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FAZ GS Ponga Liwewe quits

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) General Secretary Ponga Liwewe has resigned his position at Football House.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that Liwewe announced his resignation at a FAZ executive committee meeting held at the Football House on 4th March.

A statement released by FAZ states that Liwewe who has served in the position for two years will leave the FAZ job effective May 2018.

Liwewe thanked FAZ and the executive committee for the chance to serve in the position adding that he will return to the private sector to pursue sports sponsorship across Africa.

The FAZ CEO has been underfire for failing to get Football House in order. Most recently there was an outcry after the glaring failure to add color to the season opening Samuel Zoom Ndhlovu Charity Shield awards giving ceremony.

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  1. I think Ponga has realised that being in football administration is different from running football commentaries and being a tv pundit. I just hope this is not case of the crew jumping ship when the ship hits an iceberg. Football administration is a service and that is why this country misses people like former presidents Tom Mtine and Michael Chiti who were accomplished individuals and had nothing to gain from being in positions of leadership.

    • The Great Managers do tender their resignation letters bad Manager Never do So because they Have Nothing to do After that position. We Salute you Mr Liwewe.

      And good luck with your Next Business.

  2. Justine Mumba is the most suited person for this role…..PONGA has done well to leave AK with his failed adminstration

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