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Vaselin ‘application’ fails as FAZ complies with Government directive

The appointment of Serbian trainer Vaselin Jelušic as Chipolopolo head coach has died a natural death following a statement from Football house confirming that they will comply to the directive from Government to readvertise the Copper Bullets top job.

FAZ in a media release written by Communications Manager Mwazi Chanda and made available to the ZamFoot Crew revealed that they had ‘taken note of Government’s directive and will comply’.

Minister of Sports Emmanuel Mulenga was not happy with the process (headhunting) used to pick the would be Chipolopolo coach hence he advised the Association to advertise the job and follow the right Channel or else find a way of ‘issuing him a work permit’ as government would not do that because of the picking process used and the ‘poor’ track record of the said coach.

FAZ had last week announced that they would name a new Chipolopolo coach this week and media reports two days ago indicated that they had settled for the Serbian trainer.

With this new development, Green Eagles boss Aggrey Chiyangi will continue as the Chipolopolo gaffer in the interim capacity.



Press Statement
(For Immediate Release)
Football Association of Zambia
Football House,

27th August 2019


The Football Association of Zambia wishes to advise members of the public that it has taken note of Government’s directive and will comply.

This is in relation to the appointment of the Zambia national team head coach, where Government has directed that they will not support the recruitment of the recommended candidates.

Recently, FAZ had advertised the vacancies in the senior men’s, Under 20 and other similar coaching positions.
The response from local coaches was low and we wish to encourage them to apply for the position, once it is advertised.

FAZ remains committed to ensuring the best suitable candidate is employed to fill the position.

For and on behalf of:
Mwazi Chanda


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7 Comments to Vaselin ‘application’ fails as FAZ complies with Government directive

  1. GSK11 says:

    Thank you FAZ.
    Keep A Chiyangi , he has not disappointed so far. He needs support from the Zamfoot faithful.

  2. BuzzEd says:

    Where are all those Kamanga boot lickers. Ba Munaile, this is the time to dram up your support. This is yours to lose.

  3. Positive Thinking says:

    This has to be the most inept FAZ admin in history. Government is paying half the salary and you can’t even work with them prior to hiring the new coach??!!!

  4. Moses chibwe says:

    Ba kamanga. What’s going on?. We have seen a difference between you and the great kalu.

  5. Sydney chileshe says:

    It’s sad ba faz how can you just pick a coach without even advertising the job Zambia is one of the power houses in Africa were football is concern .
    We are not a small country in football to pick a coach with poor track record, pick on merit please .what is really happening mr kamanga ,we have been performing very poor we wouldn’t want history to repeat itself.
    Thx honorable mulenga this what we need sir transperence.

  6. Anon says:

    Shame!! Some hopeless blacks believe only a white coach can train Chipolopolo. Ubututu!!

  7. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    I have questions.

    1. When Herve Renard was employed was the position advertised and if so in which media???
    2. When Wedson was employed was the position advertised and if so in which media???

    Just want to get the facts

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