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Stop harassing media officers, ZPL tells Teams 

The Zambian Premier League (ZPL) has issued a stern warning to teams ahead of week eleven fixtures concerning the harassment of Media officers. 


According to a memo by League Manager Brian Mulenga accessed by the ZamFoot Crew, ZPL will not tolerate this behaviour and teams found wanting shall be brought to book. 

ZPL notes with regret a number of incidents where Media officers have been harassed and even physically manhandled in certain instances. 

Mulenga has further advised media officers to report such occurrences and if they involve physical attack and injury report  to the police. 



1.0. Please refer to the above subject.

2.0. We have noted with dismay repeated instances of harassment and even physical manhandling of media officers at various stadia on match day.

3.0. We have also noted in particular, that certain teams for whatever backward reasons, do not allow female media officers to work from pitch side or set foot on the pitch. This behaviour will not be tolerated, and culpable teams shall be brought to book. 

4.0. Please note that Media Officers are accredited by the Association and are official members of a team. They have full and unfettered access both to the field of play and areas such as the media tribune, main tribune, VIP and VVIP areas and can take pictures or video of the match, the venue and its environs. 

5.0. Teams and their officials or staff that interfere with, harass, manhandle or beat media officers will face full sanctions for such nefarious and uncalled-for behaviour. 

6.0. As per the attached match operations handbook, media officers as part of visiting teams have full access to the stadium 2 hours before kick-off. 

7.0. We would like our football to be played in a harmonious and peaceful environment and activities such as the ones described above, particularly if targeting media officers, should cease immediately. 

8.0. We would also urge media officers to officially report such occurrences and if they involve physical attack and injury report all those involved to the police. 

9.0. Please consider this as official notification.

Aaron Mubanga
Aaron Mubanga is a qualified Environmental Health Technologist| Editor in Chief of Zambia's biggest all local football website ZamFoot| Player manager for Copper Queens duo of Barbra Banda and Evarine Susan Katongo |Brand Ambassador for Betway|Talent Scout| Women's Football Ambassador| Blogger | Football Writer|

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