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Lay your hands off our super goalie- Nchanga Rangers President warns Super League clubs the

FAZ National Division One side Nchanga Rangers have warned Super League sides against tapping their goalkeeper Victor Chabu. 

Club President Shapi Shachinda says he is dismayed by what he calls ‘continuous destabilisation of Nchanga Rangers Football Club’. 


Shachinda believes no club in the MTN Super League can afford the Chingola based side’s valuation for Chabu who he believes is one of the top three goalkeepers in the country at the moment.

He has confirmed that around six teams are after the signature of Chabu ahead of the January transfer window, something his club is not happy with. 


The Club ExCo is dismayed with the continuous destabilisation of Nchanga Rangers Football Club, which is being perpetrated by some super division clubs currently tapping team captain Victor Chabu.

We consider overtures to prize away our club captain in the January window as acts of sabotage, which shall be met with an equal measure of toughness by Brave Rangers. 

Our club cannot be equaled to the so-called money clubs of our local football, but we have some sound values in so far as taking care of our players is concerned. Victor is very happy at Nchanga Stadium and he is our valued team leader. 

Even if we were to lose our track of thinking and decided to put Victor on the market, who would afford his valuation? This is a young man who is probably one of the top three goalkeepers in the country at the moment. We take very good care of Victor, just like we do for many of our prized assets from a modest, but well-managed budget. 

I am extremely worried for Zambian football if half a dozen clubs would be seeking the signature of one player half of the season. It tells us that the so-called “big clubs” of our time do not have structured management systems to nurture raw talent. This speaks to some of the challenges we face with quality at national level, save for some of the extremely good players we have in the national team.

I want to warn those who are secretly tapping Victor that our club reserves the right to protect its interests and will take appropriate measures to defend its badge, and the interests of its players. 

Nchanga Rangers is neither a breeding ground nor a tapping point, let alone a fishing pond. We are not a selling club at all. Period. 

We are determined to come back home and we shall do so with our club retaining all our prized assets. 

Shapi Shachinda 

Club president

Aaron Mubanga
Aaron Mubanga is a qualified Environmental Health Technologist| Editor in Chief of Zambia's biggest all local football website ZamFoot| Player manager for Copper Queens duo of Barbra Banda and Evarine Susan Katongo |Brand Ambassador for Betway|Talent Scout| Women's Football Ambassador| Blogger | Football Writer|

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