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Shepolopolo World Cup qualifier’s absence explained


The Football Association of Zambia  have explained the reason behind Shepolopolo’s absence in the 2018 U-20 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifiers, billed for France.

An Exco committee member, Brenda Kunda told Zamfoot Crew that Zambia had no team and FAZ could not risk entering the qualifiers with a makeshift side.

She however stressed that, the association is working on assembling a strong U-17 Women’s team to participate in future tournaments.

“We didn’t have a team. We had a senior team but we didn’t have an U-20 team and we are preparing an U-17 team,” said Miss Kunda.

She added, “We are going through a transition period. At the end of the day we don’t just enter a competition for the sake of entering. The objective is  to ensure that you get favourable required results.”

Miss Kunda said, FAZ felt that since they were going through a transition period it was important to put all the structures in place for starters, so as to ensure that there solid structures for women football in Zambia.

The FAZ Exco member compared the men’s U-20 team structure started way back in 2012, which are now producing results, to the work in progress for women’s football.

“As you have noticed with the men’s U-20 football team, their structures now are taking shape and they started way back in 2012. Looking at the women football it hasn’t been consistent”

“So we fellt that, first let’s start with structures. Put structures in place so that when we enter a competition, the objectives should be made and the results should be seen” Miss Kunda concluded.



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7 Comments to Shepolopolo World Cup qualifier’s absence explained

  1. Positive thinking says:

    Nonsense! The U-17 Womens team qualified for the World Cup in 2014 which is exactly 3 years ago meaning all those young ladies would now be eligible for the U-20.

    This explanation does not hold water. It is clear that FAZ simply dropped the ball on this. There should have been a plan for continuity to ensure that the U-17 was able to transition. What a missed opportunity. Lack of planning at its very best here.

  2. Don says:

    Well said bro..someone went to sleep n 4 got about the girls.

  3. GRAND says:

    FAZ what an excuse

  4. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    What a lame excuse FAZ….

  5. kensplash says:

    Who knows maybe these same girls who went to the world cup are married already and some are nursing babies and others are expecting.This is just lack of a proper and organised program for womens’ football.Kamanga and friends have a chance to change things as far as women football is concerned.Let us have an organised national league or regional leagues where we will be able to get players of all ages.Soon Faz will tell us that there is no U20 boys team to compete in the Afcon qualifiers.

  6. Logic says:

    Nkani ya ma allowance, we all remember the issue of failing to pay these girls last time they played…

  7. They’re trying to brainwash us.

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