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Sautu: I don’t think we will be welcomed home

Zambia U20 stand in captain Spencer Sautu moaned his team’s early exit from the tournament stating that he was not even sure if he and his colleagues will be welcomed back home.

Speaking in Senegal in the aftermath of the team’s exit, a distraught Sautu said losing all three games was devastating and a bitter pill to swallow.

“It is really devastating to have lost all three games at the tournament, It is a bitter pill for us,” the Green Eagles midfielder said.

“People back home won’t be happy with this kind of performance and I don’t think we will be welcomed home. However, we have learnt a lot from this tournament and the level of football has been high,” he concluded.

The Hector Chilombo coached side tumble to a 1 – 0 loss to Mali in the first match before giving away a 1 – 0 lead to lose 2 – 1 against Ghana.

The worst was still to come as they were walloped 5 – 2 by South Africa in the closing match of the group stage.

The team is expected to arrive in the country on Monday evening about 21:00hrs.

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  1. Don’t worry son, you are our children there is nothing we can do but only to say welcome back home next time have a never say die heart.

  2. Not you fault bud, but FAZ. When the likes of Ghana were busy camping and playing friendlies in Europe, our anointed FAZ president was busy spending lavishly in SA instead of organizing friendlies and preparing you guys for the tourney. As with everything else with Faz, this is all on Kalu and his arrogance not to pave way for someone to lead from Zambia. This selfish Kalu will do anything to hold on to the FAZ presidency as he is maneuvering money to his personal expenses in SA.

  3. Sautu and your team mates should not feel bad or unwelcome back to Zed, you hav done everything you could with lousy to little preparations you were able to fight,fight and fight. Just learn from this failure and hoping Zambian citizens would boot this Kalu and his entire crooks out.

  4. When is the next FAZ election. Kalusha has outlived his usefulness! Soccer has gone scientific, we don’t just need someone who had a long career as a footballer but someone who is able to plan scientifically to meet demands of the modern game.

  5. Guys let’s not comfort ourselves these under 20’s are useless. Losing to south africa in such a manner is very degrading. The team is lousy. On faz they have embarrassed us all 3 national teams were booted out in round one.

  6. Wow, John. Sometimes it’s just better to be quiet, have you never failed at anything? These young men were the first to qualify for AYC in a very long time and they went to a tournament unprepared. These guys are young, and they are the future.

  7. @ positive I hear you. But who did these kids beat to qualify for this tournament. They beat mozambique and Malawi. They qualified cheaply. These boys are not good. A few talents exist maybe a handful but most of them are lousy. The defense was horrible. The handful of talents that exist should be promoted to the Olympic squad. For the rotten eggs I have no idea what their future holds.

    • Have they been excommunicated ? Kay Hummer , treat these kids with kids gloves. They represented the nation. They feel disappointed just as the rest of the fans, if not more disappointed.

  8. DISGRACED AND PATHETIC FAZ President KALUSHA BWALYA IS the one to blame for all this mediocre performances that have continued in all our national teams. His time is up. Zambian football is officially DEAD now. We need fresh minds to run the affairs of our football. FAZ is a dead organisation now. We need a great administrator and thinker of football to wake it!

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