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Wanyeka Munzi! What an insult to my intelligence as Wada says Sven has failed

Zambia’s failure to qualify to the African Cup of Nations for the second consecutive time under the FAZ administration of Andrew Kamanga is trending in the landlocked country.

Football is the country’s no.1 sport, and across the country, from Chilubi  Island to Shang’ombo,  Nakonde to Sinazongwe, and Ikelengi to Nyimba, Kamanga and Chipolopolo Boys’ Belgian coach Sven Vandenbroeck are the most talked about names.

For that, it is no surprise that former Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda has failed to take back a seat.

Now at struggling South African Premier Soccer League Baroka where he promised to win a league title, the outspoken coach has written an emotional letter.

“When I came in, I had 13 days before playing the first World Cup qualifier against the Great Super Eagles [Nigeria],” Wada Wada wrote

While Wada Wada had almost two weeks to prepare for Nigeria, Vandenbroeck had an induction of two months and three days  prior to the 1-1 draw against Namibia.

FAZ  confirmed the hiring of the Belgian coach on 5th July, 2018 and was unveiled to the media at Lusaka’s Golden Peacook Hotel five days later by Kamanga.

His first game came on 8th September, 2018 away in Windhoek and Zambia needed a late Justin Shonga deflected free kick to earn a draw.

“We lost 2-1 [at home]. A week later we travelled to Cameroon and drew 1-1, a game we controlled and the referee gave a fake penalty to the hosts,” Wada gave an account of his Chipolopolo’s encounters against Nigeria and African Champions Cameroon.

Actually Vandenbroeck was the assistant coach and was in the dugout for Cameroon at the time.

With more time, the former Nchanga Rangers, Power Dynamos and Kaizer Chiefs striker tried to consolidate his side by blooding in the likes of Ernest Mbewe, Brian Mwila, Justin Shonga and members of the famous class of ’17 trio Fashion Sakala, Patson Daka and Enock Mwepu.

Even though insiders at Football House claim that the inclusion of the  Under-20 trio Daka, Sakala and Mwepu was forced on him by Kamanga.

Maybe Kamanga should take some credit.

And the old guards including legendary Rainford Kalaba, Nathan Sinkala and Chisamba Lungu were axed as they paved way for the young guns.

Only Nigeria denied Zambia a place at the a world Cup

The Chipolopolo arm band went to Ziyo Tembo while the Kennedy Mweene and Stopilla Sunzu were the only members of the AFCON 2012 title winning squad remaining.

“I changed the whole team and made my new team.We played Algeria the number 1 rated in Africa and beat them 3-1 at home and 1-0  three days later in Algeria.  And our chances to qualify to first world cup were open,” Wada recounted.

While over 100 million have taken to social media to complain about Ahmed Musa’s late disallowed goal against South Africa over the weekend, Nyirenda has reminded the West Africans thag Zambia was also robbed following a wrongfully disallowed goal by Botswana referee Joshua Bondo who controversially ruled offside an Augustine Mulenga goal.

“Nigeria stole our game in Nigeria and my team came out second in the the group of death consisting of Algeria,  Nigeria and and Cameroon,” he said as he compared the Russia 2018 World Cup ‘Group of Death’ to the ‘Cosafa Group.’

“If this was Africa qualifier like today it means we’re through,” Wada reminded his critics

“But this man [Sven Vandenbroeck] has failed to qualify to afcon in a group consisting of Namibia, Mozambique and Guinea [Bissau]. What an insult to my intelligence.

Zambia has more AFCON  [17] appearances compared to other Southern Africa rivals. So Group K was easier as there were no continental heavyweights.

In addition, the tournament participants  have been increased from 16 to 24 countries.

Actually, Zambia is the only Southern African country which qualified for AFCON when the tournament only had eight slots until after the format was changed to 16 in 1996.

“Having built a very good side and the future looking clear only to be hated and treated like an outcast by my own.Just because I’m same color they preferred a light skin,” Wada complained for feeling under appreciated by his own people.

The Baroka coach also revealed that he went for 9 months without receiving his $10,000 monthly pay check and yet Vandenbroeck has been getting his on time.

“While doing all these good things I was not being paid. I stayed 9 months without salary. And still going through their media attacks. Ask them if this white boy has been skipped payment of any salary or allowances. Shame on us Shame  Shame Shame.

In all fairness, Vandenbroeck just had one game at home while the other three were away games.

Wada was in charge of Zambia when Mozambique stunned the 2012 African Champions at home with a 1-0 win on match day of the CAF 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

It is also worth remembering that Zambia under Nyirenda failed to go past in Cosafa tournaments twice as the copper bullets failed to win any silverware.

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14 Comments to Wanyeka Munzi! What an insult to my intelligence as Wada says Sven has failed

  1. CHIPOLOPOLOf@n says:

    A blind person cannot lead his fellow blind person. Sven needs new technical bench advisors not bena chintu kampamba who can’t read the game ,where on earth would you start Emmanuel banda & bring on kalaba , CCC and Daka in dying minutes.

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      I don’t know either the idea of Chintu Kampamba being assistant coach seems the job of assistant coach has gone to the dogs

      Beston Chambeshi is Zambias best coach and proof is there for all to see. Under20 World cup 1/4 finals, thus Zambia being among the 8 best under20 teams in the whole world. The whole under20 squad should be elevated to under23/Senior National team as we prepare for the future tournaments

  2. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    I don’t know either the idea of Chintu Kampamba being assistant coach seems the job of assistant coach has gone to the dogs

    Beston Chambeshi is Zambias best coach and proof is there for all to see. Under20 World cup 1/4 finals, thus Zambia being among the 8 best under20 teams in the whole world. The whole under20 squad should be elevated to under23/Senior National team as we prepare for the future tournaments

  3. Kudos to wada wada for such a run in the world cup qualifiers but what every Zambian hoped(is hoping) for is to see the form we were in when we won the afcon in 2012. If sibweni is to stay he needs a serious assistant like beston Chambeshi even though I really want him to be a coach for the senior team someday otherwise I do see some lack of experience in sven van damme despite showing some disciplinary acts.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    There is a difference between Wedson Nyirenda and Sven.
    Nyirenda is Zambia, having grown up playing in Zambia, he understands the game and the mentality of a Zambian. So it is easy for the players to understand him and for him to understand them.
    How much time was he given? what did he achieve?

    Sven is a new comer, he grew up playing somewhere else and he has to learn the Zambian mentality. How much time was he given and how much has he achieved?

    Nyirenda should not have said what he did, unless he wants to blame Sven for being appointed coach of Zambia, as if he appointed himself.

    Lets not point fingers, we have failed and need to look at how we can do better next time. We need friendlies, we need to blend the team, we need to move with current trends, otherwise we shall always be second best.
    Time has moved on and we also need to move with it.

    Players we have plenty and good ones. Lets lick our wounds and then stand up to fight another day.

  5. Bsimms says:



    Beston Quicksilver Chambeshi


    Speedy Effective Chipolopolo

  6. Bsimms says:

    Wedson Nyirenda should just shut up!

    This mess started with him.

    We did not celebrate his poooooor performance which cost us as spot in Russia. Wada Wada was poor & Afcon qualifiers should have been his life line after World cup failure.

  7. Muchofe says:

    Chintu’s brain gets diluted with excess adrenaline at the peak of a game. He stops thinking…that position is for thinker…Plz

  8. Sibs says:

    @Muchofe i agree the position that Chintu is occupying needs a quick thinker. Sven together with Chintu can not read the game. They saw we were struggling against Mozambique, we could not even put more that 4 passes together yet they could not make a single change until late in the game. SHOCKING!! The Maambas were wasteful otherwise it could have been bad. Lubambo M, E.Banda and Augustine M should have come out after 35 minutes if the 2 Coaches were reading the game and serious.

    I mentioned on this platform so many times that Kalaba was supposed to be starting the game and taken out if he got tired. Kalaba may not be as quick as he used to be but when he came in with C.C.C you could see the change of the game and the other game against Guinea same thing. He was more quicker and industrious than the younger players. I was disappointed with E. Mwepu the last 2 games we played, he was bad could not influence the game all. Without a doubt we lost the game on the bench. We have better players than Mozambique, Namibia and even Guinea player for player can’t much us. But having said all this i feel Guinea and Namibia DESERVE to go to Cameroon they have been hungrier than us. This was an easy group but we failed miserably.

    B.Chambeshi and another Coach can take the team forward. This SVEN guy was just an experiment. On Wada he brought divisions in the team. Imagine K.Chongo, N.Sinkala and R.Kalaba were cut off from the team. Shame! Kabaso Chongo was Zambia’s best performer in the last 4 games we played. I feel bad for PD that he was not given an opportunity to see what he could do and yet E.Banda came and started the game.


    Shame on Zambians and all bloggers on this site you have failed to account for your insults to your own surely the experiments of slavery have worked well I cannot believe my eyes and I thank God that I am alive to see these days, “THIS IS WHY IT WILL TAKE TIME FOR AN AFRICAN TEAM TO WIN THE WORLD CUP”.
    First of all let us compare Sven and Wada back then as Players, Sven is nowhere near Wada please consult Dr google and prove me wrong! As Coach Wada’s CV is more powerful and I watched the Chipos under Wada even though they were not a marvel to watch but they played way better with purpose than under Sven where they have been reduced to Chipantepantes. Let us be real WADA suffered because he is; Zambian, African and black, it is a pity that in Africa we will never stop persecuting our own if I can remember well this has happened to a lot of Coaches in Africa shakes Mashaba of RSA, the late Stephen Keshi of Nigeria to mention a few.
    Egypt is very successful because they use their own and believe in them also if we are to see results we should stop being “RACISTS”.
    Honestly, this Coach Sven is a “””NIGHT MARE “”” to Zambian soccer. Wada disciplined Kalaba and triple C you called him names but this Sven chased away Mbola nobody says anything “Muzunguwangas” so Kalaba and triple C can only behave under a white Coach? what a shame what these boys forget is that they will also be Coaches one day. RACISM MUST FALL!!!!!!

  10. Mwalife says:

    Under Kamanga’s leadership at FAZ we yet to see the worst

    • Bsimms says:

      Surely what can be worse than this? I think we have seen enough! Kamanga is now banking on the ill prepared U23 team to do miracles against the FLAMES OF Malawi!

      I am equally praying for the miracle but will not be fooled by any success.

      If we can fail to get past a LEAGUE LESS TEAM LIKE THE SO CALLED BRAVE WORRIORS of the Namib desert, there is no hope…

      Kamanga’s team have failed us:

      1. Pathetic show in Afcon Qualifiers;

      2. Under 20’s failure to get to the Afcon;

      3. It may have passed but missing out on the world cup in Russia was a serious draw back;

      4. Where is our U17?

      5. What is the plan with the poor show exhibited by Zambian clubs on the continental front?

      6.Why can’t we stick with a coach for a very long time, ,

  11. chris says:

    Mr Kamanga the FAZ President has a lot of explanations to do concerning the failure of our Football National team to qualify to Africa Cup finals and the hiring of our ever disappointing and talkative Coach

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