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How to Bet on the Copa America

The Copa America is about to kick off, and fans from all over the world are deeply excited. Most fans just want to watch their favorites go head to head. However, there are those interested in wagering on the Copa America. If you are in South America, betting on the tournament should be easy. You can simply visit your local bookie. However, what about if you are a fan from outside the participating countries?

Land-based Bookies

Even if you find yourself outside the South American countries participating in the Copa America, you may be near a land-based bookie that covers the event. After all, the Copa America is one of the most prestigious and anticipated football competitions in the world. That means that it isn’t just South American bookies that would cover it.

If you find yourself near a land-based bookie, and you prefer the face to face interaction, then visiting your local sportsbook would be your best bet. However, if you don’t like the hassle of traveling to a sports shop, or if you simply prefer to do your business online, then we have the solution for you.

Online Sportsbooks

A much simpler way to bet on the Copa America is to simply visit an online sportsbook. Internet bookies offer a ton of options for Copa America betting, and are much simpler to access than ever before. Thanks to developments in digital technology, you can now wager online using a smartphone or a PC.

On top of that, sports betting websites also offer different betting options, from match wagers, to future bets, live betting, and of course props and parlays. The diversity is enough to satisfy even the most experienced of gamblers. But, that leaves us with one question; how do you start betting online?

Creating an Account

The first step is to create an account. After you’ve selected the sportsbook you want to wager with, you will have to input all the necessary data, and register as a member of the bookie. To do so, simply go to the bookie’s front page, select the “Create Account” button, and follow the simple steps laid out. 

Once you’ve done that, the bookie will send an email to the account you’ve chosen to give out. Once you’ve verified your sportsbook account, you can start wagering. Before you do so, however, make sure you take advantage of any bonus you might be privy to.

How to Deposit

In order to start betting, you will have to fund your account. To do so, you must make a deposit. Depositing is not at all difficult. However, if you are new to online betting, you will need a brief guide on how to start. So, in order to start depositing, you first need to know your options.

  • Credit Cards: the most popular way to make deposits online
  • E-Wallets: a new and popular way to make deposits online
  • Crypto: while not as popular, crypto is slowly growing in popularity at online sportsbooks

After learning what your options are, all you have to do is visit the banking section of your online sportsbook. Then, select your preferred method for depositing, and type in the sum you wish to put down. Once that is done, you can start wagering. 

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