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Women’s U17 withdraws, RSA gets a bye

Zambia women’s Under-17 side have pulled out of facing the South African women’s team in next year’s World Cup qualifiers, thus handing the South Africans a free passage through.

Zambia were set to face the young South Africans ladies side in the first lef on 9 January, but various problems in the country, mostly pertaining to financial issues, has forced them to pull out of the schedule fixture.

This means that the SA U-17s have been handed a walker over and will progress to the the final round of World Cup qualifiers, with the date and opponents yet to be announced.

“Yesterday we were informed that Zambia, who were supposed to play against our  u-17 women’s team, have withdrawn from the qualification for the under-17 World Cup,” Safa president Danny Jordaan said

“Our team is now through to final round of the under-17 women’s World Cup qualifiers because of this.”

When ask if CAF presented reasons to the federation on why Zambia decided to pull out at such short notice, Jordan said there were not informed.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We were just informed by CAF that Zambia have withdrew their under-17 team. There are some issues also in Zambia, I’m sure you may assume,” he added.

The women’s U-17 World Cup will take place next year in Jordan, kicking off on 30 September.


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7 Comments to Women’s U17 withdraws, RSA gets a bye

  1. Chipolopolo says:

    That’s FAZ and Kalusha for you. The FAZ coffers have been emptied by Kalusha and the crew. What to you expect from this man?

  2. Edy says:

    Better Than Wasting Tax Payers Money

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Unbelievable. The U17 women are the only ones who achieved anything in the last 3 yrs i.e. qualified for the U17 world cup and you call it a waste. The senior men’s national team has been more of a waste than these young ladies. It’s clear FAZ has no plan, and these girls despite representing Zambia at the highest level in their age group are now being tossed to the side. What a shame! Even more so attitudes of people like you.

  3. muchofe says:

    If the government is block, what about FAZ? This is just the begining, you are yet to see more of the unheard of in Zambian history. Faz wants a nee coach & they know that Zambian desparately needs one aheard of the AFCON & World cup qualifiers, but the block partner can afford. That is the reason why Faz decided to bring in Kawir just to beaf up the intelligennce on the coaching bench. Otherwise, we are yet to cry ba Zed

  4. no future in young ladies!

  5. kuku says:

    kuti waiba!

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