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Zambia was the best attacking team at COSAFA-Chambeshi

Zambia national team stand in coach Beston Chambeshi has crowned his team as the best attack minded squad at the just ended COSAFA Castle Cup in Limpopo South Africa.

Chambeshi is however concerned with the low conversion rate of the team which he wants the players to work on.

“Am happy with our attacking system . We were the only team attacking anyhow especially when we played Madagascar we could easily beaten them by six nil, We were totally on them. We just need to work on finishing and we need to tell the players to take more responsibility when near the goal, ” He said.

Chambeshi also believes that his team fought hard for the COSAFA Castle Cup title which they lost by four goals to two in the final to Zimbabwe.

Chambeshi explained that Zimbabwe had to switch to long balls for them to equalise as they had tall players compared to his defenders.

” We were leading by two goals to one until towards the end when they switched their tactics to long balls and you could see my left back and right back (Shemmy Mayembe and Martin Kaonga) were short boys and Zimbabwe wingers were tall which was a plus for them and they had to equalise. Otherwise taking Zimbabwe to extra time was a plus for us at least we fought for that game,” He said.

The team arrived back home on Sunday, June 10th aboard Rwanda Air at 18:45 hours and were welcomed by secretariat staff led by acting General Secretary David Tembo and Head of Administration Andrew Siame.


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18 Comments to Zambia was the best attacking team at COSAFA-Chambeshi

  1. Kasama Boy says:

    I tend to concur with Beston Cambeshi. One has to start by accepting that we were using a makeshift Chipolopolo. Our coach resigned this month or last. Chambeshi only started training with this group about 2 weeks ago and the idea was to expose and steel the nerves of those young stars.
    To me the objective was fully met. We exposed our future players to the rigours of a tournament. Winning against a fully fledged Zimbo National team would have just been a bonus. They had their full Arsenal, while we didn’t. They pressed through and through and the lads held their own. We outplayed them with very intelligent counter attacks, but they out-muscled us, physically.
    The Kampamba miss, and the subsequent penalty deflated us. No one should be blamed since that is football, you miss the other side to put your team 3-1 with a minute to go and as the ball swings into your area they equalise and send you into extra time. You get deflated and tired, while they get motivated.
    Of course there were a number of tactics that could have won us the cup, like feigning injury, packing the bus, going to block them in the corner flag and all the jazz, but it wasn’t to be.
    Personally I am very impressed with Chambeshi and as I always advocate, send the guy for capacity building in Europe or South America or to both and let him come back and coach locally.
    Out time will come, when the players get more clinical in front of goal. Meantime lets expose as many as we can so we have a regiment of battle tested players to select from.

  2. Chali says:

    Kasama boy thanks for the analysis. However, wen Chambeshi was the coach for the U-20, we got knocked out by Italy when they scord in the last minute. Against Zim same story. when does he learn?

  3. pundit says:

    kkkkk lets bring a professional coach who has the experience of europe ed the morden tactics ed technicallities of the game thumbs up to Beston well done unlike chi Wada..

  4. STUMPY says:

    ichamba chikali

  5. Kyakilika says:

    Faz chipolopolo lost they were sluggish and over confident and too wasteful.

  6. km says:

    After losing the Game against Zimbabwe in COSAFA,.I saw a lot of positives than negatives.The negatives were few.these are the negatives.We lost and it hurts,nsabata not yet fit to Be first choice goal keeper,the front line still not having full confidence.

    The positives, the team played good passing game,with complete passes to watch.we controlled the middle. New players were discovered who can fight for permanent places in the actual senior team.We have Benson sakala,he played very well as a holding and defensive midfielder. So in that position, we have (Nathan sinkala, donashano,malama,benson sakala, kondwani,mutonga).

    We have cc chama.on number 10 who can fight for that position with( kalaba,mwepu,cc chama.)

    Then we have kambole,in to fight that position with (patson,daka,justin shonga,)

    Although the team lost I enjoyed watching them.Personally if feel the coach should be given the job of coaching this national team.Beston chambeshi,can combine this COSAFA Team with other senior players to form A very strong national team.

  7. MULENGA PULU says:

    Faz unveil the chipolopolo coach

  8. Kasama Boy says:

    Just give the coaching position to Beston.
    We have had so many foreign coaches and only 1 made us go through to the title. How is this different from the performance and achievements of Zambian coaches?

  9. chambeshiOut says:

    Nonsense #ChambeshiOut

  10. Slim says:

    @ Kasama boy & Km u both have raised some important observations; the fact that CCC played well, Kambole,Billy Mutale did put in decent shifts also. However I disagree on the appointment of Chambeshi as national team coach! The same problems at U20 resurfaced at Chipo! His lack of tactical awareness. Sate Sate cost us the cup that’s a fact which the coach is glossing over because he is a Nkana player. This player did not deserve to replace Kambole at that critical time. Sate Sate is a lazy player and the team needed someone such as Chabula who was on bench, a player with attacking and defensive abilities.
    If u remember, when Sate was top scorer Renard would not use him claiming he was not national team material. Four years down the road his presence is detrimental to our cause.
    Chambeshi is not fit to be national team coach.

  11. mwila makungu says:

    What tactic was that ba Chambeshi? The boys stopped attacking and resorted to defending or simply waited for Zimbabwe to equalize after 2:1 lead!

  12. Tony mash says:

    Orando pirates after kambole’s signature..

  13. Sibs says:

    I would like to agree with at @Slim. It was a tactical error to remove your best attacking player in Kambole and bring in someone who was actually a liability. Kapamba never added anything in that game. The Coach let the players start defending with 10 minutes or so to go. Zambia has never been good at defending. We play better attacking and holding on to the ball. Defence has never been our strength for years. We paid the price of trying to preserve the lead. Immediately Kambole went out Zim raised their game and we were in trouble.

    I thought Beston would have known that. Tactically he is naive. l agree with the idea of sending him abroad for further training he still has a lot to learn especially coaching at the highest level. It will be suicide putting him in charge of the National Team.

    Impressed with Cleotus Chama. He was a joy to watch, he reminded me of Kalaba though he lucks Kalaba’s pace and ability to shoot at any angle. Kambole and the guy who was playing at Central defense with Zifa Tembo caught my eye. Kambole is a natural finisher.

  14. Mwebantu says:

    Next time no excuse Beston. At the moment you are the only coach who can do better as far as local coaches are concerned.

  15. BYONKABYO says:

    Send bestone chambeshi to school. Then unveil the coach who will win us trophies we have very intelligent players.

  16. Discipline says:

    Ati empower local and die of heat attack

  17. tasman says:

    Beston doest think naimwe en not fit to be national coach.

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