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Disaster in Mozambique as disjoint Zambia lose to miss on AFCON

Zambia’s road to Cameroon came to an end on Sunday afternoon after they were handed a one nil defeat by Mozambique who completed a double over the 2012 AFCON champions.

Coach Sven Vandenbroek made two changes to the team that played against Guinea Bissau bringing in Simon Silwimba for Solomon Sakala and Emmanuel Banda in place of Clatous Chota Chama.

Zambia started off very disorganized and Mozambique was the better side from the start.

Elias Pelembe was running the show . Mozambique could have been up in the first few minutes but Pelembe’s effort went way above the bar.

Chances were scarce in the first half but Mozambique were the more adventurous side of the two.

In the second half Mozambique picked were they left off. Mozambique finally took the lead after 18 minutes as Reginaldo Artur Faife netted from inside the 18 yard area.

The goal forced Coach Sven Vandenbroek to make a double change, Removing Augustine Mulenga and Emmanuel Banda and replacing them with Rainford Kalaba and Clatous Chota Chama respectively.

The two brought in some much needed energy but no create cut chances were really created. The best chance for Zambia fell to Lubambo Musonda but the Armenian based winger put his effort way above the bar.

Mozambique held on to win the match and consequently ending Zambia’s journey who miss out on two consecutive AFCON tournaments now.

This was game no.6 and seven might not see game no.7 as his contract was tied to him qualifying Zambia to Cameroon.

Zambia XI

Kennedy Mweene – Simon Silwimba, Kabaso Chongo, Stophila Sunzu, Lawrence Chungu, Nathan Sinkala, Emmanuel Banda (Cletous Chama), Enock Mwepu, Lubambo Musonda (Patson Daka), Augustine Mulenga (Rainford Kalaba), Justin Shonga


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39 Comments to Disaster in Mozambique as disjoint Zambia lose to miss on AFCON

  1. discipline says:

    Let him please go honestly I can even coach better than him.oh also chintu with the other guy uso useless who is better between Brian mwila and ghapani lungu surely and always leaving it late to make substitutions

    • Nostra says:

      Don’t think Sven has ever met Minister of Sports in Zambia.
      I don’t know who is minister of Sports either.
      You can’t win anything without government.

  2. Seen from Afar says:

    I am not sad about missing Afcon.

    We have hardly anything to show in the qualifying and may finsh a historic last in the group. What were we going to do at Afcon, nothing.

    Time to regroup, we desperately need a good foundation and coaching staff to build off.

    • Nostra says:

      How many times are you going to regroup?????
      There is Under 20 coming up
      Under 23 coming up
      And almost the all entire senior team qualify to Under 23, but you see new players.
      You bench Patson Daka and play Justine Shonga forever, muli fipuba?
      You bench Kalaba and play which player, muli fipuba?

      • Seen from Afar says:

        There is no choice. We need a new coaching staff again.

        This is the way things go. What is important now is the turn around.

        Start looking, get our man and our staff in place so they don’t run all experiments in qualifying.

  3. STUMPY says:

    sven van watever is a useless coach. we need a local tactician with enuf xpirience. sven is a crap coach. justin shonga is a useless striker. u cant count on a zambia police officer to deliver anything. our jersey is also useless. it looks like something nigeria used in 1990, and I hated that jersey

  4. Anita says:

    Wada and Lwandamina are by far better than this very white mzungu

  5. Mwalife says:

    Sad. FAZ exc. You claimed the AFCON 20 as your archivement, now our U20 can’t even qualify for AFCON or win COSAFA U20. What’s wrong Kananga? Is it really true that there is no proper program for our national teams from your office? Mopani U20 is in Zambia again. Are winning or just building as usual? To be knocked out from a group comprising Namibia, Mozambique & Guinea is very embarrassingly painful.
    Zambia playing poorly like their ugly kopa jersey!!!

  6. Leo says:

    We spoke here that kamanga is a failure people called us names
    He failed at kabwe warriors
    He failed at power dynamos
    How can he with chipolopolo?
    Faz MUST resign on principle

    Decision making have been poor
    The appointing of Jan sikaswe ad technical director very poor
    The hiring of coaches very poor
    Not having a sponsor very poor
    It is with this admin that we have failed to qualify two in a row
    Which has never happened in the history of any faz admin
    All this falls on kamanga

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Kananga kuya bebele transparency,are we going to eat transparency fools.we pay taxi for results.i miss kalusha not these idiot

  8. gk says:

    The Faz President must resign for failing to qualify us for the second time…2017 and now 2019…..

  9. You Zambians are never serious. You leave it too late for everything. Great Kalumbila brought you the first ever Africa cup. You thought it was a small achievement? See what Kananga had given you since he took over. Total rubbish. It was even better to have hyenas as administrators. The chap is a total failure. SHAME!!!!!

  10. Asupree Ned jnr says:

    Please let the sven and cintu be fired immediately they are too delayful to make changes

  11. gkanja says:

    The entire FAZ executive must resign on moral grounds…They have lamentably failed to to take the Team to Two Afcons in a roll…2017 and 2019…Let us be fair with ourselves and to the Nation…Kamanga and Team,,please Step aside…

  12. discipline says:

    My mouth dry very dry,am dreaming I will wake up in this slumber surely zambia failing and coming out last in a very useless stupid group plus moza getting a doulble on us and dont tell me that the game has improved surely not those teams in our group am confident Sven is principled so is they have tendered their resignations at estadio zampito.

  13. discipline says:

    My mouth dry very dry,am dreaming I will wake up in this slumber surely zambia failing and coming out last in a very useless stupid group plus moza getting a doulble on us and dont tell me that the game has improved surely not those teams in our group am confident Sven is principled so is they have tendered their resignations at estadio zampito.am I don’t know

  14. Pundit says:

    Shame fire them all!
    Kamanga z just useless good for nothing administrator

  15. De-prince says:

    Greetings from Ghana

  16. De-prince-gh says:

    Greetings from people of Ghana

  17. Mwale says:

    whether he uses magic or it is true prophecy, the fact is, he never misses in his word. FAZ should have listened and not waste money on a useless trip. That’s BUSHIRI for you.

  18. Guz says:

    The entire FAZ Exec should resign on moral grounds, that achievement by the U20 was a result of the ground work laid by the previous Exec which delivered the AFCON trophy. The only thing they have achieved is bickering and in fighting,surely how do they even sleep at night? They have failed us, always leaving issues to the last minute such as appointing a coach. No debate sven should find his termination letter the moment he arrives presided by all their resignations.

  19. Herold says:

    The biggest problem with us Zambians we want the best out of almost nothing. Do you guys complaining know how much coaches of well performing national teams are getting? $10,000 and you expect miracles, you must be kidding.

    Talented and skillful players we’ve what we’re lacking is a technical bench that’s equal to the task of modern football at a higher level. Govt needs to come on board and rescue the situation, otherwise, we better forget about Zed football.

  20. jay says:

    Bushiri was right and stop insulting him

  21. sly says:

    There are many reasons that can be attributed to Zambia’so predicament.
    2.the Kalanga committee was hailed when it reaped from the Kalusha’so committee. Reality is what we are reaping now.
    3.The coaching staff for Zambia is lacking, Chintu has overstayed,
    3.The selection by the Zambian coaches is bad.

  22. Bad Rubbish! says:

    Fake FA
    Fake Kit
    Fake Coach
    Fake FAZ president
    They All must Go!

  23. CS says:

    This is terrible and disappointing. The coaching staff and players should take responsibility. Now Mozambique can beat us back to back. Surely the tech bench must change. We need the with coaching pedigree not 2nd rate

  24. C2 says:

    This coach is a failure and the one who brought him,
    We can’t blame the players.
    I think Chambeshi is far much better than this coach!

  25. Don says:

    So disappointed, I just wonder why we always allow teams to come n boss us in Zambia. Losing at home has been our downfall of late. Zambia need to beat Namibia by at least 3-0 to stand a chance of qualifying as one the best 3 rd placed team in the now expanded tournament that will have 24 teams.
    On a brighter note our ladies are surprisingly ahead with a goal against 2 time champions Equatorial Guinea

  26. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing like best third place rules banch of looser and no football brains.

  27. Don says:

    Half time : Zambia 2 vs Equatorial Guinea 0.

  28. mambwe says:

    Very embarrassing. No coach no players no managers of the game.

  29. Anonymous says:

    See stupid councillors you hot rid of Kalu.

  30. Masondi says:

    Sad in deed! This part of under 20 team, we used it when they came back from World cup toney! Had beaten Algeria back to back. Went to threaten deadly Nigeria at their back yard. Sadenly, we started to pray for wins, why?
    Check management! There is a kind of tribes mates when they are on top, nothing good for Zambia. Just quarrelling for offices, but no delivery of expected goods. Coach and FAZ president resign for the good of the nation.

  31. Ba mighty says:

    Is there possibility of vote of no confidence for FAZ executive
    These guys have to go .they obviously have no clue of what they are doing.w ada had a much better plan .

  32. Victor says:

    That’s what happen when you underrate your competitors/opponents. Zambia is overrated. Greetings from Namibia.

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