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SVEN WAS WARNED ABOUT DEFENCE WEAKNESS BY A JOURNALIST…The Belgian coach responded sarcastically, “Maybe you saw another game!”

Chipolopolo Boys coach Sven Vandenbroeck may have remembered a question from The Mast Newspaper Sports Journalist Darius Kapembwa as the Togolese referee blew the final whistle on Sunday in Bissau.

With Zambia leading 1-0 and controlling the tempo of the game, seven minutes into the second half, down the left flank, defender Solomon ‘Capt Solo’ Sakala was taken to the cleaners.

As Stopilla Sunzu tried to clear off the cross, he scored an own goal and it was game on.

Zambia surrendered the lead and went on to lose 2-1 to Guinea Bissau.

Immediately after the final whistle, Zambians took to social media to blame the defence, especially the former Zambia Under-20 captain.

For the journalists, who attended Vandenbroeck’s post match press briefing on Wednesday at Heroes Stadium it was a case of Kapembwa being vindicated.

While it seemed like a ‘Stupid question’ as Vandenbroeck likes to call them, it was an insight from Kapembwa’s experience.

Below is Kapembwa’s question and Sven’s response after Zambia’s 2-1 win over Guinea Bissau at Heroes Stadium.

Darius Kapembwa : Coach Sven, your left and right back struggled with the physicality of the Guineans. Do you think that your defence is working properly and then what is gona be done better in the return leg?

Sven Vandenbroeck: I don’t think the 2 full backs had problems today. I think everyone did well. Maybe you saw another game, I don’t know. But everyone was good, our defence was strong. All in the end because of a little bit of pressure from their our opponents we conceded a stupid goal. It gave us a little bit of a bad felling in the back. But everyone in our team was better than our opponents.

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10 Comments to SVEN WAS WARNED ABOUT DEFENCE WEAKNESS BY A JOURNALIST…The Belgian coach responded sarcastically, “Maybe you saw another game!”

  1. TK says:

    That’s the problem with coaches they always defend their useless players.

  2. Christopher says:

    In any game, You either win or loose. Please don’t blame the coach and try to understand that. Yes we lost but we were a better team, we played better than in some of games in recent past.

  3. Logic says:

    I think it was a very fair question and the coach could have served himself better by addressing it. I’m not impressed by this coach’s reacing of the game. Solomon was out of sorts and something should have been at half time. Not sure why Mbola is still being left out by these coaches because he could have brought some much needed experince and stability to that backline.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    This team is good. All they need is more time together to jell and results will start coming.
    Personally I feel we have a better team now than before.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kasama boy I go along with your sentiments.

  6. Nelson Ndhlovu says:

    Yes. They just have to play together for some time and they will gel.
    My main worry is this habit of going for hard shots when you are near the goal. Instead of looping the ball or curving the ball we are shooting directly at opponents and thus missing vital chances. The passing game is what we should continue. In the loss away to Guinea we lost the ball unnecessarily.

  7. Prince says:

    I like Mbola but he brought a ‘third’ to his room in SA before the Namibia game past late hours😶

  8. C2 says:

    The current team is good,
    We have to understand that in the game there’s win and loose !

  9. Man link says:

    Bushri said that Zambia ii not qualify for afcon 2019.

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