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Tactical View: What does Chilongoshi bring to Power Dynamos?

Power Dynamos yesterday completed the signing of offensive left-back Zachariah Chilongoshi from Kabwe Warriors. Zachariah signed a 3-year deal that will see him play and showcase his talent at Authur Davies Stadium until 2023.

Chilongoshi in recent seasons has proved to be one of the best Left backs in the league and has slowly progressed from being an average left back to being the best Left back in the country. At only the age of 22, it is up to him to continue progressing and with his current trajectory, he will definitely be one the best Left back the Zambian super league has produced in recent years.

His move to Power Dynamos comes at the right time as he looks to progress his career and who other than Power Dynamos head Coach Perry Mutapa to help him do that. His attacking and defensive attributes will help Power Dynamos going forward and staying solid at the back and this Tactical Preview will show you that, So what does Zachs bring to the table for Power Dynamos????


When Chilongoshi finds himself in key attacking areas he is technically able to make forward passes by completing a lot of deep completions per game (completed forward pass within a 20-yard radius of the opposition goal which excludes across).

Although Zachariah starts at left-back, he acts as a playmaker by appearing in the final attacking third a lot, making deep completions which is key for the team when transitioning from defense to attack. He also makes out swinging Crosses from deep if the team’s decision is to sit deep which is something we saw some teams do against Power Dynamos on a number of occasions last season. When teams sit deep Chilongoshi will provide the much-needed creativity from deep as he possesses the vision and amazing left Foot to do that.


If teams decide to defend narrowly and horizontally compact to defend the half-spaces, it leaves space out wide for the full-backs to operate. In Perry Mutapa’s 3-5-2 formation, Power dynamos full-backs provide the width to the team. They are used to provide final balls in the offensive phase.

Chilongoshi is very comfortable on the ball in an attacking sense, He is going to be a big weapon at Power Dynamos’ disposal, and so provide an offensive threat to the opposition. His Technical ability always means he will be an outlet in terms of building out from the back which Coach Perry Mutapa prefers.


In Perry Mutapa’s system, full-backs work as wingers in the final third, so as to provide the final balls from wide areas to Power Dynamos forwards and attacking midfielders. Zachs will help them in becoming lethal in offensive areas because of his competence to quickly interpret the space around him and his teammates.

Chilongoshi possesses high-quality decision-making in terms of pass choice and his pass execution which allows him not only to spot his teammates but gives him the final pass that is easy to finish.


Chilongoshi possesses the speed and pace to play in a back 5 which will definitely help Power Dynamos create a lot of chances and remain solid at the back as he has the pace and energy to run up and down the left flank.


Power Dynamos only had one solid left-back last season and that was Luka Chamanga. The acquisition of Chilongoshi will provide the much-needed depth and balance to the squad which Power Dynamos longed for last season.

His signing does not only come with one advantage which is Squad depth but Competition as well. In a Sport like Football, Competition is Important and for Power Dynamos to get back to the Top of Zambian football, this is the type of problem Coach Perry Mutapa will need and definitely will have next season.


Zachariah has a good one on one ability in his own half and in the opposition half which makes him a very difficult opponent in both halves as he can make a tackle when a forward try to get past him and can as well dribble his way to the byline and make a cross in the opposition half.


In terms of statistics, Zachariah Chilongoshi is an outstanding full-back having ranked among the best in assists last season.

There is no doubt Chilongoshi is one of the best attacking-minded full-backs in the league, not having any noticeable weaknesses going forward, and he is going to be an integral part of attacking play by playing as an extra attacker when they’re on the attack. If Power Dynamos plays to his strengths and the manager’s tactics give him the license to stay forward he can become unplayable and up there with the very best in African football.


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