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Zambia U20 in a must win encounter against Ghana

The Zambia Under 20 national team this evening take on Ghana in a penultimate group stage match at the Senegal 2015 CAF Africa Youth Championship.

Zambia who are on the back-foot having lost their opening match against Mali need an outright win to brighten their chances of making the semi-finals and book a ticket to the World Cup.

Ghana on the other hand we will be looking to seal their spot in the semi-finals with a win after they beat a ten man South African side in the opening match.

Coach Hector Chilombo will be without skipper Lubambo Musonda but welcomes but left back Boyd Mkandawire who missed the match against Mali due to suspension.

Chilombo is expected to name a similar line-up to the one which started against Mali with Mkandawire coming in for Benedict Chepeshi and Patson Daka coming in for Lubambo.

Zambia is expected to play a 4 4 2 formation with Mangani Banda in goal while Peter Mulenga, Mkwandawire, Kayawe Kapota and Alex Mwamba completing the defence.

In midfield, Benson Sakala is expected to keep his place alongside vice-captain Spencer Sautu, Larry Bwalya and Charles Zulu.

A lot will be expected from Patrick Ngoma and Daka who did not do enough to trouble the Malian goalie in the first game.

Zambia coach Hector Chilombo is confident his side will progress to the last four.

“We know that Ghana is strong but they are not invincible and nothing is impossible in football. We will fight for a win from the first whistle until the end of the game,” Chilombo said.

Ghana coach Sellas Tetteh said his charges are ready for the battle.

“It is going to be tough. We need to win to qualify and Zambia also want three points to stay in the competition,” Tetteh said.

Zambia will have to look out for Ghanaian Benjamin Tetteh who scored a brace in the win over South Africa.

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60 Comments to Zambia U20 in a must win encounter against Ghana

  1. GHANA 3-0 ZAMBIA…… NIGERIA VS GHANA finals loading…… ZAMBIA is not a footballing nation

  2. Badosqi says:

    A COMMENT FROM JIMMY in the other side.

    It is refreshing to have such a wonderful site as this where Africans from far and wide can come and debate and share ideas. I must thank the admin for the quality of relatively balanced articles they keep churning out and the Zambian bloggers for being so gracious as letting us foreigners share this platform with them (tongue in cheek). Now if we would tone down on insults and just debate and share ideas that would be great.

    As for our Zambian brothers, take heart, your team is going in the right direction, you still have 2 games to go. Even if you don’t make it out of the group at least the boys know the quality of opposition to expect at this level. Keep them together and engage them in regular friendlies against teams from other regions to keep growing. There is no guarantee that the team who wins this tournament will be the most developed by 2018 world cup, so chin up guys.

    Please let us debate and avoid unnecessary insults.

  3. badosqi says:

    Guys please reduce the insult let us only argue and debate about our teams. No need of unnecessary abuse.

  4. rascozy says:

    Noni Fior. Zambia will qualify with 3Points and beat you at semi final. You wont meet Ghana at final. Hey bro how far naw? This is Eug.

  5. Mumbi says:

    Noni, you may be right. There is no MRI scaning at u-20 level and Zambia’s baby bones maybe crushed by those u- 35 men. At senior level, they always fall to Zambia which is far much better watching than our little boys getting it hard by old men. 5-6 years from now, our boys bones will also be strong & those men will have already retired hence making them trophyless at senior level.

    • kwarcee says:

      A mindless DROPLET wanting to attract flies,over to u positive thinking.

    • Ghana Paradox says:

      At the snr level, Ghana is always at the world cup . Whatever happened to the strong bones & the fluke win? All because these so called young ones become too old to be able to compete at the world level. Hardly can they run & they therefore ran to China, Thailand, Indonesia to play football. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR A ZAMBIAN PLAYER IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE OR EVEN THE CHAMPIONSIP, BUNDESLIGA, SERIA A OR ANYWHERE IN EUROPE. WHY? Mumbi, please explain, China specialists. will never qualify by doing so. have u ever heard of China at the world cup?

  6. rascozy says:

    Noni Fior. Zambia will qualify with 3Points and beat you at semi final. You wont meet Ghana at final. Hey bro how far naw? This is Eug.

    Sia Papadinho and Tywane will get you

  7. Mumbi says:

    @ badosqi, I personaly appreciate your coments so am also trying very hard to be moderate. U & Kwame, are good.
    Badosqi, maybe @ Jimmy meant he lives out of Zambia in search of greener pastures, but he is a Zambian, he might be the chancellor at Oxford University just as we have sent many Zambians to work as Doctors accross the globe. e.g Dr john in Perth.

  8. Ralph Acquah says:

    Zimbabwe have been expelled from the 2018
    World Cup qualifying competition for failing
    to pay a former coach, soccer’s governing
    body Fifa said on Thursday.
    I learnt Zambia has a similar case hanging on it neck, the earlier u guys deal with it de better it will be for u or else u might end up facing de same fate. Dat Bonneti guy must be paid asap so as no to warrant any sanctions by fifa

  9. Ralph Acquah says:

    Zimbabwe have been expelled from the 2018
    World Cup qualifying competition for failing
    to pay a former coach, soccer’s governing
    body Fifa said on Thursday.
    I learnt zambia has a similar case hanging on its neck, de earlier u deal with it de better it will be, otherwise u might end up not partaking in de wc qualifies. Dat Bonneti guy must be paid asap, cos we want to be in de same qualifying group wit u again

  10. Mumbi says:

    And the problem we have in africa is enriching europians with our skills and knowledge after graduating from Kweme Nkhuruma university, Asante kotoko fc, only to clean teeth and other peoples football boots and return back home with expensive cars, white pussys, half casts, chealse/arsenal/marseilyQfernabatch jerseys etc, etc.

    • al idi amin al gaddafi says:

      U ughly baboon, learn how to SPELL before u infested us with your shallow mind!!

      What’s kweme nkhuru university? So an old wretched baboon like u can’t even spell KWAME NKRUMAH properly and besides there is a forumite over here with the same name!! Lol

      Mumbi, is not smart and DIDNT EVEN HAD A CLASSMATE!! LOL!

      Whiles your mates were in classroom studying seriously, this OLD ROGUE VAGABOND was MINNING COPPER IN LUSAKA!! Haha!!

      Wretch, old RETARADED ROGUE! LOL

  11. Kay Hummer says:

    The young boys have nothing to lose going into the match against the tournament’s clear favourites. The pressure will be on Ghana to convincingly win and qualify to the semi finals of the competition.

  12. rascozy says:

    Mumbi for once you have said something that i will agree with you partly but not fully. Nothing stops a player from moving from Zesco United to Arsenal to play football as that is where football is best played and raw talents are much developed but not to graduate from University of Zambia/Ghana as a medical doctor to just go and clean toilet in Europe whiles ST Francis(Katete) and Chitokoloki mission hospitals need such doctors.Mumbi i know you were a very good student in sch who could have easily become a medical Doctor or an engineer to help your community but u spent most of your time drinking Chibuku. Mumbi my zambia friend no heart feelings.

  13. Uncle Bobs says:

    Guys, I’m out in Zimbabwe last 2 weeks and a bit out of touch. What’s this issue that Janza will be axed?

  14. the minnows says:

    wow mumby wat happened to you ,he has changed all of a sudden.

  15. Kwasi says:

    The u20 is the most important structure in Ghana football, because it’s the breeding ground of the senior national team, the black stars

  16. Fivestargeneral says:

    The is no way we can beat the satelites 2015 isn’t our year

  17. Hahahahaha RASCOZY my man.. Chale i bam o. My belle dey sweet me the way our boys dey play football. Whether you like it or not, its gonna be GHANA VS NAIJA finals. We are gonna repeat the 6-1 annihilation we handed you at the U17 level. HALA NAIJA

  18. Badosqi says:

    Can’t wait to see the sweet meal flying eagles we serve when they feast on the ghanian team… Whether na final or semi-final, I want the boys to play ghana before lifting the on march 22….

    Ghana will be a delicious meal…Tasty and Delicious hmmmm!!!

  19. Amandla says:

    @Badosqi, Thank you for your gracious attitude. When all is done we will be all Africans. Outside Africa, no one sees you as Ghanian, Nigerian, Zambia or Jamaican but Africans! We can debate issues intelligently. Even though Ghana has not won a major trophy they remain a force in as far as African football is concerned and so are the Nigerians! I will swallow my pride and recognise Ivory Coast as well! Guys I know we need to pull up our socks because we used to watch the Kaumbas, Alex Cholas, the Malitolis, Derby, Kalusha, Tenant, Simukonda, and I can easily tell where we are as a team. All the best friends!

  20. Amandla says:

    What time is the game?

  21. Naija Falcon says:

    up naija, the land is green, naija number one female striker is here

  22. Naija Falcon says:

    can’t wait for this game o, some people will cry today

  23. Mumbi says:

    @ the minnow, I think we as Africans have to remain in Africa and develop our communities and countries. By the way, I am just been a bit jealous about the West Africans soccer heat. But Notwithstanding that, Zambia will win.

  24. Tc Soccerman says:

    Eish, this site has become a shity glogged up toilet with West African flies all over the faeces and Zamfoot is condoning that.

    • Ghana Paradox says:

      Village boy. This is the information highway in the free world. U still live under the ghost of Kenneth Kaunda suppressing free press. Grow from you ancient ways. Zamfoot is doing the right thing by welcoming diverse opinions, only if we respect each others opinion.

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        Shup up paradox wannabe, its idiots like you that I was referring to, not sensible people like Kwame Nkrumah that contributes or does not result to insults, it speaks volume on the level of education Kwame has, as compared to idiots like yourself fool, now go eat shit and die fool, the world will be a better place without morons like you.

    • Positive Thinking says:

      Tc, I understand where you’re coming from dude, but like Ghana Paradox said we need to welcome diverse opinions as long as we respect each other. It has to be mutual though, so don’t let yourself get thrown into that mix of back and forth mud slinging that is really just taking away from the good things that happen on this site.

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        I kinda agree with his opinion on allowing people from other countries, but not idiots that come to insult or poke fun, he also referred me to be a village boy(whick pissed me off), because I am no longer one..and yes I started from the village and I am proud of it. We all are from a village in some way, but the way he came out was to insult me and that’s provoking me. So paradox wannabe, do act like Ghana does not have villages. Y’all have villages and witches, so f”” yourself.

  25. Tc Soccerman says:

    Our team is not very good, we get it now get the hell put of here, punks!

  26. Mumbi says:

    Update us on Niaja vs MALI

  27. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  28. Badosqi says:

    Gariba you are the dumbest zambian I have ever read a comment from.. Are you this dumb or blind, or don’t you see me making reference to Jimmy as the owner of the post from one of the other threads….. Ok kiddo go back up there and read post with clear mind, by God’s grace you will see and notice it… dumb Mofo
    I don’t really engage in this type of tin but Gariba the dumb-Ass you deserve it. O.D.E

    • Gariba says:

      this is plagiarism. u are guilty of what Jimmy is preaching – not to insult. u illiterate badosqi, who is an expert in insults. insults are the hallmark of persons without ideas who only COPY. Na original ooo, baba. u must be a Yoruba.

  29. Badosqi says:

    Mumbi do you want to kill my flying eagles player.. We’ve played our own match yesterday abeg..
    It is mali vs south africa.

    • Gariba says:

      Poor grammar, mr. WE PLAYED OUR MATCH YESTERDAY, NOT: we have played……………. This is the simple past tense & not the participle which we learn in the primary schools.

  30. Badosqi says:

    Well I understand the fear of flying eagles is the beginning of confusion for other AYC teams..

  31. steven says:

    Zimbabwe won’t take part in 2018 world cup qualifiers coz of not paying the coach,faz careful it does not matter who brought Bonnet but Pay him b4 fifa bucher us!!

  32. steven says:

    Wat time is the game

  33. steven says:


  34. Naija Falcon says:

    oh oh, see jealousy over my Darling flying eagles, hehehehe up Naija, the land is green, no amount of jealousy can bring us down

  35. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  36. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  37. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  38. Badosqi says:

    seems Gariba is trolling me hahahahaahaha…
    hey Tribalist don’t bring that ur crazy ibo sense here. We are discussing football here, save ur tribal war for some other time. We can do that on Nairaland if you want but try and respect yourself small here.

    People are talking football here, you are talking of Yoruba vs Igbo. Try and be reasonable small.

    • Bongo says:

      If u were reasonable, this would not have happened . Polish your grammar before disgracing youself with that level of simple English . Am l an Ibo or Zambian? You are in a confused state of mind.

  39. Mandela says:

    Zambia watch Aboagye my SHS sch mate 2012. He is just terrific

  40. Badosqi says:

    Mali now with 6 points after 2 games. The 2 southern teams may exit the tournament the same day.

  41. gb says:

    Zamfoot, please moderate some of these comments

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