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Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria (As it happened)

Zambia U17 national team coach Chris Kaunda has named his starting 11 for the must win final CAF Junior Championship group stage match against Nigeria making two forced changes to the team that started against Niger.

With defenders Prosper Chiluya and Edward Chimfwembe both suspended after accumulating two yellow cards each in the opening two games, Kaunda has pulled back Gift Sikaonga to cover in defence while Alfred Chirwa who made his debut at the tournament when he replaced Wayne Museba in the game against Niger tucks into the right back position.

Edwin Chipile who has been a consistent performer for the U17 team retains his starting position on the flank after Kaonga had started ahead of him in the last game.

Zambia has fate in their hands as they simply need to win by any margin to qualify to the World Cup to be played in Chile.
The other game which kicks off at the same time will see Guinea play hosts Niger.

Zambia XI v Nigeria: 1. Daniel Sikanyika – 12. Alfred Chirwa, 2. Gift Sikaonga, 4. Salati Lungu, 5. Wayne Museba, 14. Ngosa Sunzu, 11. Enock Mwepu, 10. Musonda Siame, 9. Patson Daka, 18.Kenny Sinkala, 7. Edwin Chipile

Referee: Mustapha Gharbal from Algeria.

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129 Comments to Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria (As it happened)

  1. Billy says:

    Any live streams

  2. leggoooooooo NAIJA my country… Whip dem silly

  3. Now we gonna whip some ass

  4. ZamFoot says:

    Both teams yet to settle as zambia seems to have more possession but so far no real threat on goal…

  5. syd says:

    any streams

  6. The promise one says:

    lets wait and see…

  7. ZamFoot says:

    5′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Nigeria gets the first real shot but off target.

  8. ZamFoot says:

    6′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Ref stealing the show as he’s blowing for any touch..

  9. boas simwinga says:

    good luck boys.

  10. Neutral says:

    don’t kill yourselves boys come back home happily we hv nothing to lose. Congrats Naija in advance for beating or drawing Zambia to qualify.

  11. ZamFoot says:

    9′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Nigeria looking more purposeful in attack. ..They have had 2 free kicks in dangerous areas. ..Our boys need to settle down fast.

  12. Neutral says:

    we messed up in first game. Its a game we needed to win. It is unthinkable to expect Nigeria to lose at U17 or U20 level in Africa!

    • paradox says:

      go and make those comments on nairaland were they will be appreciated

      • Ghana Paradox says:

        Have u been to any other country’s website? Now u have lost all arguments, it is biting u hard , u twerp.SERVES U RIGHT. He who lives in a glass house ……..

  13. ZamFoot says:

    13′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Zambia living very dangerously. ..as keeper Danny comes out too soon and misses the ball…the Nigerian striker misses a the open goal..

  14. Shi Malama says:

    Zamfoot ! Can u pliz analyse this Noni guy frm Nigeria coz his language and insults is nt welcome here ! Plizzxx

  15. john says:

    The boys should beat Nigeria today. Why should we always come out in the first round. We have to win today.

  16. metrix says:

    We’l concede very soon…it seems the boys are panicking

  17. Billy says:

    Any live streams? All the best to the boys.

  18. ZamFoot says:

    20′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Zambia beginning to settle now as they start making more in roads towards the Nigerian goal…

  19. Neutral says:

    @john we appear to panick but it also goes down to how exposed our boys hv bn on the continent. We should b having international friendlies!

  20. db says:

    which channel re u watching this game plse sum to tell me

  21. ZamFoot says:

    23′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Powerful shot from outside the box by Patson but the keeper is equal to the task…corner.

  22. john says:

    There is nothing to panic about from these small Nigerian boys we must just beat them

  23. ZamFoot says:

    In the other game, Niger lead Guinea by a goal.
    Zambia still has to beat Nigeria to qualify

  24. Neutral says:

    one gud thing is that Nigeria for the first time perhaps got players from academies not those married men they hv BN using over the years!

  25. ZamFoot says:

    26′ Zambia 0 – 0 Nigeria
    Zambia now look settled with some beautiful display of football

  26. badosqi says:

    Hahahahahaha, you zambians are funny. Small Nigerians you say, well i will be hear to read comments about how useless your team is after 90mins and also how useless and disgracefully ur country is just the same way u guys were crying after guinea game.

  27. Alex zz says:

    Zambia must score a late goal in order to win this match.

  28. ZamFoot says:

    In the other group A game, Guinea have equalised. Niger 1 – 1 Guinea

  29. Alex zz says:

    a late goal for zambia will stun the staborn nigeria team, leaving them with not enough time to recover.

  30. Alex zz says:


  31. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert:
    Zambia caught ball watching from a free kick. .. Nigeria 1 – 0 Zambia…

  32. Neutral says:

    let the boys play with fred minds. Too much pressure not needed. But they should fight to equalize and score late winner.

  33. ZamFoot says:

    37′ Zambia 0 – 1 Nigeria

  34. Alex zz says:

    Game set, sadly Zambia wont recover, Nigeria is just too strong and stuborn to give up a lead.

  35. Neutral says:

    free minds

  36. ZamFoot says:

    Victor Osishen put Nigeria ahead on 35 minutes

  37. badosqi says:

    @Alex zz now you can shut up and stop faking useless support for zambia. Hope ur ghanian team is preparing well for u-20 afcon next month in senegal.

  38. badosqi says:

    Now zambians can stop day dreaming about beating Nigeria.

  39. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert:
    Great goal from Nigeria 2-0…

  40. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 0 – 2 Nigeria HT

  41. Luapula Fish says:

    It was always going to be difficult for our boys to play against Nigerian men

  42. Mutongo Asante says:

    Waiting for lame excuses

  43. badosqi says:

    What will happen after 90mins.. IF:
    1: Some bloggers here will find fault in the pitch, blame caf for letting Niger host the tournament, blame west Africans.
    2: some would blame the coach, faz, the players. HERVE RENARD won’t be left out, they would blame him as if he is responsible for the outcome.
    3: some would call Nigeria cheats, age cheats, shout ebola and boko haram against Nigerians.
    4: As the tournament progresses they would change their song and call the tournament useless, attack Nigerians here and ask them what they have achieved with their senior team after all these years of winning all these age grade tournament.

    1: You will see “I HAVE BEEN VINDICATED APOSTLEs”.
    2: Bloggers here would start Zambians hyping the players like they’ve just won world cup.
    3: Bloggers here would start transferring their players to top european clubs the likes of Barca, chelsea, arsenal right here on zamfoot
    4: Bloggers would pick one or two players in the team and call them best in Africa even in the world, bloggers will liken them to current top players.
    5: Bloggers would boast of winning the u-17 world cup in Chile after today’s game if they win today.
    6: Bloggers would start their “Zambia is an African Powerhouse in football Gospel”. Ghana and Nigeria will suffer from coments of zambians. They would gladly call west African countries fluke.

    Points from my observation of zamfoot bloggers over the past 2 years.
    Go go Nigeria.

  44. Watch over says:

    Oh no!

  45. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

    A timid coach cant instill fire in the young lads. Chances are they will loose shape and resort to individual play. Kalusha likes timid coaches because they obey orders and dnt ask questions while kalusha takes his cut frm camping the teams in sa. kalusha doesn’t care about the risk of heat stroke through lack of acclimatization, like a drug pusher, he just wants his money! All Zambia football teams must camp in sa regardless of where the game or tournament is being staged. And they must depart late to cash in as much is possible on room charges and other hotel fees!

  46. Neutral says:

    the battle was lost in the first game. You don’t start with a loss or draw in these tournaments.

  47. Alex zz says:

    @badosqi, I admit mocking each other is all fun, but sometimes we take it too far. Football can divide people at times, look at the amount of insults in this site, look what those chelsea fans did to that poor black guy, basically what um saying is lets draw a line between insults and mocking.

  48. papa says:

    No Zambian team has ever come back after conceding two goals. It is good night nurse. Better luck next time.

  49. paradox says:

    two possible victims after the match. bloggers attack on the coach And kalu

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

      After the match kalusha says the lads played well but thats football and the team shoudnt be disbanded slyly shifting the argument away frm why he shud continue to stay in office in the midst of failures in all age groups and at senior level! Janza and maybe Kaunda are only employable under kalusha. Aft afcon 2012 kalusha demanded the world based on results now the results are terrible we shud ignore them and continue with business as usual with kalu milking the national teams at all levels!

  50. Anita says:

    We messed up the first game! Chris Kaunda is a dreamer! looking at Nigeria and their youth teams we can’t match them! It was an impossible task to beat them! That’s a fact!

  51. Mutongo Asante says:

    Kelechi Nwakali with 3goals and Oshimeh victor with 2goals

  52. hahahahaha lame excuses pouring in…. hahahaha… bloody satanyokos…. HALA NAIJAAAAAAAAA

  53. badosqi says:

    I was talking a boy Nwakali in the other thread. That man city is after him must were saying trash and rubbish hyping that zambian boy having only 1 goal so far. They even call him the best u-17 player in africa.
    Well my boy has now scored against all teams in our group. 3 goals to him. Now you know why european clubs are always after Nigerian young lads.
    PATSON vs NWAKALI. My boy with one goal already.

  54. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert:
    Second half underway –
    Disaster! !! Beautiful goal from their number 9… 3-0 to Nigeria

  55. Neutral says:

    Hehehe poor tactics by new comer coach.

  56. SoJC-SMM says:

    after 90 minutes we shall give the closing remarks …this is football … anything is possible …

  57. Alex zz says:

    Nigeria at this level have few equals, Ghana is one of them. Now the sad reality is patson daka and company will be overshadowed by this Nigerian players as european scouts are watching hoping to fish for the next jay jay okocha.

  58. ZamFoot says:

    Earlier Ngosa Sunzu was replaced by Pumulo Siwanga
    Striker for a defensive midfielder

  59. plse leave Kālu alone , the pull him down syndrome is killing you pipo , our lads lost the titl in the first match against guinea . The own goal killed us . And so far without king Kālu , Zambian football is doomed

  60. ZamFoot says:

    In the other game, Guinea was trailing Niger 2 – 1 at half time
    Zambia needs to win to qualify

  61. badosqi says:

    You are right Alex zz, Zambia put themself in this bad position. If only they’ve played better against Guinea. Now guinea is losing 2 – 1 to Niger.
    Nigeria 7
    Guinea 4
    Zambia 3
    Niger 3

  62. Atase says:

    Fu Why Cant he shoot from There stop barking.

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

      Asss Wipe! Football is a results business! Whn the english team you support, undoubtedly being a Johnny come lately, losses you demand the head of the coach but at national level results shudnt matter! A number of players have died from heat stroke; why shud our players continue to put at risk by the mind boggling delays that quite obviously make sense to a chosen few! The is no rocket science to booking tickets; time schedules are issued more than 6months in advance but some gains from this confusion and is well prepared to put our players lives at risk!

  63. habib says:

    goal for zambia

  64. Neutral says:

    we hv to try next time. It has taken us since inception to qualify for this tournament while the likes of Nigeria are tired of lifting it!

  65. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert:
    Goal!!! Patson Daka lobs the keeper from a loose ball after their defender missed the ball coming from Musonda Siame. ..real poacher’s goal..

  66. paradox says:

    jst waiting to read wat the chameleon Will say

  67. Alex zz says:

    Nigeria are getting warmed up, at this level they have handfull of equals, watch as they dismatle teams at the world cup tornament. But we have to ask why cant african teams dominate at senior levels?

  68. Don says:

    I better have my bp meds,Looks like the Nigerians wants to spell Zambia.

  69. SoJC-SMM says:

    all things are possible till … the final whistle … Go Zambia Go … even a draw can do ….

  70. ZamFoot says:

    65′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    The boys are playing like they are playing for their lives..showing a lot of heart.

  71. ZamFoot says:

    68′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    Patson scored on 61 minutes

  72. john says:

    Sad indeed I wanted our boys to win. Why is it that we can’t beat Nigeria at any level. It’s a real surprise. Has it got something to do with our diet and genetic that we can’t match west Africans. I’ve lost hope now with our football. Let us regroup and try again in 2017 when we host. For me I can’t understand why none of our boys can break into Europe even after winning afcon 2012.

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

      Zambia’s record against West African teams hasnt been that bad as for your next question, listen to what Moses Sichone had to say on why Zambian players cant break into Europe. Moses said the frames of the majority of Zambian players are too small! Mukuka Mulenga through no fault of his own, is too small for the modern game! Even Zico admitted that he would be considered too small for todays game. Messi had to bulk up at a young age to prepare him for the modern game! For a while kalu was benched because the then coach of the KK11 didnt think he was big enough to play as a striker! Europe doesn’t look for inventive clever players from Africa; they look for a big striker, a Benjamin Mwaruwari type of player. But this is changing with the likes of Kanu showing that African players can be play makers and scorers!

  73. Neutral says:

    playing our lungs out is what we don’t know.

  74. Alex zz says:

    Patson daka, is the ony positive thing to come out of this tornament for Zambia, atleast!I guess!!?? If that counts.

  75. badosqi says:

    @Alex zz, look at leagues across Africa how many can we compare with european leagues, our football administrations, how do we develop the young talents will produce.
    Most of the talents we produce here in Africa are leeched on by europeans and they scatter all around europe not able to develop together in the same league like the likes of their germans, spanish, english, french counterpact do.
    Look at a scenario where all these young boys can play together in the same league, picture how easy things would be.

  76. john says:

    Very very sad and painful. We have failed to match west Africans. The young boy patson is so talented it’s sad for us to go down like this. Very sad. Do you mean our under 20 will suffer the same fate? Where is it going wrong. Is it mental strength or is it in our genetic that we must be inferior to all countries in the north. Very sad you can even stop watching football with such results.

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

      This is why Renard was good for the Afcon team; he was a pragmatist who realises the modern game requires sme size in certain positions hence the inclusion of Himoonde in defense and the introduction of Felix Katongo as an impact player in last 15 minutes! It’s crazy to play a Mukuka Mulenga, Rainford, Sate at the same time for 90 minutes. Giving up so much in size your defense will crumble and a tall north African team will pair with one of them to score in the closing minutes from a set piece. So to beat a North African team with small players you have to score many goals and maitain defensive discipline smethng renard is keen on! North Africans are generally slow!

    • Armed Gunman says:

      John. We are jokers period!

  77. SoJC-SMM says:

    Sir John … true sad affair but its about time, it shall be about making history and we still have chance even within 15minutes … though not easy but all things are possible meanwhile we can only congratulate our Nigerian brothers but without giving up hope till after 90 minutes and then regroup as well said … win or lose Shalom

  78. Anita says:

    Imagine! not even one TV channel showing the game and we call ourselves a footballing nation! How do we motivate our boys and would be sponsors? We shouldn’t cheat ourselves!

  79. badosqi says:

    Zambians should get good agents for their boys, I mean agents that get good link with european club else you may see the much celebrated Patson going to South African league or Congo as usual.

  80. john says:

    Kalu should not be left alone he should tell the nation why he likes south Africa for preparation and why the boys travel late. If we went early we could have drawn with guinea. Kalu is to blame for both group stage exists. This u-17 team is highly talented. We should never have gone out.

  81. ZamFoot says:

    77′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    Zambia with a free kick in a good area. ..keeper fumbles it out for a corner

  82. ZamFoot says:

    80′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    Ref not allowing the game to flow…whistles every 30 seconds. ..

  83. Atase says:

    @john-fu stop the kalu thinh retard.

  84. badosqi says:

    Well after 3 goals I don’t expect naija to put much in the game again, since we’ve secured our passage to semi final. Zambia should be doing the attack now.

  85. syd says:

    Lets do the basic right first and work from there. qualifying great but turning up 24 hours before kick is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels. Only an idiot makes the same mixtake twice. give us a chance DO NOT REPEAT THIS WITH THE UNDER 20. SEND THEM END OF NEXT WEEK

  86. SoJC-SMM says:

    next 10 minutes wonders ought to happen or our great boys will come earlier than planned … Shalom

  87. Alex zz says:

    @badosqi, True to a certain extent. Spain couldnt win the world cup untill they started exporting some of their players to other leagues, England struggles because their national team is made up of teams playing in one league. If so then why then is south america not experiencing the same problems as africa?

  88. ZamFoot says:

    85′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    Zambia still pushing hard…good display from the boys but they risk as Nigeria now relying on counter attacks which is dangerous for us.

  89. SoJC-SMM says:

    our great boys … Zambia … Shalom

  90. SoJC-SMM says:

    behind our boys through the thin and thick … Shalom

  91. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zambia 1 – 3 Nigeria
    4 minutes added

  92. SoJC-SMM says:

    Blessed Zambia, yees even Nigeria is … stay on … Shalom

  93. badosqi says:

    Zambians have to look and think beyond cosafa. Zambians see their victories against cosafa teams like victories against all other african teams. The zambia defeated all their opponent in cosafa and interestingly zambia started hyping the team as best in Africa. Now they can’t even manage to victories in the group loosing 2 games.
    A team many zambians hyped to even win the world cup in Chile.
    Continue to compare cosafa tournaments with caf and fifa tournaments.

  94. SoJC-SMM says:

    Keep the spirit of fighting on … Shalom

  95. Alex zz says:

    @badosqi playing your football in 1 league a player would never grow.

  96. Wizkid says:

    This Nigeria u17 is not that strong enough.Hope they improve as the matches comes up

  97. From the look of things the ref killed us against Niger ,flashing cards on zambian lads carelessly and it seems the match officials’ from west and north Africa doesn’t want southern Africa teams to win titles.

  98. badosqi says:

    @Alex zz why is it that most german players played in their leagues when young only move out when they have come of age. You will hardly see English, spanish, german, brazillian players and so on outside their league when they are still young. They start moving out when they are around age 23 upward(except exceptionally gud players that move out quickly when young).

  99. Alex zz says:

    Cosafa cup does Zambia more harm than good, stop praising mediocrity and come out of your comfort zone, bashing Lesotho wont make Zambia an African powerhouse.

  100. Anonymous says:

    kalu should not escape the the beating
    His wife is the one doing the organizing the camp for out teams so she gets the cut
    SA is her home shes got contacts
    which is killing our game….
    the jersey saga of 2013 was organised by his wife as well
    sending the U17 to DRC was wrong again because they didnt benefit …the fact is kalu has andre mtine at mazembe so to expose the boys and hoping to sell some and get the cut
    yes kalu has done great but time for his tenure is long over due…..we axed the 2012 squad from afcon 2015 so must kalu be axed….
    zambia is a footbaling nation period even the west africans brothers know this thats why they talk the way they talk
    but we cant afford to hire useless coaches like Janza,small boy PB
    kalu must go PONGA IN

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      I keep hearing Ponga, Ponga, Ponga-just what makes him qualify to take over? Not that i doubt him as in my opinion anyone with a right strategy, business model, leadership and team can make it.

  101. badosqi says:

    Now the blame game has started, west african official don’t want you to succeed how ridiculous can you guys be. Blaming another region for your team failure that is one of the reason your football is still crawling.
    Don’t you know how ridiculous your excuse is, is like we nigerian should starts blaming north Africa, east Africa and south Africa for our failure to participate in Afcon 2015. Who will take a country like that serious. You guys should be mature with the way you write your arguement.
    You players received yellowcard for fouls committed, blame your inexperience players.

  102. Nazo says:

    We have lost to a better team, let us just accept that West Africans are better than us at the moment.We lost to Guinea a nation from mourning due to Ebola and we were lucky to against Niger.

  103. badosqi says:

    Now the blame game has started, west african official don’t want you to succeed how ridiculous can you guys be. Blaming another region for your team failure that is one of the reason your football is still crawling.
    Don’t you know how ridiculous your excuse is, is like we nigerian should starts blaming north Africa, east Africa and south Africa for our failure to participate in Afcon 2015. Who will take a country like that serious. You guys should be mature with the way you write your arguement.
    You players received yellowcard for fouls committed, blame your inexperience players.

  104. NAIJA FALCON says:

    yes am back @paradox

  105. NAIJA FALCON says:

    Super falcon of Nigeria is back

  106. what is SA U17 situation?

  107. john says:

    I think cosafa wins should not be reported on zambian media. These wins are raking us nowhere. We have failed at caf level

  108. Atase says:

    @Anonymous stop dreamin’

  109. Ghana Paradox says:

    Where is Mumbi? It has been a long time since Mumbi & Paradox (freedom fighter) visited the Ghana site. Silenced by Ghana’s splendid performance at Afcon & Zambia’s early exit from Afcon. This has been worsened by Nigeria thrashing their junior boys. Oh Mumbi , Oh Paradox, when will you all be real? ROK & Positive Thinking are always ever prepared to rescue you from your ignorance.

  110. chindika popeye Nguni says:

    Is this site still active?

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