for the national team coaching job.

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  1. Did Chris Katongo get clear terms for role as captain in your team Honor Janza?

    I said a while back that Janza should go and get a real coaching job because then he will earn his respect. I stick by that because this Faz shouldn’t and isnt going to last. Everything is given to him now by Faz and he is used. They hyped him up before Afcon and now they don’t care.

  2. Jamza Just Step Down,your Employers Have Clearly Shown You That They Dont Have Confidence In You.If There Is Such Confusion In Faz,what More The Players No Wonder Our National Teams Are Not Performin Wel In All Levels.

  3. This Janza guy has no pride whatsoever.He’s been treated like a condom and he still wants to stay. It shows a lack of self-confidence and esteem. From his reaction, Faz are right in getting rid of him. How could a coach without self respect or self confidence inspire a team to reach the heights of success. Janza grow some balls of steel. Good luck for your future.

  4. The writing is on the wall. If I were Janza, I would left a long time ago. Why is this man still hanging around football house? I guess there are some teams looking for coaches. Let just leave FAZ and move on with his life. The current FAZ executive are completely bad employers.

  5. Janza is ok.
    We won with Renard. With the same coach, and almost the same team, we exited in the first round.The same coach however went to Ivory coast. a team we had beaten in a cup final. It was a good team. So were we. the same coach with whom we went out in the first round, is the same coach who later won the Afcon.
    Janza inherited a team whose last performance was a first round exit. We can all say and agree that the team did play well. they did create chances and unfortunately, they did not score goals.
    The framework was there. I do not see any coach who would have done better. Ask all the elite coaches. the high profile coaches who were at the tournament. Not all of them did well. LEt Janza stay. We are moving. we are progressing. he has identified the problem and im sure he is having sleepless nights as to how to adress this issue.

  6. For lack of a better term, this guy has already been castrated by Kalu and company. How do you reproduce children when you are castrated? In other words, how will Janza be able to produce results when the path ahead is dark. This is what happens when you have visionless leadership at FAZ. Kalu must go.Jonathan goodluck ran out of goodluck and he lost the election, I see Kalu running of goodluck. Goodluck goodluck in your future now!

  7. This guy isn’t good enough to be a National team Coach. He shouldn’t take advantage of the sympathy from his blind followers. The truth is there for every one to see. He is a bad Coach. Thats so

  8. Ba Janza nabo needs to know what he wants, how does he now want to give terms to people he has called untrustworthy. Janza stop making noise, pack your bags and go back to your job at Zesco. Your time is up period. If you complained against Kalu going to the press, why not engage him face to face than do the same thing you’ve complained about. The media are not helping you as theirs is to get news and sell-smell the coffee my brother.

  9. Personally,I think Janza is a good coach it just that he has been castrated,like it has already been pointed out by @ Tc soccer man,hence can not bear children of his own who will play as instructed but greed Kalu and his clowns give players they want to sell I think that is the root of the under performing of the team.

  10. I would suggest that Janza steps down while he has some respect left. These people at FAZ don’t care. You and all other Zambian coaches should refuse to work for FAZ, I mean all of them should boycott that job until local coaches are afforded real conditions of service. A piece of paper with conditions is free, and ink is cheap so why not get it done. Uselessfaz

    • Those are very good points Positive thinking, but what about our country and the national team; what will happen if every local servant boycott because of mistreatment they are experiencing at their respective work place or poor compensations they are given?
      What if the minister of sports who is a Zambian (who is local just like our local coaches) and other Zambian soccer stake holders sit Kalu and his administration down and have a talk with them? Or may be they see things just like Kalu sees?

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