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Sunzu will be playing with players that are already tired in China, says Janza

Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza has come out fighting as he discourages national team captain Stopilla Sunzu from trekking to China.

There are widespread reports from France that the 25 year old former TP Mazembe defender is on the verge of joining Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua.

“In Europe, he would have multiplied his talent as quickly as possible but in China it would be more of him tuning himself because he might be playing with players that are already tired,” Janza has been quoted.

“China won’t give him the hype that he requires at his level. He is young and the type of football in China, apart from the finances, is not comparable to the benefits of playing with a European side,” Janza added

“So the pace may differ and he may think he is the a star there but when he plays with a highly competitive side you find that it affects him. We can’t stop him we can only advise. He has what it takes to play in the European league.”

Striker James Chamanga is one of the longest African players still playing in the Chinese League while former internationals Chris Katongo and Isaac Chansa also had spells there.

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132 Comments to Sunzu will be playing with players that are already tired in China, says Janza

  1. paradox says:

    please pump sum sense into him.

    • Sunzu,should be advised not to go to China unlesshe wants to retire early from active football that he need bumper allowances in China.
      At his age (25) we need him in Europe for more challenges and competitive football.

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

      DAMNN ,

      WHY DID U SAY THAT ? Kekekekekekeke.. He needs a lot of money dude .. Errrm GUESSWAAAT, PARADOX SUNZU IS A GREAT PLAYER AND KNOWS WOT HE IS DOING ..I DO UNDERSTANDS ZAMBIA OR THE CHIPOS ALIGHNMENTS OF PROPOSING A GOOD CARRER FOR SUNZU, But he cant undermind his agresives for MONEY – the purchasing POWER in FOOTBALL. Well, may be SUNZU watches a lot of the CRIS7S AND THE
      THE MESSIS HOW MUCH THEY RECIEVE.. Kekekekekekekeke..


  2. tony mash says:


  3. john says:

    Sunzu is a big f”@l if he goes to China. Sochaux will be in ligue 1 next season why leave? On top of that Sunzu can shine at afcon and sign for a big team in europe. What’s the rush. He must not go to China.

  4. john says:

    On the issue of Janza selecting 35 year old Chinese chamanga I wash my hands. I’m tired of complaining. Blood will be on his hands if we go out in round 1. As fans we are not going to accept an early exit.

  5. KK11 says:

    Thats the mentality of some Zambian players, they don’t aspire to play against the best. they aim low and expect to be world renown. at 25 why would Sunzu want to go to China but to make money……???? Being the captain of the side, what message is he sending to the other young guys? ” Hey listen i am your captain and i am going to play in China, i can’t play against the best but i would rather make easy money. I would do the same if i am you, forget about being the best make some money mwaiche”. This attitude is why Zambia as a team can never be regarded as a heavyweight and compete against the best. We can’t get to the world cup, because our players are not ambitious enough to want to play against the best. Rainford Kalaba, went from Europe to TP Mazembe. Issac Chansa went from Sweden to Orlando Pirates. Chris Katongo from Greece to China. Given Singuluuma could have gone to Europe, but chose TP Mazembe. Mbola went from Armenia to TP Mazembe. Fwayo Tembo who is just a lost cause. look at the Ivorians, Ghanaians, Nigerians and where there players play!!! Now imagine if the players i just mentioned had all decided to play in Europe, together with Jacob Mulenga who stayed and persevered plus Mayuka and Kola who has stuck it out.
    Infuse the new kids like Evans Kangwa who was in spain, came back but went to Israel even tho there was an offer in South Africa. Sate Sate, to his credit who has said NO to South Africa. Lubambo Musonda who is in Armenia and doing his thing. Plus Chisamba who is probably on the cusp of a big move next summer. Nathan whom i hope will stay in Europe and find another league or team. Would we honestly at this juncture be talking about rebuilding, if the initial building blocks had made the right decisions…?? There is no doubt that we have talent pa zed, but mentally we shoot ourselves. Stupid decisions like Sunzu’s apparent move to China are whats stopping us from going to a world cup. And yes the west africans ill come here and laugh at us because they can. One African cup victory does not make us great, look at there players and where most of them ply their trade. We watch them every weekend be it in the french league, English premiere league or Italian league. West african players are there, where are our players???? MUKUKA MULENGA SHOULD NOT BE IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!! Better a second division team in Spain or France or even the U.K, where you have a better chance of getting noticed by another European team. Even the Swiss league is a good bet. Notice how BASEL the same team that Fwayo played on is consistently in the Champions league…..?!!! Even his Romanian team is competing in the champions league. But where is Fwayo? That Lanky chap who plays for Arsenal, Sanogo……….. is he better than Kola? NO! yet he plays for Arsenal?!!! iT PAINS ME AND I AM SURE A LOT ON THIS BLOG WHEN U SEE SUCH players playing for Arsenal while our best are in SA or TP Mazembe when we know they are better than some of these guys FOR SURE!!! which bring me again to SUNZU, our defensive pillar the so called best defender in Africa going to ply his trade against the best in China……….?? LOL, SMH.

    I hope Zamfoot can lend a hand here. Do a Q&A with these players, ask them why and how they come to these decisions……? We followers on this blog have been promised interviews with the players or Q&A’s but still none have materialized. Do the players have no confidence in answering questions from the fans? who advises these players??? Our players can do better than this, ZAMBIA CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!! This african cup coming up will determine a lot, INFACT THE U17/20 afcon tournaments will determine a lot regarding our 2018 world cup qualifications personally i am geared and looking forward to those tournaments than this January’s afcon cup.………

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

      ——————–>@ KK-11 , I couldnt read yur looong lines.. I believe U will ask me why? **WHY,? -cos its a BORING MESSAGE.

  6. Discipline says:

    That’s why as Fans we even calling for Mweene to be National Skipper because Sunzu awe shuwa people how can a player at that age be thinking of going in that direction.

  7. tatu saad says:

    If chinese league is for tired players why then select chamanga(chamanganese) and leave out kola wh is playing good soccer cluueless coach,nawe sunzu if heard china then forget abt nation team u will come back and play for zanaco or konkola blades

  8. Nazo says:

    Ok as fans we have accepted Chris katongo and Jacob mulenga’s omission for reasons best known by the coach but we are appealing for the inclusion of Fwayo Tembo and Rodger Kola for the quality bench.

  9. Anita says:

    The decisions made by most of our boys have to do with the level of education. To succeed in Europe takes much more than being skilful on the pitch. There are so many things that these boys have to learn ie socially, culturally, economically etc and most of our boys fail to cope and in the end start feeling home sick and that affects their performance. If u check the levels of education of boys from W Africa, u will realize that most of the boys there have gone up to tertiary level of education while most of our boys at most ended at basic level(Grade 9).

    • Billy says:

      @Anita, you’re on point brother. In general our players lack LIFE SKILLS. They lack education and life skills to survive in new and adverse conditions. I can name some Zambian players who COULD HAVE MADE IT BIG in european football such as Katongo, Chansa, Kalaba, Mbesuma, Jacob. I am talking about players who had a chance to go far in Europe. Just look at how Mayuka is struggling. It’s just a matter of time before he is offloaded by So’ton.
      But look at West African players. West african football dominate in Africa because their players are not only physically strong but also mentally strong. Thats why they survive and prosper in european clubs. E.g. Essien, Kuffour, Drogba, Yaya, Adebayo, Okocha, Kalu, Toure, Asamoah Gyan, The list is endless.

      • Byron says:

        I have been reading comments on Zamfoot and can’t resist adding mine on the subject of mental maturity regarding players from Zambia and Southern Africa in general.

        Our players in the south of Africa fail to adapt to European conditions probably because of proximity and mental developmental factors not education.You can be educated as a player but still lack mental capacity and judgement.Agents in countries like Zambia,Malawi or Zimbabwe don’t have the capabilities to help transition players from African conditions to challenging European conditions resulting into such players feeling home-sick and adversely affecting their potential to blossom in a competitive environment.The result is the coach loses interest and the player feels neglected and performance reaches a pathetic low level not befitting a professional in Europe.

        Malawi has two good examples in Joseph Kamwendo and Robin Ngalande.Kamwendo was a rare talent some few years ago which earned him a move to Danish club Nordsjaelland;he was nicknamed ‘the wonder Boy’ because of his skill and speed and was destined for a move to Fc Copenhagen,but alas! just before that happened,the lad told the club he wanted to go back home because he missed his family,what a stupid reason! Nordsjaelland was forced to terminate his contract on condition that he was not to sign for another European club but African.His next destination was Orlando Pirates where he failed to cope with the politics of South African football,now he is on TP Mazembe roaster,what a waste of talent!

        Kamwendo’s compatriot Robin Ngalande was taken on board as an Atletico Madrid youth player with some occasional appearances in the senior team’s training.The boy was very promising and his teammates at Atletico nicknamed him ‘the New Samuel Eto’because of his speed and scoring prowess.But just as Diego Simeone was taking over the reigns at the senior Atletico team,a certain greedy South African agent fooled the boy to quit his role at Madrid and head to South Africa and join Bidvest Wits arguing that at Wits the boy was gonna be paid handsomely and clubs were facing financial problems in Spain due to the country’s economic problems.Regrettably,the boy is now at Ajax Cape Town leaving the European dream in shambles.

        Our players need to sufficiently develop their mental capacity before trecking to Europe and agents and football aassociations have to play a major role.A player like Sinzu can not be wasted in a mediocre Chinese league.It’s not about money only but about national pride, for it is only in Europe where you can have the quality product.

  10. Mumbi says:

    Please Fwayo Tembo should not be associated with the national team. He is not a player let him consentrate on chibuku shake shake.
    Sunzu will be a master at a shaolin temple.

  11. Naked goal says:

    @Mumbi, Ati shaolin master [ shifu ] or Master Sunzu!!! Lol

  12. Mumbi says:

    Vote for Edger Chagwa Lungu on 20th January 2015.

    • Sokafan says:

      No way. He can’t even express himself.
      Any normal and peace loving Zambian who want development and peace will vote for HH. We are tired of PF mediocrity.

    • Noble Eagles says:

      What will HH do in one year? How will HH clear the K3billion debt in 1 year when he is worth K65million. Come on lets not bring politics here , facts are far much better than lies.To Janza thumbs up for the wise advise to Sunzu. As a proudly Zambian and patriotic soccer fan am proud of you, we cried for inclusion of Sate Sate when you where just appointed, we cried for inclusion of Evans Kangwa and Lubambo Musonda, you head us, now we need more game time for Evans Kangwa, by the way the Boss fans are still crying for other inclusions in the team, please do us another favor by slashing Muntali,Malama,Mbewe and Nsabata bring in Thomas Nyirenda, Alex Ng’onga aka Pilato. Merry Christmas and Happy New year bloggers,Players,Technical Bench,The Boss your Honor ,Zamfoot and the entire Zambia

      • Sokafan says:

        And what will Lungu do in one year? Don’t foool yourself man. And will Lungu clear the K3 billion debt in 1 year which his party PF accrued in 3 years of PF misrule, corruption, tribalism and violence? What we are saying is we don’t want this PF misrule to continue.

  13. Roots says:

    @ Mumbi, don’t bring useless politics to this site please. More especially with your useless candidate

    • paradox says:

      wat if he said vote for HH. would u have made the same comment?

    • Sokafan says:

      HH makes sense my friend.

      • paradox says:

        we dont want to be ruled by tribelists and freemasons.

      • Sokafan says:

        Who told you HH is tribalists? You rat you are a big problem. Thats why you be fighting with almost everyone on this site, west africans and your fellow Zambians.
        We know, that useless and idiot bishop Chomba is your father.

        • paradox says:

          Pf is winning. am even sure u dont want to read wat membe has written in his editorial column in the post. u will cry like pigs playing in mud.

      • Sokafan says:

        @paradox, HH is not a freemason either. Its your father “bishop” chomba who is a witch-doctor and fake bishop. Even Guy Scott attested to that.

        • paradox says:

          HH will never rule Zambia. no tribalists to rule Zambia. never.

        • Sokafan says:

          @paradox, do you live in Zambia or not? I live in Nkana East, Kitwe. I travel a lot running my businesses especially between Lusaka and Kitwe.
          If the kopala people say, we want change just know that change is coming. I can tell you HH is winning come January 2015. Lungu can win Luapula, Northern and Muchinga which he will share with MMD but HH will not be far from them. Lungu will also win Eastern but HH will not be far from Lungu. Talk about North Western, Western, Central, Southern it will be a landslide for HH. HH will also get 60% Copperbelt and Lusaka. Mark my words. If you think HH won’t win, then you still know the HH of yesteryear. Twanaka nabo bakaboke ba PF. These thugs have nothing to offer but just want to amass wealth for themselves and their families.

          • Noble Eagles says:

            Kikikikikikikikikiikikikikikiki ati If the kopala people say, we want change just know that change is coming. Kopala is not Zambia but a potion part of Zambia.

        • Pakuboko says:

          My friend Lungu has no agenda for Zambia. Ni HH chabe. Lungu nokulanda taishiba. Ngalelanda nefimate filefuma mukanwa mulandu wa bwalwa.

        • Chipolopolo 1 says:

          My friend Lungu has no agenda for Zambia. Ni HH chabe. Lungu nokulanda taishiba. Ngalelanda nefimate filefuma mukanwa mulandu wa bwalwa. Awee we want serious people to rule Zambia. Not fi PF.

          • Uncle Bobs says:

            Ceasefire bane, ok a neutral Muliokela who is filing in camera (so he claimed yesterday) shall rule us come January 2014.

            Back to soccer, like i have always said, apart from coaching (getting results-productivity), our boys need counseling (sort out personal problems) and mentoring (career path strengthening) and this is where i urge my two brothers Chiti and Rhodes our two FIFA Agents from deep down my heart to be more strategic in their approach and they need to involve other stakeholders in their line of sight as these are no longer days of Competition (if i involve too many people profit will be less i.e.short termism-GOLDEN EGG) but Co-option (it is the HARD and not the EASY that sustainably makes profits-GOOSE).

            We as soccer fans also play a negative part, with due respect to john who by the way i really enjoy his controverse (i always respect his opinion)one just has to look at how he’s been routing for Fwayo and Mayuka to the extent of condenming their clubs and coaches instead of getting in touch with the players and counsel them over the troubles they’ve had. Aren’t we the same soccer fans that were calling Sunzu the best African defender over established ones (Nkoulou, Boye, etc) despite being at a very modest club Sochaux and even gave him clubs before they even expressed interest in the boy? Imagine if the boys were reading the “accolades we flashed them” they would certainly arrive. Little wonder i always routed for young ones (only reason we’re gpoing to Afcon next month) that Janza has been brave enough to call and get rid of alligators (not pan intended but just to emphasise a point) that just forgot how to win from being African Champions in 2012. Jacob lamentably failed in the qualifiers and we want to believe that he’ll be our saviour-not to mean i vulch for Chamanga but i respect Janza’s opinion only.

            This issue of our players flopping (incremental career path) in Europe (Sate, Chris, Stophirra, Felix, Sunzu,Mbesuma, Sinkala, Jimmy Ndhlovu etc) needs a holistic diagnosis to find a long lasting solution.

  14. Billy says:

    So Janza has just admitted that Chamanga is not supposed to be in his squad because he is already tired as he plies his trade in China. Anyway he already gave reasons why he chose Chamanga. So bane, Chamanga is going to EG as a motivator, praise singer and morale booster to the squad.
    Having said that, I like Janza’s advice to Sunzu. I hope Sunzu hears this.

  15. Billy says:

    So Janza has just admitted that Chamanga is not supposed to be in his squad because he is already tired as he plies his trade in China. Anyway he already gave reasons why he chose Chamanga. So bane, Chamanga is going to EG as a motivator, praise singer and morale booster to the squad.
    Having said that, I like Janza’s advice to Sunzu. I hope Sunzu hears this.

  16. kampombwa says:

    @ mumbi my brother this platform is bigger politics it unites us as one on zamfoot there is no pf, upnd, fdd, mmd, etc there’s only one zambia one chipolopolo one nation so let’s keep comments neutral regardless of our various political orientations thanks.
    Back to serious business i am of the opinion that sunzu’s move to china will be a career ender the young man needs to be patient and understand that its not all about money he has so much potential what he needs to understand is that in what ever you do in life patience and hard work are the keys to all success. please sunzu don’t make a serious blunder by signing for a Chinese side.

  17. yo candidate my bro is a sickling he will die during his term of office.no state funeral pliz. i wonder why many want useless jacob the guy runs like a headless chiken, maybe chipolopolo type of play is nt his type.wud hav loved katongo to be included but for his behavour we have to let go.

  18. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Useless Chi Janza or is it chancer or Chimps. Kwen uli Chipub

  19. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Janza you are a pompolyngo

  20. Mumbi says:

    @ Paradox, I also wonder what has happened to Mr Kafusha.

  21. paradox says:

    its sad for some one I respect so much.

  22. Discipline says:

    Kikikikihahaha people you make me laugh,ati popolyogo,shaolin master of Kunfu to Sunzu and his coach.With all these insults why these guys do not want to change ,only God can atest to that.

  23. Duncandinho says:

    let him go there so that akalemilishamo bwino kwati bena Chamanga abobene.

  24. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    In bemba they say mushebwa aile na mafi kubuko, that is how Kalu and Janza are. How can 2 people hold 13 million Zambians to ransom? The selected team is the Kalusha & Janza National Team period

  25. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    munshe bwa

  26. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Players ought to be choosen on merit and not kick backs or sleeping with their wives and girlfriends

  27. P.A says:

    A list of dictators in todays football in order of their power Sepp Blatter > Issa Hayatou > Kalusha Bwalya and now ka Janza yaba!

  28. Janza is right on that one,Sunzu what’s wrong?China is good for old players

  29. the minnows says:

    guys don worry he is a chines bound material that wer his destiny lies.that a good decision keep it up

  30. gb says:

    If this under 10 boy sate sate can refuse to join Platinum Stars what more Sunzu? Can’t he refuse also?

  31. gb says:

    changes to the team should be piece meal. Look at happened to Brazil at the world cup.

  32. Duncandinho says:

    Kkkkkkk ati under 10, guys let’s have some respect.

  33. Anita says:

    U cadres on this site! I can’t believe that there are some who still feel PF should continue with all they ve done – debt $4.6 billion in just 3 years, bloated govt, wage & employment freeze, careless spending, creation of employment-zero, violence tolerated by part leaders and encouraged. unnecessary firing of essential workers in health, Non payment of what is owed to farmers and the list goes on! Surely a normal thinking person cannot vote for such I.diots to continue misusing resources! Only dull, semi-illiterate cadres who can’t analyse issues vote for such stupi.dity!

    • Chipolopolo 1 says:

      @Anita, I have come to know that you’re one of the wise guys on this site as you analyse with your brain unless PF cadres who think with their backsides.
      (1) No money in your pockets, ati pabwato
      (2) Violence tolerated by party leaders, confusion, fighting for leadership in PF, ati pabwato
      (3) Lies about Sata’s health, ati pabwato
      (4) PF party leaders insulting each other, ati pabwato
      (5) Firing of nurses, ati pabwato
      (7) High mealie meal prices, high fuel costs, and high cost of living in general, ati pabwato
      (8) Non payment of farmers, ati pabwato
      (9) National debt of $4.6 billion accrued in 3 year of PF misrule, ati pabwato
      Oh wake up from your slumber you PF cadres and get delivered from your dullness. Blind loyalty will completely destroy Zambia. Surely how can you allow call boys lie Nsanda to be in-charge of the money spinning RDA? Cry my beloved country.

  34. Naked goal says:

    Don’t bring stupid politics here,go to Zambianwatchdog or Tumfweko if you want politics.

  35. Nazo says:

    Honestly, we needed the experience of Chrs Katongo, Jacob Mulenga and Collins Mbesuma up front, but the way things are, we are leaving the tournament early.Its like Kalusha and Janza has forced these guys into retirement when he(kalusha)him self retired at 41 after missing a penalty against Angola.It is not fair.These are young boys who are in their 30s.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Ba Nazo, but that same experience flopped at Afcon 2013 and was failing to qualify us to Afcon 2015, until some young ones with a future came in. Kudos to our very own Chairmanizo who’s efforts at developing the Youth are bearing fruit with the U17 and U20 restoring hope in our nation. So much talent that even the “disowned Zimbabwe U20” won Gold. “Disowned”-only because correct procedure wasn’t followed if i saw it right in that the Afcon bound U17 and U20 were better off received further preparations. But at the end of the day, it is a lesson learnt and i just hope Mr Jere a man i,ve always found to be respectful will be forgiven and we move on.

  36. FLOYD jr. says:

    Please there are other media for politics,let’s reserve this one for zambianfootball..Thank you

  37. FLOYD jr. says:

    The earlier u realise that the dice has oredy been cast with regard to team selection the better..

  38. paradox says:

    to all HH footlickers. Pf is going nowhere. we rule once more. get that into your water filled heads.

  39. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Janza is an idiot period

  40. paradox says:

    how can they roast me wen i usually go to ghanasoccernet to taunt them. think u dimwit

  41. the minnows says:

    monkey like creature(paradox)u better shutt up ur stinky mouth

  42. Anita says:

    @paradox! How old are u? U sound like a Grade 8 boy who is excited about a new pair of shoes!

  43. john says:

    PF is a pathetic government. It is a government of lies and power hungry thugs. They should not be allowed to return to power. You can imagine our so called first lady was harbouring secret desires of becoming president. No wonder they could not disclose the true health status of the president because they are all power hungry thugs.

  44. paradox says:

    anita. sokafan and chipolopolo 1. am still here with my boxing gloves on. u started this fight with me finish it. am waiting for u, especially u chipolopolo 1 I want you the most. I have alot to say to you. come out am waiting.

    • Sokafan says:

      @paradox, just go lick your dirty baboon mother’s pussyy. troll!!

      • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

        Damnn!! DID Errrm Paradox heard wot *SOKAFAN** said?
        muahahahahaha this is FUNNY .. FUNNY i telss ya… Kekekekek

      • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

        @ SIOKAFAN–
        Dont U think Paradox is enjoying this cos he is drunk? Kekekekekekekekeke.. REMEMBER ITS XMAS DAY IN GHANA .. Paradox is enjoying this ahahahaha kekjekekekeke.

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

      GYAMA WO AFA 3MARIMA ADE3 NO BI? GYAMA WO ASHE SAA, wonhunu de3 wony3 HahahahahahahahahaKekekekekekeke.

  45. Mumbi says:

    HH can not rule Zambia, he is a tribalist and satanist. A christian nation cannot have a satanist as president. Edger is wining whether you like it or not. If you can urgue then you dont live in Zambia or you have no brains to see the massive support Edger enjoys countrywide.

  46. paradox says:

    @mumbi. my frend. I had to fight sum pepo over wat u started. these sontwas have made me very upset. am waciting for them to appear again so that I breath more hot air on them, especially that chipolopolo1

    • Chipolopolo 1 says:

      @paradox, you son of a b!tch, go to hell. I am not your type you stinking piece of $shit! babboon.

      • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

        Looooooooooooooooool Muahahahahahahaha, Kekekekekekekekeke
        kick his ass-CHIP.. I think Paradox is drunk ahahahahahahaha

    • Chipolopolo 1 says:

      The fact that if other bloggers keep quiet, it doesn’t mean that they have surrendered. They have better things to do than that pig paradox. How can you waste time to fight with the unknown, somebody you will never ever know? It’s like throwing punches in the dark without seeing your opponent. When I keep quiet, it doesn’t mean surrender. paradox you’re an under-5. You’re still breast-feeding.

  47. F-15 says:

    it is said. wen u start a fight with paradox. finish that fight, or else we will conclude that u ran away.kekekeke

    • Chipolopolo 1 says:

      Only cowards like you can run away. The fact that if other bloggers keep quiet, it doesn’t mean that they have surrendered. They have better things to do than that pig paradox. How can you waste time to fight with the unknown, somebody you will never ever know? It’s like throwing punches in the dark without seeing your opponent. When I keep quiet, it doesn’t mean surrender. paradox is an under-5. He is still breast-feeding.

      • paradox says:

        yep. it was too much for u yesterday. u had to spend the whole night recovering. yo face like a hyena wen it is upset.

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

      Looooooooooooooool **FREIGHT 15**

  48. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Janza you have 2 options;
    1. Select the right players and we as fans forgive you if we are beaten
    2. Act as cholaboy or kaboyi for your boss Kalusha Bwalya and you stay in ebola land, period

  49. tony mash says:

    everyone who visit this blog has the right to freedom of speech. if someone expressed his opinion no one has the right to attack him.the rule of debating does not allow you to be emotional you will end up attacking other.especially boys from ghana they have loose tongue.that is lack of discipline over stupidity multiply by ignorance which is equal to indigenous,outrageous,unbearable,unpalatable and unbecoming behavior . misguided elements , perpetrators masquerading as soccer analyst.

  50. paradox says:

    u have ran out of wat to say to me and now u r insulting my mother. I will not insult yo mother, I dont know her but I respect her. lets not bring parents into this becoz it will be ugly if I start insulting yo parents.

    • Chipolopolo 1 says:

      Have respect for people you know NOT. It’s NOT even funny. You will be walking in darkness unknowingly for the rest of your life if you’re not careful. You can’t just be fighting with everyone. Get a life!!!

  51. paradox says:

    am telling u. and am not stopping. yo ugly face will be useful to the Americans becoz it can kill Taliban faster than american bullets and missiles.

  52. paradox says:


  53. manfree says:

    Stophila Sunzu have signed for a chinis club

  54. KWAME NKRUMAH says:



  55. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  56. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  57. Brave Nchangers Rangers says:

    Eiish its like am dreaming what am reading here. Its becoming more and more childish to be here. Insults and insults, politics and politics why?

  58. paradox says:

    @kwame.the three morons anita sokafan and chipolopolo1 have gone quiet. am still waiting for the three little ugly pigs.

  59. Kay Hummer says:

    Some players need some Education. How does a play in his prime go and play in China???????? This kind of thinking by our players is not helping our football grow. Sunzu should have been playing in England or Spain by now!

  60. Fredrick Mwenda says:

    Are u God to say that HH Cannot rule this nation.have u forgotten what u used to say pali the late president mr Sata.Bane leadership comes God.

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