Thursday, June 13, 2024

Zambia U20 finally leave for Senegal

The Zambia U20 national team has finally left for Senegal where they will participate at the 2015 CAF Africa Youth Championship to be played in that country.

The Hector Chilombo coached team was initially expected to leave yesterday but only left today (Saturday) and will have a stop-over in South Africa before proceeding to Dakar this evening.

Zambia kickoff their campaign at the tournament with a game against Mali.

In the photo, Spencer Sautu at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before depature.

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  1. first time in history: landing before time..faz has learnt their lesson but the citizens are cowards and dull.i will never forget how the whole zambia nation insulted ghana over their own hodgepodge travelling arrangement which made them train at car park.instead of questioning faz,they were insulting ghana because that is the only way to paint the host black and pretend they are ok.i thank God for vindicating ghana and making zambia reap the lie they bad travelling arrangement is part of you.God bless my homeland ghana.

    • Agree with you. Zambians have no idea of holding anyone accountable. Apparently in Zambia you only have to explain yourself to get voted into a position of power, once there anything you do is infallible. It is an attitude that needs to change. I tried to tell people on the blog but I was brushed aside and ignored, when we jacked up the trip to Cape Verde same thing. Apathy continues

  2. They left today?? What!!? Ghana U20 has been training in Turkey for days now. Remember this Zambia team has to build a good team spirit and stuff so at least they should’ve left 3 weeks before time. But anyway I wish them the best in this coming AFCON U20. God bless Africa!!

  3. The travel arrangements should have been made six months ago.It whould have been good if the team set up camp say in Ivory Coast.Doing well at such levels calls for a lot of things to be planned in detail.Zambia has enormous potential to do well.But our planning leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Good planning is our major drawback. Things may get better . When it comes to offering good ideas, the misfits like Mumbi are silent. Only attacking our West African friends is all they are good at . We need constructive ideas now, where is Mumbi? Absent.

  4. The Ghanians, Nigerians, Malians and other teams from West Africa will have UNDER 30s and NOT Under 20s at the tournament! And if they win, they start boasting that they are super powers when in actual fact they are pathetic cheats!! That’s what they did and do even at UNDER 17 level. Southern African teams like Zambia and South Africa are the only honest teams! We should start lying too

    • Do they also age-cheat at the World Cup? Why are the West Africans always at the World Cup in their numbers & we have never been there as a nation? Ghana, Nigeria Ivory Coast Senegal Togo in addition to the North Africans have been representing Africa while those of us in the south wallow in our misery becos of reasons best known to ourselves

  5. can anyone tell me that Zambian U20 players are truly U20???? you guys should be truthful to yourselves ….even the likes of Brazil, Germany, France etc have some few players over that age mark and yet playing as U20s

  6. Let’s face it age cheating z all over africa but it z rampant in west africa wen zaMbia played Nigeria at under 20 in congo 2007 all the Nigerian squad was born in two differnt Months wat a coincident to suit canada world cup..all in all it has not helpd africa we’re z Taiwo nigeria left back? And that short Ghana striker top scorer wen they won the youth world cup?

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