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There is hope for Lower leagues resuming…As Kamanga emphasizes on following MOH guidelines

The FAZ supremo who was talking during a consultative meeting with clubs on Tuesday at the National Heroes Stadium confirmed that the Association’s desire was to conclude football on the pitch.

FAZ earlier announced that the Superleague and National Division One will resume on July 18 with the Ministry of Health in consultation with the Ministry of Sports providing guidelines. However, the lower leagues are still waiting to get a clear roadmap as to what will happen to them.

Kamanga went on to reiterate the importance of continuing to observe all the guidelines given to them by the Ministry of Health for the resumption of the top two leagues in the country.

Kamanga believes how FAZ and its members handle this will determine how soon the lower leagues may resume and asked FAZ members from the lower leagues to exercise patience.



I am happy to be among my wider football family today after a long time. We have not had an opportunity to interact like this in a long time. It has been a very stressful period for everyone involved in the management of our game. No one could have imagined this level of devastation caused by the COVID-19 when our league got underway last year. When we suspended all football activities on March 19, 2020, we had no idea the closure would last this long.

However, I am very happy to be here as we plot the way forward for our beautiful game. The COVID-19 has presented challenging situations for football like any other sector. We have decided to invite you here as we chart the way forward in the re-opening of our game.

We have always placed a high premium on a consultative approach whenever decisions with far-reaching consequences are taken. It is our desire that we will deliberate in an open manner. The decisions we are going to make are not going to be easy but we are grateful that a lot of work has already gone into laying the ground for the smooth running of our league once it re-opens. FAZ has engaged the authorities at every stage in ensuring that everything is done in conformity with the guidelines provided by the ministry of health. The measures that we have shared with our members have been a product of extensive research and consultation.

My appeal to everyone is that as we re-open our game we will continue to observe all the guidelines that have been given to us. We are confident we will see out this process successfully as we have done in previous circumstances.

May I make it clear that this is only the first step, as there is a lot more work to be done once we leave this meeting. A lot depends on how we are going to handle this process including the resumption of the matches for our lower leagues. Our desire is that all the leagues are decided on the pitch. We urge our lower-division members to exercise some patience as we continue to engage the authorities on the possibilities ahead of us. The expectation is that once we have handled the Super League and National Division well, we could press to consider the lower leagues. We are conscious of the heavy demands placed on us by the authorities that may be beyond most of our lower leagues.

In conclusion, we wish that everyone will deliberate with open minds and help find solutions that will take our game forward. We encourage everyone to keep safe by observing the guidelines set by the authorities under the new normal.
Thank You and God Bless You



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