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Sebastian Mwange bags Cosafa Golden Glove award

Green Eagles Goalie named Goalkeeper of the 2019 Cosafa Cup Tournament

Sebastian Mwange walked away with the 2019 Cosafa Cup Golden Glove award after his heroics that helped Zambia to the title.

The Green Eagles goalkeeper who only made his national team debut at the tournament looked jittery in his first game against Malawi but grew leaps and bounds through the tournament to pull off brilliant saves for Zambia.

He was on hand to save a Khama Billiat penalty against Zimbabwe to help Zambia roar over the Warriors in a tightly challenged semi-final.

With a strong showing in both the semi-final and final, he was the deserving goalkeeper of the tournament.

The 27 year old only conceded two goals at the tournament both of them coming against Malawi.

He follows in the foot-steps of Danny Munyao who won the accolade in 2013 when Zambia last won the Cosafa Cup.

When Mastone Moonze asked coached Chiyangi (who is also Green Eagles coach) on why he had included little known Mwange in the Cosafa bound squad after leaving him out of the 2018/19 CAF Confederation Cup Green Eagles team where he is coach, Chiyangi responded:

“Seba is our goalkeeper, he missed the games not because he was not fit, I wanted him to fully recover because his injury keeps recurring from the time he sustained it against power Dynamos last year. He is a very good goalkeeper and I think currently he is the best in the league,people don’t just know,” Chiyangi responded.

Mwange will return home with R20,000 in prize-money for the award.

Meanwhile, Gerald Phiri Jnr was named Player of the Tournament and claimed R20,000 in prize-money.

The R20,000 for the Golden Boot will be shared between three players – the Malawian duo of Phiri Jnr and Mhango, and Mauritius striker Ashley Nazira – who all scored three goals.

Has Seba shown enough to be Kennedy Mweene’s successor?

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7 Comments to Sebastian Mwange bags Cosafa Golden Glove award


    This Goalkeeper with the right training could become one of the best in the League and Continent. He is very alert!

    • Anonymous says:

      Aaaaaaa, sure. He was considered useless a few days ago, now the best. I m speechless.


        When did you ever read a comment from me denoting Mwaange useless, I will never ever call a player useless because I played soccer before I know how difficult it is to carry the weight of the whole Country on your shoulders. You are speechless because you are a coward, when these players were being splattered with insults you were nowhere to be seen now that they have something shiny you craw back and pretend to be a good boy…. Kalale iwe chamwenso!


        Please see my comment bellow and tell me what you think, only a pinhead will comment without doing a back-ground check.

        June 3, 2019 at 3:56 pm

        You and Pungwa are the only ones who have spoken logically all the others are just emotional and speaking with some kind of a bias. It is on this forum where Kalusha Bwalya was insulted over Patson Daka and Harve Renard stripped naked by John and the group, but what happened later Daka is a star and Harve Renard brought the AFCON trophy. I used to be a lone wolf pro Daka and Harve Renard.
        The most detrimental trait in most Zambians is the lack of foresight that is why it has taken us a long time to Win the AFCON, Qualify to the World Cup and have a major impact in Africa. I do not see a reason we should be screaming Lion over COSAFA when even the Organisers say the platform is for the development and identification of new talent. All I can say is Zimbabwe is a disappointment in that they have betrayed all the COSAFA members I think that is why SOME members are not interested the regional tournament anymore.

  2. He is a good goal keeper…he can do well

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks Chipolopolo, at least you are recovering and doing what we are used to and know better. Congratulation Team.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    Zambia took a developmental third rate side that is being groomed for the CHAN and the U23. It competed with the best from other countries and won the cup. What more can one ask for? they went to learn they came up with the ultimate prize.

    Congratulations Zambia. A true Champions wins, whether you control the game, dribble everybody, or dance to the gallery, a true champion simply wins.

    Abana balala. Next victim??

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