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Some football teams with curious names

When checking the names of different football teams from all over the world, it is possible to see that many words are repeated. Hundreds of squads can be wagered on at safe sports betting Nigeria – 1xBet, with great rewards coming from these gambles. Names like City or United or Football Club are basically everywhere. However, there are a few names that can be a bit curious if not weird.

Let’s start in Africa. There is a squad called Anti Drugs Strikers FC which plays in the football league of Sierra Leone. A curious name indeed. Also in Africa, there is a squad called Triangle United F.C. It is unclear whether this team applies triangles into their football tactics. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did that.

People from all over the world can make their sports betting in 1xBet Nigeria in a completely safe manner on tons of matches. Whether it is on a “United” or “Football Club” team, all options are available.

Other funny names
In Liberia it is possible to find a team called Invincible Eleven. The name might look quite intimidating, however, it will not look so good if the squad loses at some moment. Traveling many thousands of Kilometers, in Sri Lanka it is possible to find a squad called Solid SC. With this name, it is possible to think that their defense is quite solid. While enjoying matches of these squads, the online casino ng from 1xBet bookmaker is also available with its hundreds of excellent games and great prizes.

Returning to Africa, it is possible to find a team with a curious name in Ethiopia. This squad is called Ethiopian Coffee SC, and indeed, its shield features a coffee pot. Therefore, it is possible to say that they absolutely honor their name. The 1xBet ng bookmaker casino offers all sorts of games, from slots to poker tables, which can be enjoyed between football matches.
Bolivia’s contribution
Now it’s time to travel to South America. Bolivia has been quite generous in providing a few interesting names to discuss. These squads are at, where all punters can place their wagers on all their games. Some Bolivians squads with curious names include:

▪The Strongest;
▪Always Ready;
▪and Blooming.

The first one was previously known as “The Strong Football Club”. However, at some moment it was decided to change to its current name. The case of Always Ready is less clear. However, we hope that they are always ready before their matches begin.

Finally, another squad for which it is also possible to bet at 1xBet is Blooming. It is said that an English teacher decided to choose this name, as it is similar to the words resurgence or flourishing.

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