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Should Africa Get More Teams To The World Cup?

This year, only five out of the 32 world cup teams participating in the 2022 competition in Qatar are from Africa despite the continent featuring 54 Member states in FIFA. While Europe is geographically smaller than North America, South America, Asia and Africa, it will have the biggest number of nations (13).

Europe has the highest number of members in FIFA, with 55 countries included. The continent has topped the participant’s list since the beginning of the World Cup competition and has remained the most successful region in football history, featuring 12 title events.

How does it all add up?

If the size doesn’t matter in the world cup representation, does a continent’s success determine the number of spots it gets? The number game for this global competition isn’t as simple as it looks.

Asia normally has a slot less than Africa, but they occasionally get five spots due to intercontinental playoffs that allow regions to earn extra berths. During the 2018 Russia World Cup, Australia won its playoff game against Honduras and earned the Asian Football Confederation the fifth slot.

This year, Australia qualified again through a playoff win over Peru. Qatar also automatically qualified for the competition as the host nation, giving Asia six spots in the competition. These teams will deliver an interesting array of betting markets, but casino punters can bet with Hollywoodbets promo code before the tournament kickoff.

Football powerhouse South America only has four teams, but having only 12 teams in the region meant that only ten teams were competing for these spots.

Is it time for Africa?

According to Cameroon legend Patrick Mboma, regional variations leave Africa at a disadvantage in this World Cup matrix. For example, South America, where only ten teams are competing against the four spots, gives Brazil or Argentina the best chance to become experienced and increases the gap with countries from other continents.

The “4+1” system that allows other regions to earn an extra slot during the playoffs puts Africa at a disadvantage as they’re exempted together with Europe. However, while many fans would like to see more African teams in the World Cup, major stakeholders in the football world are aware of this deficiency.

For some people, Africa needs to improve their football scene before asking for more spots in the World Cup. However, the players need to improve by testing their skills against the best. Nonetheless, that will require African nations to look into infrastructure issues and other logistical hurdles.

It isn’t very pleasant to have a national team going to a neighboring nation to play their home games. That’s the situation in most African nations today due to a lack of the proper footballing infrastructure at home. African nations will also need to focus on talent development if the continent is to get more berths, as FIFA aims to bring the best players and teams to the World Cup competition. That calls for a major investment to help players compete globally.

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