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Still the best Coach for Zesco United

Opinion | Zesco should not fire George Lwandamina

Zesco United have in the recent few years turned to be Zambia’s pride at club level as they churned out consistently good performances at both local and international level.

At the start of the season, it was not a question of how well they will do in the league it was a question of how well prepared they would be for the CAF competitions.

However, the results at both local and international level have been poor as George Lwandamina has failed to find the winning formula for ZEGA. His team gave not won in the last 7 games and the fans are demanding for the firing of the head coach “Chicken”.

But is it fair to lump the blame of Chicken?

There was very little he could to change or rejuvenate the current team as he inherited the squad from Tenant Chembo. After winning the league last season, the team needed massive changes and inclusions. Most Zesco fans argued at that point that they had the team to carry on.

To add to the mix, the change in the CAF calendar gave Lwandamina little time to add to his squad after winning the title.

The team has played too much football and it has reached a bad phase. This could be a blessing in disguise as management will now move to quickly being in new blood in the team.

A number of players have reached their limit and the only thing they can do now is to just be those experienced players that come in when things are okay and run off games. The situation of Isaac Chansa at Forest Rangers .


Despite the elimination from the CAF Confederation Cup with a game to spare – Lwandamina must stay on. With him at the helm, Zesco United are at least assured of participation in the next CAF competition. There will not be many of the Mufulira Wanderers result (2-1 loss) under Chicken.

The season is too short for experiments and change on that bench will just destabilize the team further.

Don’t be misled , ZESCO UNITED is still that big team we have in the land and one stable team to represent us on the continental show piece.

Lwandamina will turn things around the soonest and that can actually start this Sunday against Asante Kotoko.


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10 Comments to Opinion | Zesco should not fire George Lwandamina

  1. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Don’t forget that George chicken also left Tennant Chembo the same team before he left for Tanzania so your excuse doesn’t stand. How did other teams who were also taking part in the same continental competition manage to include new faces in their teams e.g PLS teams for them it’s worse coz they have never rested. I agree with some points raised but I don’t agree on the other part of the article. Zesco management needs to work wake

  2. Logic says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to make an excuse for the failure of chicken to inspire an already stocked team to win. The blame falls squarely on him as the team has been less than inspiring despite their experience.

  3. Mingalato says:

    But he has good players he is not using, like the Japanese with Zambian names.
    He also has those 2 young boys with Under 20, ka Lameck and friend. They are fast.
    Look he risked Clement, and has turned to be the best defender he can even send to national team.
    The lineup he keep using is too firm. Too stable.

  4. Mwila makungu says:

    George is a seasoned coach. However his body language of complesancy has been mastered by his on players. He can’t inspire the team anymore.

  5. Pundits says:

    Useless..your article doesn’t make sense at all!
    You could have found something better to do.
    You both headless chickens always giving excuses Lwandamina was complaining that they didn’t have enough games in preseason to fine tune,today you saying too many games there tired???
    Be professional accept defeat!

  6. Daniel says:

    George is a stereotype type of a coach ,no team rotation. Some prayers have been on bench for almost a year. He does not trust new players.he NASA bad approach toward them.he finishes players by benching them

  7. Hunter Shilesa says:

    Zesco plays their games with no purpose. They dont take their matches as serious business which is typical of zambian football. Try to watch how clubs from other countries play, with their lungs out, like their life depended on that one game. As for fat albert his time is up.

  8. Masheke says:

    I really don’t agree with this article. Please give us correct analysis of things not your biased opinion. In any case, it is Mr George who has built his credentials on an already established Zesco United. Please management, look for a better coach and let Mr George go and coach Nakambala leopards so we see if he can even survive relegation in a this halved league.

  9. Chris says:

    Zambians, we talk sense but act differently, why

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