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Football betting is not all about having a great understanding of the game, but also centers on betting on the right football leagues

Top 3 Popular Football Leagues to Bet on for Better Winning Chances

Stand a Better Chance of Winning Big: Top 3 Popular Football Leagues to Bet On

If you are big on football betting, chances are that from time to time, things have not always ended up as you expected. Well, this is for a good reason. While having deep knowledge of the sport and insightful information on various betting options and odds is great, knowing the right leagues to bet on is an added advantage that most bettors overlook.

A good deal in football betting always comes down to the specific leagues a bettor chooses to place their bets on. Football league information provides you with insight on specific countries’ football tendencies and overall gameplay, giving you an opportunity to beat even the biggest of bookies on a regular basis.

Top Football Leagues to Bet On

This read provides you with a list of some major football leagues that are popular among bettors. Here, you will learn what leagues have competitive odds, what options to bet on in each of the leagues and also how you can make fantastic value bets on the specific leagues.
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1.UEFA Champions League

General Information

  • Country: Europe
  • Number of Teams: 32
  • Year Founded: 1955
  • Year Rebranded: 1992
  • Football Season: September to May

The UEFA Champions League is one of the world’s most competitive football tournaments, with its aim being crowning Europe’s Football Champion! Here, the very best of football teams go on a head to head contest, with everyone eyeing the coveted title. Not only is the UEFA Champions League grand in reputation, but it also happens to be the world’s most prestigious football event speaking from a clubs-level perspective.

Leading Online bookmakers provide bettors with numerous Champions League games offers, giving them more betting value. With these special offers, no other international football competition comes close to beating the UEFA Champions League in extra betting value. The difficulty in predicting game results here goes a long way into making wagering on this league all the more interesting, not to mention thrilling!
The Champions Leagues brings you:

  • Extensive wagering markets and bet options
  • Popular teams globally
  • Numerous special offers
  • Fantastic gaming odds

The English Premier League
General Information

  • Country: England
  • Number of Teams: 20
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Football Season: August to May

The English Premier League is undoubtedly one of the most competitive football leagues globally, having been around for nearly two decades. Over the years, the EPL has grown in popularity globally, especially among bettors, given the impressive array of sports betting markets it offers them. The best casinos understand just how vast Bettors’ interest in the English Premier League is, and they do a great job in capitalizing on this.
Players seem to take a liking into this league as well, seeing as it brings some form of familiarity to the football game, alongside a wide range of popular betting options. EPL gives bettors a chance to support household names such as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea, when it comes to the world’s leading football club’s arena.
The EPL comes packed with:

  • Top notch quality English football
  • The most recent football news updates, statistics and general information
  • Highly competitive odds among most bookies


Serie A
General Information

  • Country: Italy
  • Number of Teams: 20
  • Year Founded: 1898
  • Football Season: August to May

Yet another favorite among bettors is Italy’s Serie A. This league brings you game-packed action, as leading European football teams such as Inter and Juventus battle each other out. While this league is not as competitive as the EPL, it features impressively tough matches, giving players a unique opportunity to capitalize on their knowledge of team tendencies.
Serie A’s unpredictability makes betting on it all the more fun and exhilarating. Here is what you are sure to get when you choose to go the Serie A way in football betting:

  • Defensive football action for tougher gameplay
  • Availability across an array of top online bookies
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