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U-20 Afcon mascot laments over unpaid dues

IT’S over a year, since Zambia hosted the U-20 Afcon and emerged impregnable for the first time in history. What batts an eyelash, is that the person who enlivened the masses, as the tournament’s official mascot, is yet to receive his dues for the services he rendered.

Gorge Shawa, is the comedian who used to put on the 2017 U-20 Afcon’s official mascot, portrayed as the eagle–locally known as Nkwazi.

Shawa, played an important role of brightening up the first ever major football tournament to have ever graced this land. The workhorse entailed: performing during the entirety of the live games, launchings, Radio/TV programmes, dinner functions and during the sending off party of the former CAF President, Issa Hayatou.

Furthermore, prior the commencement of the tournament, he shuttled through the shopping malls and compounds in Lusaka, with the objection of sensitizing hordes of people; that Zambia, was for the first time going to be the cynosure of eyes in Africa, with the U-20 Afcon hosting.

Speaking to zambianfootball.co.zm, George Shawa said he was asked to use his personal funds, of which the promise of reimbursement, as early as possible was made. The mishap to him, is that up-to date he hasn’t received a dime, when others like musician Jordan Katembula and his entourage were paid.

“During the preparations, i was told to use my resources so that later on i can be reimbursed. But up to now there is nothing. These people are unfair. I’m telling you, i really worked like a slave but they can’t appreciate,” he said.

“There was an assurance that I will be paid as early as possible, but I’m surprised up to now this hasn’t happened. The other people I worked with during the mobilization (Country Road Shows ) got paid. People like JK and his entourage got their full package.”

He has alleged that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is sidetracking the responsibility, passing it over to the Minister of Sports, who has over the past year, giving excuses of the Finance Ministry being sluggish to release the funds.

“FAZ is trying to run away from this responsibility. They left me in the hands of the Ministry of Sports but the ministry is saying that they are still waiting for the funding from ministry of Finance. Its now a year plus, please assist me.

“I will be very grateful. Please help me. I don’t want to use negative energy by protesting over what I deserve. What they should know is that we need each other in everything,” he said.

When this publication contacted the FAZ media and communications liaison manager Desmond Katongo, he implored to be given some time so as to make the consultations. And, by time of publishing the story, Katongo’s consultations with, obviously the powers that be were still in full swing.

Meanwhile, the media director of the African football supreme and governing body CAF Junior Binyam said local matters, for all CAF competitions are dealt by Local Organizing Committees.

When asked if hosting countries are empowered by CAF, Binyam nodded and stressed that they are entitled to their coffers 20% of the money made from the sells of media and marketing rights.

“As a matter of principles, host countries are receiving 20% of the money Caf is able to make by selling media and marketing rights of an event. This is stipulated in the host agreement and sometimes regulations.

“Most of the costs including TV production are to be borne by the host countries. So except afcon were important sales are done, for the rest of the competitions it may happen that there is nothing to share.

“But it can happen that those 20% ends up being the TV production cost that is to be borne by the host country. So they won’t receive anything in that case. As a matter of principle the 20% paid of the gross sales paid to host association for afcon are also paid for U20, U17 and the rest,” he said.

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2 Comments to U-20 Afcon mascot laments over unpaid dues

  1. Julio says:

    This story makes sad reading. Give the man what he deserves. It seems everyone is shifting the blame. Since Faz contracted him, they should pay his dues from their coffers and later pursue the Sports Ministry. A year of unpaid dues is so unfair!

  2. I can remember this man’s entertainment in Lusaka’s heroes stadium he really made fans to Cheer as we waited for the games to start everyone would screen “nyoni nyoni” give him he deserves the money.

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