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ZNBC to beam live Chipolopolo clash with Senegal

The much anticipated international friendly match between Zambia and Senegal will be beamed live on ZNBC television this evening.

Zambia will play Senegal at the Lar Dior Stadium in Thies at 21:00 hours Central African Time.

FAZ and the Senegalese Football Federation have agreed with the match broadcaster RTS to beam the match in both countries.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala has thanked ZNBC for coming on board to screen the game.

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15 Comments to ZNBC to beam live Chipolopolo clash with Senegal

  1. Malama says:

    Thanks a billion times. Always make it point gogo znbc….

  2. Slim says:

    Thanks ZNBC and FAZ for this service. Best way to keep away from politics of the belly.

  3. Peter says:

    Could be nice if it will be done after 12th August

  4. Kanyanta Mporokoso says:

    Thank you to ZNBC as it will enable fans to make own judgment.

  5. Matador says:

    Thank you ZNBC for this. It will keep us away from politics.

  6. Benson Mwape says:

    The only way we can have access to our boys donning the national colours. Thereafter, we will be able to predict future outcome come September as we head into the world cup qualifiers… All the best to our boys!

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Slim says:

    Too good to be true!

  9. Positive Thinking says:

    Can we the fans please advocate for Sunzu and Mweene to return to the team? I’m asking my fellow bloggers.

    The Zambia backline in its current state, will not get us to the World Cup. I’m really surprised that I am the only one who is advocating for these two highly talented players. Mweene was just voted man of the match in his game for Sundowns. Yes he has been a bench warmer, but he has been a consistently stellar performer in the national team shirt. As for Sunzu; can anyone honestly name a better Centre back for chipolopolo today.

  10. Ceejeyy says:


  11. Mulu Richard says:

    Thanks znbc and faz viva gorvement Viva lungu story continue.

  12. Tony mash says:

    What is lacking in zambian team is leadership. We need sunzu and mweene as team builders.

  13. Positive Thinking says:

    @Tony Mash

    This is exactly my what I’m talking about. Micho is out here leaving out the best tools at his disposal. I see a man who is trying to hammer a nail with a banana.

  14. Dorica says:

    Ba Malama, the broadcast of this game is a campaign strategy by the sponsors of znbc. This is a mere friendly game, no importance attached. ZNBC couldn’t screen the AFCON qualifiers not so long ago.

  15. Dorica says:

    Apology to Malama, I meant to comment on Slim’s comment

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