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The Chewa derby comes alive in Eastern Province FAZ Cup tournament

A derby is a match between local rivals from the same city or town, no match is given as much importance as a derby. These local games have a special place in the hearts of fans and players due to some of the following reasons.

Local pride is the main reason, fans of both clubs even players see each other at school, work and some live together at their homes. When your club wins it is much easier to go to work, school, or even home to boast about your team’s victory.

Another reason is that derby matches are very difficult to predict as they usually played at a faster and heated pace with boiling tempers coupled with lots of tackles and fouls. The winner of the derby gets the bragging rights of the city or town.

The 2019 Eastern province FAZ cup quarter-final games take center stage this Wednesday 11th November in the various towns of Eastern province with lots of interesting fixtures and one of them is the Katete derby dubbed the ‘CHEWA’ derby.

Two teams from the town of Katete in the name of Katete United and Katete Rangers will battle it out in the quarter-final stage of the tournament.

Katete Rangers have campaigned in FAZ Division one zone one a FAZ second-tier league before the introduction of EDEN/FAZ national league for three consecutive seasons before they were relegated to FAZ provincial league one which is a third-tier league last year 2019 for failing to make the top four cut.

With the vast experience attached to Eastern Province football supremacy, Katete United come to the test against the fast-rising football opponent in Eastern Province who happen to be their rival.

It will be a titanic, crunch, and top of the bill match at Sinda grounds in Sinda town of Eastern province a town 40 kilometers away from Katete. Katete United and Katete Rangers both know each other very well as they use the same training pitch which also acts as their official playing ground for league matches, the Omelo Mumba grounds. The last time the two teams met, it ended in a barren draw.

The Zamfoot Crew caught up with officials from both camps at their base to get their views ahead of the derby match

Katete Rangers assistant coach, Kelvin Nyedwa is optimistic about carrying the day tomorrow as he knows very well the Katete United team having coached it before switching teams. He also highlighted few challenges alluding to the nonavailability of certain players as most players who took part in the 2019/2020 FAZ Provincial Division One league have been sold to other clubs.

Nyendwa was also quick to play down the impact and instead went on to commend FAZ for such a gesture of the lower league cup tournaments and is aiming to win the inaugural tournament.

“I once coached Katete United FC, so I know the type of a game that will be played and the issue of availability of players for tomorrow’s game is not a big problem I have much cover as most guys have returned to the team, lastly I must thank FAZ for such an opportunity as it exposes players to learn new things in modern football and my goal is to win and become champion with the team,” he said.

His opposite number, Ezekiele Siamalambo the coach of Katete United Ezekiele Siamalambo spoke with confidence ahead of tomorrow’s encounter.

With him, the story is no much different with regards to the 2019/2020 player’s availability though it is a bit different from his opposing number as he will play with 11 players with no substitutes. He has also let go of some players after bringing new fresh blood to the team but all things being equal he has said the available boys are ready for the tussle.

“Tomorrow’s game will be a game to watch, we going into the game with full force with the mind of carrying the day, even though I have a set back as I will play with 11 players with no substitutes am not worried because to me it has come at a right time to test if the remaining players from the 2019/2020 crop have still got something special to offer to the team but am very much sure that the day will be ours against Katete Rangers as they have never given me any problems,” he said.

FAZ has said new reinforcements the teams have made which didn’t take part in the start of the tournament who also was not part of the 2019/2020 FAZ provincial league for the respective clubs about the names they submitted to FAZ before the tournament are not eligible. Meaning reinforcement each team has made for the forthcoming 2020/2021 season shall not participate in the cup games.

Other quarterfinal games will be played as;

Malambo united FC vs Young Nkwazi Fc at Hillside grounds in Chipata, The other match sees Petauke United FC battle Chadiza Police Fc at the Omelo Mumba grounds in Katete Elsewhere Panza Fc will square off with Imena Golden stars Fc at st Francis grounds in Katete.


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