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Zambia is a football nation, It will be back at the top: Kanouté

Former Mali national team forward Frédéric Oumar Kanouté believes Zambia will be back to where it belongs in no time. The Former Sevilla striker believes it is hard to sustain staying at the top because football is a cycle.

The Former West Ham United, Lyon and Tottenham Hotspur striker however feels a lot of work needs to be done for Zambia to get back to the top.

“”Football like life is made of cycles, So it is difficult to stay at the top all the time. Zambia is a football nation so definitely it will come back but it will only come back a lot of work which has to be done to ensure it comes back to that level or even better,” Kanouté told the ZamFoot crew in an interview at OYDC.

The 41 year old disputed the notion that West Africa had better talent as a reason to why they have more players in Europe compared to Southern Africa. He feels the distance between their part of the continent may be big factor as teams and agents may not be willing to travel this far bypassing West Africa which is in close proximity.

” First of all they (Southern African countries) have a disadvantage of being far. Like in West Africa the agents always come and are always chasing after the top talents but this part is far and they know they can get talent in West Africa hence they may not come here but not because the players are less talented or anything,” He said.

“This however means the region is not touched and there is a lot of potential. It can change and gives as an opportunity to bring Zambian football to another level and make it more attractive,” He added.

12 MANagement CEO, Kanoute is currently in Zambia to share some knowledge on youth development with their partners Kafue Celtic coaches.


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5 Comments to Zambia is a football nation, It will be back at the top: Kanouté

  1. nature says:

    He is a true agent with a heart and very honest man. Not ba Kalu who is scared of another star emerging from the country better than him. Shame on Kalu!!!

  2. Sibs says:

    One of Africa’s Greats! Legend and Big up for what he is doing at Kafue Celtics and his native Mali when it comes to promoting young talent.

    @Nature do you have proof with the accusations labelled at Kalu?

  3. Muchofe says:

    Ba zamcol..why are you not putting an article on the Green Eagles result against your Kalapa Fc. Are you jealous of their performance.. history was made there for goodness sake.

    • Muchofe says:

      I meant Zamfoot and not Zamcol. Point of correction.

    • stephen says:

      Actually the article was already posted,maybe you missed it. It is wise to do your due diligence before blaming someone.


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