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Zambia Football: FAZ & Government

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Below is excerpt from Dickson Jere’s Book – Inside the Presidency (2014) – on Chapter Thirteen under the title “Working With Sporting President”.

“The relationship between FAZ and government was not always good. FAZ officials constantly accused the Minister of Sports and his team of interfering in the running of football.

The Ministry insisted that it had a role, especially considering that government was the major funder of the sport.
“We give FAZ money and should therefore have a say,” Mr (Kenneth) Chipungu would insist. [Minister of Sports then].

When he tried to call for accountability, FAZ always rushed to FIFA, which came down very hard on the government, threatening suspension of Zambia from international football.

At one point, the government withheld funding to the national team, which had a scheduled game against Mozambique coming up. Without government funds, FAZ cannot manage to finance the national teams.

“Please help resolve this issue,” FAZ President (Kalusha) Bwalya telephoned me after he reached a deadlock with government officials.

I immediately informed the President. [Rupiah Banda].

“We can’t allow the boys to suffer because of a fight between FAZ and the Minister,” he said.

Within minutes, he was on the phone with the Minister.
He directed that funds be released and that a government accountant travel with the money and handle all payments without the involvement of FAZ”

Page 146 to 147 of the Book.

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