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Match Report: Zambia fall in Guinea Bissau

Zambia were dealt a heavy blow in their quest to qualify for2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals when they lost 2 – 1 away to Guinea Bissau.

It was sweet revenge for the West Africans who came from behind after Justin Shonga had put Zambia ahead to avenge the loss they suffered in Lusaka with a similar scoreline four days ago.

Guinea Bissau started well and pegged Zambia back in the early exchanges but some brilliant play in midfield by Enock Mwepu who had earlier missed a one on one chance with the keeper saw him win a freekick just outside the D zone.

Shonga made no mistake from the set piece to give Zambia the lead in the 12th minute to make it four goals in four games on his account.

Zambia looked comfortable for the rest of the half but failed to come out of their shell after the restart.

Zambia conceded when Solomon Sakala was beaten on the right as the attacker charged into the box and Stopilla Sunzu turned the cross into his own net with Kennedy Mweene beaten in the 53rd minute.

Bissau did not look back and added a second when Toni Silva jumped the highest in the box to score the second in 61st minute from a freekick.

Zambia failed to find any rythmn after that but still managed to create chances with Shonga and Patson Daka all coming close.

The result sees Guinea Bissau pull away from the rest of the pack in Group K as they move to 7 points while Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique remain on 4 points.

Namibia and Mozambique play their game in hand on Tuesday.

Zambia play their next game in November.

Starting XI

(16) Kennedy Mweene, (2) Solomon Sakala, (13) Stoppilla Sunzu, (14) Kabaso Chongo, (3) Lawrence Chungu, (19) Nathan Sinkala, (11) Enock Mwepu, (7) Clatous Chama (Rainford Kalaba), (8) Lubambo Musonda (Patson Daka), (22) Augustine Mulenga (Lazarous Kambole), (12) Justin Shonga



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24 Comments to Match Report: Zambia fall in Guinea Bissau

  1. STUMPY says:

    zambia is a team without direction. they only know how to play feel good football. which doesnt work when you are down. more to follow from veteran zamfoot blogger stumpy.

  2. Manuel says:

    Kambole ahead of Daka.. Hope we win the next two games

  3. Mingalato says:

    Better to write “Guinea Bissau has eliminated Zambia from AFCON again”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Zambia forget about afcon is not about the coach is the mental strength of the players

  5. Mark c says:

    Zambia forget about afcon is not about the coach is the mental strength of the players the were too casual and too selfish. Kalaba has somefootball in him

  6. Pundit says:

    The coach should be reacting fast with substitutes at the start of second half Chama and Lubambo should have been substituted…The Boy Solomon Sakala was always going to be the weakest link please coach find a better right back!

  7. Mark c says:

    Zambia are out of afcon

  8. Anonymous says:

    The referee was a suspect. Zambian players to selfish. Substitute were delayed Chama and lubambo were tired.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Officiating was very poor by the togolese referee.

  10. Herold says:

    Its not yet over until it’s over

  11. Landa Bakumfwe says:

    This is what happens when a team is just playing well, score a goal and instead of maintaining the momentum they cowar themselves into a defensive shell. Total nonsense

  12. Geo says:

    Sakala was a weak leak for Zambia,even lubambo wasn’t at his best today.However, we will qualify.Go Zambia Go.

  13. Tony mash says:

    I new it when the coach fired mbola that disaster is ahead. Fashion also left the camp. And the team seletion is very poor especially at the back. Just forgive and forget and bring back emmanuel mbola. Donnashona malama he can also add value at the back. Seven if you are to entertain any hopes of qualifying start working with professionals. Brian mwila is our number one striker but to the surprise he is not part of the team. You are to be blamed for this loss. You are doing an experiment with wrong apparatus solomon and lawrence chungu. Chungu failed to play cosafa. Even a blind pearson can see that your team is weak at the back. Tactically today you were very poor you should have rested some of the players. Drop all players you call up for national duty who there marketing purposes. Eg bruce musakanya

  14. Kuku says:

    Referee was poor.

  15. Herold says:

    The loss to Mozambique is haunting us. Had we taken full advantage of home ground we could have bagged 7points aswel..

    • Luapula Bize says:

      You have a strong point. Zambia could have been on 7 points if they had won their home game against Mozambique. Not these issues some bloggers are bringing in! They are now talking about the inclusion of Mbola…before the game, they praised the team salection and the coach! Ba muselela kwakaba!

  16. Anonymous says:

    There is a very big chance for Zambia to qualify all we need to do is win remaining two games

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do you think zambia who qualify it is guinea bissau and namibia who will qualify in this group

  18. Ian Malilwe says:

    What should be done next time please let the coach consider the full back area, if possible let the assistant advise the coach to bring in ZIO TEMBO,he will make an impact at the back

  19. Pungwa says:

    We lack aggression. Our approach is too casual. Those Spanish experts told us that our game is too slow – we are not making any effort to change that.

  20. Ian Malilwe says:

    Let Brian Mwila and Zio Tembo be part of the remaining games

  21. Jbs Simubernard says:

    we don’t want ziyo tembo & donashano malama mu squad

  22. Anonymous says:

    Solomon sakala need to be dropped I don’t think zambia will be able to make it for afcon 2019. Mental strength of zambian players the were to casual on the ball you need to be aggressive mwenee as well need to be disciplined

  23. Masondi says:

    To FAZ:

    Too many under 20 or 23 players in the senior National Team! Are we building a team for 2020 competitions? The mental strength is weak coz they are too young for the level of competition. You can have one under 20 or two, that could no much of a problem.They are not bad, its just maturity they are lacking, just watch the space, this squad if it survives next 2 years, it will be a force to recon with. But Lubambo is too small for most games – may be used in the mid field to help flow of the game. Solomon need a lot of time with coach and psychologist. Coach watch the game with aim of directing players what to do at each arising situation, if them players can not think. Chungu was culprit even in the first game, why use him in away game.

    In Mozambiaque, Coach or players on your own try a combination of Sinkala, Mwepu and Kalaba as central players, i.e. 6, 8,& 10. Then Shonga, Daka, Mulenga Upfront at the same time not substituting any of these for another! Once we win this one, we are home and dry.

    Lads, the last thing to loose is hope, and we can not when we have seen it is there! remember, away games are difficult to win. So we can not cry on the last loss! Just need to claim the one we lost at home.

    Good luck Sven and your guns as you think of the spirit we need to have in Mozambique, on 16 November, 2018!

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