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Chipolopolo in WC preps boost as they get Angola invitation

The Zambia national team will this week travel to Angola to play in a four nations tournament as part of the preparation for the Russia 2018 preliminary qualifier match against Sudan.

Other teams to participate in the invitation tournament are the Democratic Republic of Congo,Namibia and Angola the hosts.

Jointly sponsored by Angola Football Federation (FAB) and the firm Real Sport, the tournament is part of the programme of celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Angola national independence, on November 11.

The Chipolopolo who are currently in camp will be looking to take advantage of the invitation tournament to prepare for the Word Cup match to be played next week, the CHAN games and the CAF U23 Championship to be played in Senegal at the end of the month as most of the local players are part of the Olympic squad.

The tournament will run from November 6-7 in Luanda.

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  1. Abram sounds like a typical John wanna be….very argumentative with no real substance just to get appeasement…unbelievable…4 psychotic comments all seeking attention. You need to get a life brotherman

    • well put, commenting on almost everything without real analysis.Mocking Coach Lwandamina,Support is better than wishing someones downfall.

  2. its Is the good preparatory Tournament for Game Like sudan’s game coz the team invited are all in the same caliber as Sudan, lets take advantage of this, we always complain of not having proper preparation each time we playing a very important game, no excuse this time.

  3. This is a tourney to give tryout to Kapumbu as a substitute to Chepeshi. Lwandamina had a good chance to look at this boy in that 4-0 drubbing by Zanaco! Don’t tell me nobody has questioned him on the reasons for sidelining such a mature and dependable left back. Unless the Godhead at Faz has given a no sign to the coach but WHY?!

  4. Very good opportunity for the coach to test new combinations and see which local players are worth a call up to the final 23. A tournament of multiple games does raise the risk of injury though but like they say….no pain no gain.

    A big thank you to the Angolan FA for the consideration and invite.

  5. Good preparation for the team not only local players, you don’t try locals and end up using internationals in the actual game or it risks being a meaningless trail

  6. If I were the powers that be, I would take 2 teams ku Angola, use the WC team that will play Sudan in the tournament, while I use the U23 to play friendlies with clubs and any other team willing to play them in Angola.

    Or alternatively, since you are allowed about 28-30 players, I would pick 14-15 from the main team and the other from U 23, then use them alternatively.

    All in all its a chance to take with both hands and use the tournament to fine tune a crack team for Sudan. Sudan is a strong team but very beatable at home, if only you go early and acclimatise. Unfortunately we always arrive in Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria and in Cameroun hours before the game, in England we even went late for an international friendly. FAZ, FAZ, FAZ.

    So apa they haven’t started preparing travel arrangements for Sudan because kuchili kutali. very sad.

  7. Check it out, some of you bloggers re fond of commenting so harsh not knowing that , this site is widely visited by alot of football loving zambians .it has been noted that ba some of us have taken this site so personal & when passing comments, no regards to what so ever, no proper analysis of the situation at hand and one can start to wonder their intellectual much as we respect you , learn to be sobre minded when putting your threads on this site.we value you so much so dont let us think of you other wise.JUST WATCHING

  8. Gud move practice makes the team perfect. Angola, Namibia and DRC are good teams to test our boys, my only worry is that when it comes for the starting line up that is were the coach always gets it wrong

  9. My worry is dat we hv just remain with few days to play sudan then hw can we play a tournament? wht u hv to know is that these guyz they fight hard to win this cup so any thing can happen to our players like injaries.

  10. even these teams like Angola, Namibi, DRC they not use their main squad they know that this is just celebration 4 independence they not allow to risk their players, they hv crucial games to play to win a world cup spot.

  11. @ Sir Blessings Mukuka Mulenga is set to be loaned out to a club in the next transfer window. Plans r already advanced. Its unfortunate but the injury kept him off form

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